USI Tech – Watch Me Do A Rebuy

Hi guys so last time I spoke to you in a video about Bitcoin where I was in the car and I was telling you how many times I've been burned with Bitcoin and that I finally found a company that I feel comfortable with and I told you that I would show you how I go in and did my rebuy However, I forgot that I had it set for automatic rebuy So the last time the rebuy option came up It just automatically went ahead and did it But now I'm here to show you how I go in and I do my rebuy with US side tech But before I go And I just want to like show you what the back office looks like so as you could see my name is here that's my name and If you do the drop-down screen right here, it shows you all the languages that you could view the back office in so it has a number of different languages if English isn't your first language so you could always understand it better and then now If you come over here you see where it says active BCT packages That's how many packages I have going right now so every day I'm earning interest on these packages and I'm finally up To the amount or a little bit more than what I need to actually go in and do a rebuy to get another package so When I'm finished showing you this instead of five packages, I'll have six and I'm quite

Happy about that and right here it shows the lifetime return and I should have brought up the the Bitcoin Wallet to show you how much this is in us Dollars, but if you see you could actually go in and and figure it out, but like I said I'm quite happy with this company and Will be here with them for a while at least for a long time so since starting with us SciTech I've only actually Purchased two packages out of pocket and all the other packages Are actually rebuy? I'm sorry my computer is a little bit slow, so That's why so I just opened up to show How many? How many how many have had purchased so like I said I had I? Purchased two out of pocket two packages and the other three were revised I'm not understanding what it's not showing me more I'm I have to filter it do a little different filter but I didn't go into this and look around before I started with the video but I have a total of five packages now alright Let me go back to the dashboard On the home home dashboard and And then I'm gonna jump over here and do the rebuy It's supposed to be a really quick video, so let me show you what I do So I'll come here to package options Click on package options it opens up more Here is the button to place the order if you want to place a new order But like I said we're gonna do the rebuy so let me just open this real quick Just to show you a little bit with the back-office You patient with me guys Alright, so if you wanted to come in and make a new purchase This is the button you're here And it's telling you how much you would need how many Bitcoin you would need to actually purchase one package Okay And then now let me go in what I really came for is to do the rebuy, so I Always oh, I forgot to mention god that is also an app that you could install this for iPhone and Android users That you could install on your phone, and then you go in every day And you could everything that you're doing I'm doing right here on the laptop You could do on your phone, and it shows you every day how much you're earning so right now my available balance is 0009 to Bitcoin and For me to make the purchase

I need a grand total because you see it tells you how much it is for the Bitcoin package $59 and then The fees associated with it which is a dollar 77 so the grand total that I would need would be zero point zero zero eight Seven seven three Bitcoin or sixty dollars and seventy seven cents and as you see I have zero point zero zero nine two So I have enough to go in and purchase and the other package and I'm so excited about it Because I've been watching this since last week Friday So I could make the video for you guys and just get my other package going my goal is to have By January, and I want to have at least ten packages going So what I do right now It just asks you to click on the terms and conditions, you don't have to but I've already done it so you just need to check off the box You're not buying for a partner, so you just check the box scroll down Oh, this is in the way let me minimize this a little and Then you click the purchase button And just wait for it to And I also have the app on my phone, so I just got a little notification That it went through and it says package order was approved So it's gonna take a little while It's not gonna show immediately but let me go back to the dashboard at home and By tomorrow morning or even in within the hour This is gonna change from five to six and now every day I'll start earning more bitcoins, so I just wanted to shoot this quick video to show you how? easy it is to go in and Navigate the us

SciTech I told you in the last video that I Was with a number of companies when I purchased Bitcoin, and they all took my money, and so far This is the most stable Company I've been I've been with and I've been with them since July of 2007 So I'm quite happy with usi tech I'm gonna leave the link below for you to go in and check it out if you want to you See how easy it is to get started It's not very expensive You don't have to deposit a lot of money to get started, but it's up to you I started out with one Bitcoin and within a month I ordered another and since then I've just been doing rebus on the packages so if you want to be in the Bitcoin game and You're kind of skeptical

You don't know where to start You don't feel comfortable Just dumping a lot of money This is a great company to be with and do some more research on YouTube There are some videos out there, but not a lot I don't think a lot of people know about us I check the way I found it about it was by watching videos on YouTube and I went in purchased a package, and I'm quite happy with it so again Thank you for watching this video Consider you a SciTech if you choose to go with us

I tech use my link of course I will get a commission and I would appreciate it and If you like this video give it a thumbs up so that it would really help me out if you give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe to my channel like this video leave a comment and Again, thank you for watching I appreciate it guys And I'll come to you with some more videos soon as you know my channel is about affiliate marketing and dabbling in Bitcoin so if you want to hear hear and see more videos about affiliate marketing having to do with clickbank amazon and That kind of stuff make sure that you subscribe to my video and click the notification bell to know when I upload Thank you again for watching and as always Take care Bye Bye

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