USI Tech – Bitcoin Pakete kaufen | BTC Packages oder BTC Pakete von usi-tech

Hi here is Christian and in this video I show you how to get your first Bitcoin packages buy from USI-Tech In your USI-tech back office menu you click at the beginning of the menu item "Package Options"

There you will find two sub-points and to buy two Mäglichkeiten Bitcoin packages Once you can about the item "rebuy" Bitcoin packages of your already distributed purchase package return or you can "Place Order" Bitcoin packages in the sub-item on Buy an external Bitcoin Wallet As we expect in this video that you still have no Bitcoin packages and therefore still do not have undistributed return available, we are the packets over Buy an external Bitcoin Wallet Click So now on "Place Order" You then will reach where you an overview of the store of USI-Tech All products offered by USI-tech, are displayed

On the right side you see the area of ​​the planned by USI-tech own cryptocurrency the "tech Coin" Here you can earn tokens which are automatically tech Coin once This is offered at official crypto currency trading platforms The token packets and their associated tech Coins, that are in principle like a USI-tech shares On the left side you see the field of Bitcoin packages, which in this video is of interest to us You look at the top again the current price of a Bitcoin package in Bitcoin

This would, depending on the current Bitcoin course, always be converted 50 € Dadrunter you see the maturity of each Bitcoin package You realize that every package runs 140 working days, and you at this time Monday to Friday, so 5 days a week, pouring out a return This abreitstägliche yield is approximately 1% and you Sun will receive a 140% pure return on capital So after about 140 working days you became the urpsrüngliche purchase price of your Bitcoin- Package plus additional approximate 40% repaid

If you now ask yourself what exactly with your Bitcoin packages for the 140 working days happens, I hide you now the top-right of a video one in which I discuss in detail this issue and explain you can still see below that for every Bitcoin package, what you buy, you automatically get a token for later tech Coin At the bottom you'll find conclude by the button "Product Details" on which you click can to further information on the Bitcoin to get packages You can see that the yield on the Bitcoin packages from mining contracts for here Crypto currencies come and an additional for each package Mining fee is 3%, which the purchase price of each packet with draufgeschlagen becomes This is a new feature in the new back office

In the old BackOffice this fee was in the 50 € of Bitcoin packages already included with now she is draufgeschlagen to € 50th You also learn that paid a return of 40% over the period of 140 working days becomes This basically means that you after 100 working days 100% of your original package price was repaid and after a further 40 working days additional 40% of the package price So you make a profit of 40% based on the Bitcoin purchase price of your Bitcoin package The also see that the working days yield may vary and therefore the 140 working days also may be less something more or something Then click on "Purchase" to buy your Bitcoin packages

You will be taken to the shopping cart of USI-Tech Here are again all the details to your package purchase You can choose how many Bitcoin packages you want to buy and see the dadrunter Package price in Bitcoin and dollars Suppose you buy at 5 Bitcoin packages In the "Subtotal" you see the Bitcoin and dollar price of your five packages

Dadrunter you see the 3% mining fee on the purchase price of the packages with draufgeschlagen is and in the "Grand Total" you see the final price you for have to pay your 5 Bitcoin packages plus the 3% mining fee Make sure that the price suddenly due to the high volatility of Bitcoins may change Only when you click below on the button "Purchase", you will be the Price that was current at the moment of your clicks, held for 10 minutes Before you click on this button, you however still have to put a check and bestötigen that you have read the terms and conditions and accepted The next area is now a 10 minute timer of you a certain purchase price expires holds

You will also still viewed all the details of your order and you will see to which you have to send your payment, a wallet address A matching QR code is also generated to you to this address, so you can also the Wallet app you trust the payment Suppose that you want to settle the transaction with the Blockchaininfo-wallet, then you go in the dashboard of the Wallet "Send" It opens a transaction form in which you have all the information from the Bitcoin package order can enter at USI Tech

Copy the cart the generated recipient address and add it to the Transaction Form your external Wallet one then copy the required Bitcoin amount and also paste it you can still choose how quickly your transaction will be processed at the bottom This can be controlled via the transaction fee, which you always anfägst your Bitcoin wire transfer I would suggest you always select the highest possible fee because your Transactions then arrive within an hour

That you can but choose course itself If you enter everything, yet all-controlling times your information Check whether the first and last four digits of your input Recipient address with the address from the USI-tech cart and check match, whether the Bitcoin amount you right transfers If everything is correct, you can read our "Next" and your transaction Submit next window In your USI-tech cart display "Waiting for payment", that is "waiting for payment" should So soon jump on "Payment Confirmation" "payment confirmation"

If this does not happen, you the required amount Bitcoin but in the available standing 10 minutes have sent, you do not get scared, your payment Will arrive anyway I hope you now know how the payment process with an external Bitcoin Wallet in USI-Tech Back office work and you now know all the steps that are necessary to your first Bitcoin packages to buy See you in the next video! Bid soon

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