what is going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we have another ICO review this one is a very popular ICO at least I've heard a few people talk about it but it definitely deserves more you know more hype than it currently has so guys before we get started if you guys are interested in more ICO videos and overall market news make sure to smash the subscribe button hit the bell icon to get notified every time we release a new video guys you don't want to miss out on the upcoming videos we post daily about the market you guys want to make sure you up-to-date with that so you guys can make the best investments possible now guys before we go start as well don't forget none of what I say is financial advice this is just my opinion on this I CEO make sure to do your own research before you invest in anything it's just my opinion for educational purposes so we're gonna talk about sink fab sink fab um currently you know the price of it is one etherium is 5,000 MFG their tokens MFG they accept a theory if it's on the etherium platform all things we could kind of come to expect they have pretty solid ratings you guys can see a 43 out of 5 on i co bench we're gonna cover more ratings in a second and they have four ratings from people other than benji who's the analyzer bot they have four ratings which all seem to be pretty good so what is sink fab sink fab is a manufacturing block chain so sink fab revolutionizes the manufacturing supply chain by connecting buyers directly to hardware manufacturers through blockages so similar to we see with a lot of other IC o—- is a lot of other blockchain technology uses this is they're trying to cut out the middleman in something to give no to benefit both the manufacturer and the person they are dealing with you know the person is contracting whatever it is but that way you don't need a middleman who's taking fees from both sides that's kind of what the block chains trying to do so let's take a look at their recent ratings we just looked at ICO bench 4

3 out of 5 they got up 97 out of 100 on another website and a five out of five on track ICO now let's cover a little bit about what they're doing so their hardware innovator they're trying to eliminate intermediary so like I said they're trying to cut out the middleman to ink to lower cost and increase revenue and profit basically the big cut out the middleman they can provide their service for cheaper while still getting a good margin and a good profit and the other person is then paying less for the service they would have otherwise been paying more for so it's a win-win for both people now hardware manufacturer eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility sync fab guarantees payments through our smart contracts and gives you full control of your pricing and capabilities so another you another great use of smart contracts you know they're cutting out a lot of marketing costs according to them because there's going to be one platform where people can search for what they need and access and find the company and the manufacturers straight away fairly easy without you know the manufacturer having to run out and put TV ads and put Facebook ads and put a lot of those ads so it'd be interesting to see you know cutting manufacture costs again it's just more profit for the company and overall lower cost still and easier for the person the customer making it a win-win for everyone now how it works benefits of hardware benefits to hardware innovators cheaper and high quality quotes from the source on-demand purchasing and tracking ordering connect with network local vetted manufacturers so again they're gonna be vetted manufacture to make sure they provide quality and there isn't no form of scam or anything and again secure secure and transaction medications through smart contracts now you guys can check out the rest of this again as always this is a quick review because I only have a few minutes I'm not gonna go into like an hour-long video just talking about that but recently team interviews you guys can go check out I don't know much about the dollar for July NT interview I don't know much about Mitsu Mitsubishi in presentation but I do watch crypto Bobby so it's cool to see he actually did an interview with someone from cinq fab so if you guys are interested in his channel go ahead and check that out free plug for crypto Bobby not that he needs it he's got like 150,000 subscribers but still you guys can go ahead and check that out and there's more over here now they do have a lot of public and private partners already there we go roadmap that's what I was looking for roadmap it's a big thing it's something we look at a log when we look at ICO so let's start over here is fourth quarter of 2013 they created the concept second quarter of 2015 sink fat 10 launches and then keep going cities of San Francisco and San Leandro select sink fab blah blah let's get close to where we are now ok so this was the end of 2017 so this is the pre sale right pre sale for sink fab and then q1 is where we're at right now they have the token sale right not the pre sale now we have the token sale 2nd quarter we're looking at the MFG token integration into existing 20 platform so they have sync fad 20 you guys can check out third quarter we're gonna format buyer blockchain smart contracts fourth quarter 2018 format manufacturer blockchain smart contract Soviet the manufacturer and the buyer and then in 2019 they want to launch sync that three point no decentralized smart manufacturing blogging platform I think that's gonna be the official official launch so they're gonna go with you know I figured it's thinks that way they're gonna have the contracts out of the way everything's gonna be done and they can go ahead and launch the final the final platform so definitely them to look forward to 2019 is not too far away it's only one year in the know by the time these guys are done with their presale ico launch whatever it whatever comes next for them they still have a little bit of work and then they you know let's see what happens to 2019 now one thing that interests me is this is a big big industry you guys can see I opened the one pager right here you guys can check it out this is a huge huge industry and they can get just a fraction of that I hate I hate it when people say you hear you hear a lot of people say like oh I have a great idea it's a huge market if I can get just half of a percent of people I hate that type of stuff but this is a huge industry so it does provide a lot of potential for what could come and if they do you know succeed in their mission they are definitely going to be a very you know how should we put this they're going it's going to be a very successful coin I'm not gonna say anything about prices or anything because I can't but it's going to be a very successful coin and that's why one of the reasons why I really really like it now taking a look at the team the executive team we have Jeremy Goodwin and Andy Tong he's CEO he's his chief strategy officer so I don't want to read into too much of this but both of them have a lot a lot of experience and moving into their advisors they have advisors in some of the biggest spaces so if I scroll down right here mu F G I believe is one of the biggest banks in Japan I think it was they have Apple know this guy works has worked with Apple previously I don't know what position he held obviously you guys can go again do more research they had their LinkedIn for each of their members in the website so you guys can do more research but from what I've seen these guys have a ton of knowledge and you know Dollar Shave Club is a very successful launch eBay PayPal like these guys know what they're talking about and they have dealt with some massive companies that have done massive numbers and have been very very very successful so the team looks out of this world definitely something I'm very excited about also we do have their social media links right here you guys can check out going on their Twitter only 7,000 followers they're following a lot of people too but only 7,000 followers and I'm going to put this at because of where we are currently so they're still in the pre-sale phase a lot of people a lot of hype starts forming around I cos at around the know the last form of sale the last sale that goes on and the button as mentioned at the beginning this video to sink and undervalued perches or an undervalue investment right now I think they have a lot of but they have a great idea they have a great team they have a lot of potential to disrupt this industry and if they do manage to do that this could be a very very successful ICO for anyone who decided to invest in now guys guys let's see what are we missing if you're missing anything on the website all right no so like I said before there's a lot of pros on this on the sink fab I'm actually very bullish on them I think they have a lot of potential make sure if you guys are interested to go check out their one-pager their white paper check out the blog they'll look at the team look at the press watch an interview that crypto Bobby did it was a great interview that he did on his channel with someone from sinc fab I think a lot of potential a lot of potential in sink fat guys I'm very bullish on it I think you know III do I do really like is that on an honest opinion right this has to be a 100% honest opinion for you guys I do really really like this and I'm definitely going to be looking more and more into it in the coming few days so guys if you guys did enjoy this video and you guys do want to see more ICO reviews make sure to smash that thumbs up on and let me know down below that you guys want to see more I see of videos let me know what you guys are thinking of the two uploads a day the one market cap and news video and then one IC o—- slash small coin review video let me know what you guys think of that or if you guys think that's a bad idea so guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe if you are new to the channel and I will see you guys tomorrow for another video

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