USI Tech – Der Einstieg für Beginner

here is Christian and in this video I show you what steps are necessary and what you should consider when you put your USI-tech account To create you a USI-tech account you need a personal invitation link by a person who is already a USI-tech users

If you want to join my team you'll find my referral link in the video description but you can also use any other referral link On the registration page you now need to enter your personal information These include an email address and a password At the bottom you still have to confirm that you are of legal age and the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy USI-tech agree

Both the terms and conditions and privacy policy, you can by Clicking on the links and read again in detail If you have entered all necessary information you need at the bottom nor the Captcha Loosen and then click on "Enroll" now in your mailbox used in the registration e-mail address you'll find an e-mail with an activation link to click you need, to activate your account After that you will receive a welcome email and now can you in your USI-tech Account log in After signing up you will be taken to your dashboard

A detailed description of each function and indicate which be in your dashboard, you can see in the video, which I give you the top right corner fade-in the corner Even if the registration of your USI-tech accounts is complete, you're not done yet verify The next you need to your account For that you're going up right in the dashboard in your name and then on the menu item "My Profile " However before we turn to filling out your required basic information We kömmern us at the beginning to the security settings of your Accounts

Since you just in the field of crypto currencies and the Internet as paranoid as possible should be, it has always offered to all to use safety precautions Click it to only the blue button "Setup OTP Security" OTP stands for one-time password and connects your USI-tech Account with the Google Authenticator on your mobile, an app that generates one-time passwords, which you then in the future every time you log into your back office must enter You represent your USI-tech account so as also with your phone Is displayed that you drop down menu, you select the Google Authenticator

Get a QR code is generated automatically Now open the Google app on Authtenticator your mobile, click the top right of the "plus" icon and select "Barcode scanning" from Now scan with the camera in your phone the QR code from your USI-tech back office In your Authenticator app you will be a regular Periodically changing sequence of numbers displayed Give the sequence of numbers that is shown to you in your current USI-tech back office under the QR code and click on the blue text next to the field

If you entered everything correctly your USI-tech account should now use the Google Authenticator be connected to your phone Now return with a click on your name in the upper right corner and with a click "My Profile" in your profile back To the blue box "Enter Security Questions" you need only times not to worry you There, you can have security issues, which are monitored once you you Bitcoins want to cash out on one of your external wallets All the steps that are necessary for that we then discuss again in detail in a separate Video

In the "Basic Information" you now have all the fields marked with a small red star characterized fill Make sure that you at your address, the address taking, relying on your official ID is, because you later in this verification process please verify Also note that you enter your phone number in international format ionel If your mobile number, for example, begins With 0171, then you give 0049 for Germany and lets the first zero your phone number away

If you have given all the data in the field of basic info, click below on "Update" It may be that you have to additionally verify your mobile number For this, you click on the blue text under the phone number field You will now be redirected to a new page of you on the blue text "Send Verification code to "click need Your phone should now receive a message with a Verfikationscode that you receive in the lowest field on the phone verification page in the back office must enter Then click on the blue text next to the field If you have done everything right, your phone number is now verified and can in go on your profile

you can skip the field of information brokers you needed a brokerage account in the past for the forex software USI-Tech This is indeed handled in the future with forex packages and is therefore for us at the moment not of interest now at the bottom you'll find the area "Account Verification", so account verification Click here on the blue button "Get started"

You will then be asked to confirm your identity by uploading two photos First, you need a "confirmation ID photo" This is a photo on the your face can be seen and where you also the front page your identity card and a note with the current date and your signature high hold see details and genauerere information about the "ID confirmation photo" you one more time if you top right on "What is an ID confirmation-photo" clicking Second photo proof of your address is required

Here, it is enough if you upload a photo of your last phone bill on the billing address the address is apparent that you up in the field of Basic information've specified as your residence As you upload the photos that only the file formats JPG and PNG support be and that everything can be seen well on your photos and is easy to read If you have uploaded anything you then clicking on 'Submit information " The verification process is now initiated and verify your account can be a take awhile The confirmation process of your USI-tech accounts is important because you only after Your account has been verified, start can pay your return

If you must also build a USI-tech team have also verified your account be I hope this video has shown you what steps are necessary for you to your USI-tech Account can be used in its full and now you know what you need to do, before you leave you pay your return or you can build a USI-tech team See you in the next video Bye for now!

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