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Hi here is Christian and in this video we look at the new back office of USI Tech on As you've probably already noticed, USI Tech has one on November 1, 2017 new back office released

From all of us well-known old dashboard was for this new dashboard (slowly) As usual, you have up here the right way to change the language Since the translations are partly still really confusing I'll language settings only let times in English The top of the dashboard gives you an overview of the two products, USI Tech currently offers As we have a time to the left of Bitcoin packages and on the right side the token packages

Bitcoin packages reflect your interests in the crypto mining and trading of USI-Tech resist, the token packets symbolize your shares at their own cryptocurrency USI Tech the so-called "tech Coin", which in the future to be released It is assumed that the back office will change in the future several times So a third product, for example, in the near future nor offered, namely Forex package that you participate in the profits from the trading with fiat currencies The left side of the Bitcoin packages you are the one your running, so active, Bitcoin packages displayed and you can see how much Bitcoin balances already in your USI-tech Wallet has accumulated With the button "View", or "ads" under your active BTC packages you will be taken in the menu item "Package Options", or "Package Options" and then in the sub-item "Package status", or "packages" status

all information on all your purchased packages Here you are shown You So you see not only the data of your Bitcoin packages but also your token packages and will probably here in the near future Find the data of your Forex packages To switch between the different packet types you can top up easily here navigate through the different horizontal menu items "Show Wallet" with the button "View Wallet", ie in the Bitcoin package of the dashboard will reach you automatically in the Menpunkt "Commissions" So "commissions" and then in the sub-item "My Wallet", or "My Wallet" be here Get all the information about your financial flows displayed

You can see how much has already been paid back to you from your current Bitcoin packages how much you've earned through commissions, so by attracting new users, how many Bitcoins are in your USI-tech Wallet and how much you earned through the token purchase your USI-tech team members to commission have To pay you Bitcoins in your USI-tech wallet, simply click on the green Withdraw button on the right side Exactly how the payment works in detail, I'll show you again in a separate video In token of the dashboard you can see how many tokens you own, which then, automatically become tech Coins once the own cryptocurrency USI Tech has been published Besides displays you how many bonus token you at the next completed sale hurdle to get

Each token packet doubled from the Gold package namely your original token number as soon as a certain amount of tokens sold has been By clicking you in token of the dashboard on "View", ie to "show" come you automatically to the menu item "Commissions", ie "Commissions" and in the local sub-item "token Report", or "token Report" Here you see an overview of the available properties for sale token packages and their bonuses You look also again how many tokens you own and how many tokens have already bought a total of USI-tech users In the two other upper menu items to see even more details about your taken place Token purchases and have already get you bonus tokens how many

The bonus tokens that you get when buying Bitcoin packages that include this here Pro purchased Bitcoin package you get namely a token The button next to the total number of tokens sold opens you a pop-up window with detailed Information for token sales Here you see how many tokens total exclusive offered at USI-tech users, the current token price, how many tokens have already been sold, how many tokens are still available and you will see when the individual bonuses of token packets are distributed Back in the Dashboard you will below the areas of Bitcoin packets and token packages a glance display how much return you to the past Working is spilled

So if you look at the weekend to this ad should be displayed to you the return on Friday Besides displays you how many members are in your USI-tech team next to it you see the amount you last on the last Working've earned by the commissions of your recruited partners On the far right you see finally again at a glance how many tokens of "tech Coins" have been sold In the lower part of the dashboard you will now not appear if you current with your Bitcoin qualified packages for car bonuses from USI-Tech are, you are all recent activities of your team and displayed to you and you can find As usual, your account information, so your partner ID and your personal advertising link For car bonus you qualify as usual

If you have 2,000 active BTC packages pay you USI-Tech, a premium of 800 € / month, at 5000 Bitcoin packages you get € 1600 However, each half of your current packages must be purchased through commissions have been to get the car now Another new button on the dashboard, which is certainly aufegefallen you is the "Become an Affiliate" button You see this one more time in the upper right corner If you build your own team at USI-tech and thus create you another source of income want, you must first all established guidelines to confirm

How exactly look these guidelines, I will in a separate video again deepen If you are on the button "Become an Affiliate" By clicking, you can it to you but sometimes even himself read USI-tech separates its members in the future customers, so people who only offering USI-tech use without a team and build Partners, so members who build a team and thus promote USI Tech If you are a will affiliate, you'll thus a partner of USI-Tech Dir is of course still completely free, whether you are a partner of USI-tech and want to build your own team

So you have to recruit new users to to benefit from the products of USI-Tech The team structure is completely voluntary Another new feature you'll find in the menu item "Comissions", that commissions under "BTC Package Calculator ", that" Bitcoin package Calculator " Here you can develop your BTC packages calculate Simply you give one the number of packets with which you want to run it and pressing the "redisplay"

You also have the option adjust the percentage of the working-day return because the rate of return may vary and so you can adjust how many new packages your work daily return should be automatically bought later Via the "Resources", that "resources" you will find the item "Library Center" So the document library of USI-Tech It lends itself to the drop-down menu the country "All Countries", and then start the search You can find so many PDF documents in English in which you, for example, things like the BTC package purchase can read Another important sub-item in the menu item "Resources" is "Contact Support", ie the Customer service

There, you will reach the customer service form where you can contact support of USI-Tech If you earlier in this area to the left By clicking on the menu item "Start", you'll see an overview on current reports and frequently asked questions and their answers That's it with the introduction of the new back office of USI-Tech I hope You now know the important innovations and most find yourself faster and cope better than before See you in the next video

Bye for now!

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