welcome to Crypto Investor channel always bringing the best investment in cryptocurrencies my name Diego is and today I realize another Review My friends this company it is revolutionizing digital marketing market as well It is revolutionizing the market simple digital marketing guys to front has been around since 2000 and they have 16 have an ep you can download it both android as to the spa and the apple and you can already earn a buck within their platform then watch the river by the end I I will make full or from how how to buy what goal the ice them also I will have to explain everything right I will spend the comb also in Haiti pipper which is the project proposal then watch the company you go understand good guys come then found them They will officially begin March 1 the note then leaves already programmed in your Agenda March 1 b Our Lady but the February 8 yet because it is speaking of the 1st Simple March they will not be afraid You will not have a lot of previous sales January 11 kees to cry your them officially begins on 1 March and they will have to go to the only chance you do what if you leave all your registration complete with all the information it straight and you are within a ranking they propose I'll get there in that part of the video as you It is filling all is well for you Users ranked they will let you do they will enable it looks like a hour before it does not seem ennobles one hour before for those who are inside the white lies Ideli them can buy the the the tokens it is so you do not get that crazy because to sell fast damn this steel will last them just two weeks guys two weeks Telegram Telegram their group already has about 30 000 members then yes our but because all this uproar is simple jazz this company has been around since 2000 and 16 as I said at the end of year 2017 2017 to generate revenue about and just left by shaq 12 million that they've even They have over 200,000 users then already has over 200,000 users using their app ok what is the difference today now before he was using only the application now with these gentlemen will do what integrate all blog chen then it will become much easier over Insurance connect users and companies working with them they already They come around with more than 200 top customers when I speak client stops I mean that multinationals already use his platform to make advertising to advertiser ok I will explain to you which just looks here We pull people that forced the end of addition horror xii 41 says neither the ebook wilson one sector or Haydn and will face has many people play had seen a video after showing a video to you sticks and everything else put it then cool how it works is very simple you make the application Download you will get them within a platform where you will check campaigns that there is a super campaign ebook of nutella what they are asking not asked that you will use their social media both facebook as then depending on instagram concept of the campaign they will ask a photo with the product or simply you make me take a picture of a image that expresses the brand concept them and then through it you will go there to do photo will rise the application will go analyzed and then you will be rewarded with coins of friends ok this is how there found the owner of the content of the content and then will send the campaign where the advertiser proof you it gets there and then you go there and get to share with your friends on your social networks and let alone share more rewards you earn anyone there after you earn that reward you can they also have several partners where the you may be exchanging goods and services in addition to being a digital currency for being a currency attribute you will able to also negotiate the action says You now have are the example of how campaigns all the photos that you are am seeing here were taken by public platform users already have more than 200,000 users have dodo application of them who participated in the campaigns then according to the concept you do a different type of photo and you are rewarded for sharing study and then on your social networks as you can see all the photos here participated in campaigns is great galley It is a revolution and they really bringing the chin this block will spread so much this project it too is not for nothing that the bow bent they have 4,714 4

