USI Tech News vom 06.02.2018

Hi here is Christian and in this video we look at the reporting of Horst Jicha in USI-tech back office from 62

2018 little more closely When you are logged in your USI-tech back office you will realize that automatically a new message appears, which was published on 06/02/2018 Based on my translation into German is following in this message: Important messages from USI-tech founding member Horst Jicha Dear customers and partners, first of all I want to apologize for that communication of a current status report took so long How do they know we have in the meantime due to harmful behaviors some members a complete audit of our company carried out This test is coming to an end and we will not later than next week all necessary we have implemented changes to our business model report

This still held test is, also ensure that such Incident will not happen again and will enable us the payouts in America and Canada continue We as leaders were deeply shocked by the personal and professional Attacks, which by a small minority of members went out and on our company, the corporate governance their teams latest and even to individual members who tried on the essential have aimed to keep standing We as a company take the right out in accordance with our current terms and conditions, to suspend any user account that was involved in this type of attack We urge all USI-tech members close to all materials that are in any As are offensive or übergrifflich to immediately remove For more information on the terms and conditions follow the following link: https://www

usitech-intcom/agbshtml They also agree: not to post any material or information which is not intended for publication are and give them no official their publication written permission has been granted They agree: not to distribute any harassing, defamatory or violent statements and the Publishing violent, sexist, pornographic, racist or other morally objectionable content prohibited They also agree: offend no employees, partners or customers of USI-tech or harass or to lure them with other promotional offers

They agree: to respect the intellectual property that means posting, transfer, re-use or to refrain from the use of information that USI-tech partners for USI-tech users to provide This is also true for your whole copyright material valued by third parties To finish with a more pleasant message, we have very exciting news regarding our tech Coin, which we will carry out detailed over the next few days Finally I would like to thank everyone for their patience as we continue to keep working a stable solution to the current problems to find, so we our company in 2018, and can move forward beyond on Respectfully her Horst Jicha I hope you know and understand now the latest news of 02

062018 in the back office USI-tech and you are now informed about the current state of things See you in the next video Bye for now

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