Bitclub Network Earnings & Review So Far in 4 months 141 DAYS

hi everybody also I wanna take you guys through BitClub network review and Bitclub Network earnings so basically I've been investing in the Bitclub Network for the previous four and a half months and I'd like to show you guys how it works and how it's been good enough for me so those that don't know what a setup network bitclub network is basically at the coin mining company it allows you to invest through them and they were basically paying you back as an investor I want to buy shares with them you buy a share through the company website and they will pay you daily dividends so I want to show you how my dividend person performing and I wanna also advise you in terms of whether is a good investment or not based on what I've seen so far so let's not waste any time let's pick to get into it so now what you are seeing here is basically one of my accounts these are very very new account that I've opened recently actually I will log on them to their other account that I've been investing in since August last year but this one is just the one that I opened recently I just wanna quickly show you guys something here so basically this account if I go onto my mining so the mining ending show you how much you've been mining every single they do that amount that keeps on increasing right if I click on that amount it will show you how many shares are actually have with the specific account so I'm just specific account I actually bought a $500 pool and I also put another fuckin develop food that's why you are seeing true shape there and this implements that I've actually made 00038 for currently and this is very very recent as you can see that this was bought in Gen 2018 and the other one was bought in December so this is very very very new accounted after Cynthia opened but what I want to show on John this account is if I go onto my Bitcoin wallet now here you'll be able to see will be able to see all my enemies right so as you can see here these are the poles but the income that comes from different post a lot of people actually don't believe that we get paid every single day we actually do that we get rid every day five bits up network so as you can see here these are the daily payments that are coming in smaller structures of a Bitcoin coming in every single day right as you can see here this is the first page of the innings really second feet of the innings every single day there is a certain amount that comes near whether is we can during the week every day at nanika it's not network won't paint you so let's quickly jump on to my other account right so this is my other account as you can see that's my name listed for chachi and this account now this is the very first account that I opened when I started with the company so far this account has made 0

058 two three I'm just going to quickly copy that then amount in good quantity I wanna convert it and show you actually how much I've made so just to take you through exactly on how I got into this investment so basically all I spend today it was $600 I paid my $99 membership fee and I paid upon one that's the only money that came out of my pockets right so if I go okay it looks like I'm still on that other account I'm just gonna quickly find out guys I'm gonna put you sign out and I'm gonna put you log in with my account that I own originally started with because I want to show you guys how much I've made in the previous four and a half months so basically this is the amount that I've played so I'm gonna copy that so this amount keeps incrementing or increasing every single day right and now if I go and click on this right now this amount it will show me exactly how my investment is performing overall so guys like I really said I only played in the membership fee and then from there I paid in $500 right five hundred dollars it caught me one share in the company so as you can see here this is the one share that I caught and this is the date that I bought so this was the 26th of August so I waited thirty days before I started it as that I didn't gaining any payments from the sub Network so what does this mean so this company will say to you yes once you've invested with us were paying for the next thousand days a thousand days is a good three year can't imagine being paid three yes what so so far my investment has been running so from the date thousand definitely of my payments then the thousand days that I did personally because it decreases every single day so as you can see here I'm literally left with eight hundred and fifty eight days from my original investment from amount that I paid him so this is the Amin that I paid in for my five hundred dollars right so now I mean what are all these things that you are doing here so what I've done is I've set my my investments to hundred percent suddenly two hundred percent what I'm saying is any money that I'm making in these investments take it and finding as many shares as possible and these are the difference that the top Network has bought for myself a guide and each of these the minute I switch back this to zero plus a lot of fifty percent meaning that now I don't want you guys to reinvest for me now I want to be able to be from a money the minute I switch it back I will be getting payment from here from here from here from here all this shit will be giving new payments every single day so currently the cut off set it on hundred percent they're using my money which is this hotel in Zurich and so far on