7 of four people evaluated 30 former pets analyze the project one is already one of the largest notes Ecobank in terms of ok we saw then come back here the more I will about them here good I explained how the project certinho the bill will work hence the power that is what they will launch on March 1 then one hour I believe it will be an hour really years they did not set put only 10 am to one hour before you will be able to if you meet all the requirements to fill everything you needed us get there quiet then you'll be participating in this power and power managed to buy a 40% bonus and you will pay each tower one fd z 4 100 4 cents to 048 cents Dollar icca the pocket will have one hour to 5 is bas 056 US dollars here and in the case you will get 20% bonus on which there first week you will get the first week you will have 10 per percent bonus and the rest will end on 21 here you will get 10 bonus and is conquering six cents to seven cents basically it then will the 1st to 21 or that there is here taking warn customers have spoken good guys basically it'll also now or they need to talk beforehand report them to spread the best sites in best portals around the world ok here part of the team I checked them only to get an idea or Alessandro here cardoon co-founder claiming to actually not leading cardone it is it is present in Telegram group itself already answering questions questions the galley this I find very cool nothing fairer than the business owner caring're seeing is what are user questions this is very top there're some staff what develops marketing team company of them they already have offices in three places in the world one in Spain if I get I came here where is this I think there is anyone who does not is okay Spain Switzerland I will find quiet crowd that was analyzing enough that they are partners who had spoken here is not not cool calm down and happy that their site has much content has a lot of information that is great because you can find out all of the company within the site them into the night pp non're here O is the Swiss in spain and italy then it is already a company really consolidate understood it already has 200 000 users and over 200 top clients exit good famous brands here is a summary year since calls detail they will have ooo full supply of them is 15 billion tokens and Pará or will be 750 million Tolkien jockey oo Their software is 50 million your 15 the raid cap is 750 million stubs details if not sold all tokens they will be burned then decreased total supply of them to 50% all the little tokens is intended for to this or that such a road map album other clients of them here Nestle blacksmith an ant endows wilson philips average with max universal sony paypal Rock is a project inzaghi galley is well top even they go too pumped and I I believe they Lotem easily around the 750 million copies during ii if ok inside the paint and white of them I I read all this here road map ram will be bid after you finish this or then ends at the end of last week of March latest in April will have out will already be listed in the floods I asked and they have not reported it may be that until the 1st of March he already only have this information I came up with another video updating and certainty with day before leaving Dada and the will to make a new video I said everybody's that everybody forgets there's no way here in the roadmap will go through they will for developing and expanding time more a business for them to europe Central then will introduce all part of the bush w decentralization there will expand the business in the big to be either for businesses there will make use of payment hiddink with trading partners there already in 2019 here already all 2019 their project is to're full up 2020 100% ok good here already since he started then begin in 2015 and 2016 company has There they were already working on what just summed it up there for you of Haiti pp is this basically it is the rest I have I covered everything guys have already addressed all walk approached iverson I missed more something important is few 70 pages I just check here something else hum've talked also give both revenue many customers as will function of vision just to give you an idea of ​​mec that digital marketing market 2020 is expected preceded by revenue generated through digital marketing 724 billions of dollars then it is an exceptional market for 2018 Now they expect growth of 88 percent of that market that will stay in house and 642 billion dollars good've talked it all there is here it is site is the site where you have You may be participating in the campaigns with their usual application and still is not integrated into Bosch is as oo longer works today does not project in company of them because I had already spoken and then you can either download it the apple store and in the Google playbook then for you to create your account link for you to register in the description of video is just you click the link on the description of the video you will is managing to register done that click the link you will you will create your account You will have to fill in the information your personal guys something very important is this company that does not to stay playing is more your serious then do not try to create fake account does not create fake accounts given year do not create multiple accounts because they have left well of course if you have several accounts they identify that they will cancel separate account if you bought deposited or will not miss to talk so let's watch this ok look Another important thing to happen they do not happen a disgrace able to sell reach there ô ô ô soft cap enough for the project continues they will return the money for investors is in fec and this is mega important what so ever passes a security for us I explained it at the time you click link in the video description will create a account then just put your name true the information that is asking asks you what name anppa you are put your phone if you are of Brazil remember the code for Brazil telephony is is the most you have to put a plus 55 and places the Your ddd which will put made email so you will receive it and mail confirmed and half in your mailbox in your box of e-mail you come to this screen you will only play in children and everything else then what came what you need to do what for you to participate that power that before starting officially this or you must be within the ranking within the 1000/1 in ranking would be neither in 1000/1 time ranking below that thou they tried in the first thousand here he will be every thing that you click here to O or you go there click to apply to white list for you enter you will earn thousand points there if you enter the cable group you earn a thousand you'll click here That's why it's all the platform you also click to enter their channel He entered the channel thousand + then you also click here to subscribe to the newsletter of them a thousand then you go there and will put his ode aa detail ice galley or fronts only accepts and would will not accept other currency is only ethereal and kids to you deposit for you to buy is 0

1 eternal this time the eternal here it was raining that today is not eternal and 813 US dollars hope that is us until March 1200 US dollars I really hope because the cookie and starts to climb this thing around good going back there then the score here then how will you put your wallet the bad is the detail milk has not tv Eternal I have spoken several times not It has territory of exchange ice or you You need to send internal your wallet at the time the milk or a portfolio accepted because it accepts or token rc 20 perfect and I recommend the theology macaé have no problem hum then you will fill these three and you will receive a score that the mine is with 5000 days of the project is with 5000 because down here already have or what the ice of them is the ky that is prevention of money laundering and to prevent you are part of a criminal or terrorist organization detail because I've done it for anyone is investing over a thousand two thousand dollars that is to my vision for dollar who is investing one or more ethereal you It is bound to be filling what ice ok it takes you longer to fill fill very simple you will click here not here even a car there if you will put your full name will put will put the UN in the country you are everything right will put information that he is not asking basic information not even need to put the number of document where you give ok will turn this screen here on this screen you will click to verify the identity within the screen to verify the identity you they will they will provide three documents to prove that you are yourself your your passport and identity card your driver's license there is only you upload the platform even he will ask ooo front which is the front and and beque would be the back of the document in my case I used the portfolio driver I've taken her picture open and I rise twice simple and already there proved my the my whom the ice ok good back then made it here galley is to wait and then you will be entering into the white sand what if you do everything completinho until the ice you will already be taking part in the white list also because I believe that is ranking here O you need to be among the thousand the 1st perfect ampa else who was the victim – who the ethereal they say that is not required filled in the ice okay if you fill what will you earn more points here and will influence their also ranking basically it guys let that lacked something else is hence it is so if you enjoy the project there're interested register with the link It is in the video description and then you do Register already makes things all ready to come out on March 1 can hold your perfect purchase any aaa doubt enters the group telegram the investor group that is also the link is in the video description come to you I'm always helping guys there have passed 400 members thank god our channel group is thank you flying around the recognition of all everyone there aware I'm doing then one learning going there to purchase a year to start and also to try to clarify and help the most of all to all people interested in the krypton coins that the more people involved It will be better for our market grow is so thank you guys and worth it and remember folks this market currency credit is very high risk then only in a view that you can really lose something else I do not I'm financial adviser make it clear so I only share what is where I am investing and my analysis is what I do you need to make your own research before setting where you They will invest this is how it works then search in favor of Lew'Lara

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