someone to buy me as many shares as possible in their company so the only money that I've ever spent guys was I was sick and herbalist mental and honest membership fee $500 for the pin1 and then I managed to buy a poncho and a pointer a pointer is a thousand dollars I bought this not with my own money I bought this with the Commission's and the aliens that I make from teaching other people about this investment so as you can see there is a date that when I actually bought this Pucci using our commissions and also is the date that I bought my proof three using the Commission so the only money that I actually took out from my pocket was only $600 this company pays so well whether you are just an investor or you're an investor and you choose to teach other people you will make a lot of money guys so my investment salsa from all the three different pools so far is zero point zero five eight two three so let's quickly check how much actually difference right so I'm just gonna pick the copy that and then all I'm going to do is I'm going to open Quan desk so guys you can just google coin desk and put a little bit on top you later it will show you this so this shows you how much is one Bitcoin world currency in USD so one Bitcoin right now is around $8,000 inside of you convinced that on 109,000 rents so if you wanna check how much is made with such an investment you just put in a month at you've made that and then here is how much I've made so far so I actually put in six hundred dollars and four and a half months later in just within 141 days I have made almost five hundred dollars right so that means I'm actually very very very close to getting all the money that I put in back in just four and a half months I don't know any other investment that can give you that much money now why do I like the trap network and what makes it to be more software to me if you go onto Google right guys and then you type in one people you type in block chain dot info cash rate distribution now if you go on google and type in that you will see the very first look that's what proves on it if you click on it that guys will show you at the top twenty performing companies in the whole world within the bitcoin mining space this company is a set two companies a blockchain company so it doesn't have anything to do with its love network but it does list its app network there as one of the top 20 performing companies in this industry so that's another way of verifying if a Bitcoin mining company is very legit so if you scroll all the way down that you will be able to see out of all these companies how much did spits up Bitclub Network actually make in the previous 24 to 48 hours now to calculate that you can see that they've actually made 12 blocks so a block is just a group of bitcoins so one block is equivalent to 12 comma 5 bitcoins so if you go onto your calculator and then you say 12 blocks x 12 comma 5 this gives you around 150 because Oh what does this mean it means in the previous 24 to 48 hours built-up network has managed to accumulate hand to make 150 pound of hi 50 bitcoins right so 2 multitude to get the video of how much this was in South Africa this cannot multiply that the value of Bitcoin currency 109,000 rents from each Bitcoin in South Africa currently so this shows you this company's making 16 million brentt's between 24 and 48 hours this is quite a lot of money so what does company will do with this money they will take 20% of this money to themselves because first of all they are running everything for us as investors we don't have to worry about anything all we're getting is daily dividend on a daily basis right number 2 they're going to take 40% of this amount and actually allocated to all the investors out there so your daily payments actually comes from what was mined for the day so your daily payments will come from here which is you'll get a portion of the 40% and then the other 40% goes to the reporters like me the people that actually choose to teach other people about this investment because the company's not gonna waste money and actually spend money in teaching other people about the investment or getting it advertised that when we as investors are able to explain to other people on how it works so I am very very happy with this investment because number one I am basically accumulating bitcoins every single day so they come on tear inclusive every single day and the other benefit is ever showing we're here on that I've made around look at this this amount is actually changed it's different from what our story with us so as the Vale of VidCon grows this amount actually will also grow so it means today I've made far more and $88 at the little bit of the up this could be worth five hundred dollars or even more so that's the benefit of being paid in Wisconsin if today the villa becomes eight thousand dollars and tomorrow the villa goes to ten thousand dollars my earnings will be what far more than what it is today that's the main benefit of this investment the other benefit is the fact that you are basically accumulating bitcoins every single day so your goal as an investor is to get as many bitcoins as possible through the bitcoin mining and every day they will just failure has more fractions of a procore so as a result you don't have to worry about em your n is reducing or anything even a developer con drops in bitcoin mining you don't lose anything that you keep on accumulating bitcoins every single day if the villa pecan goes up or goes down on the trading platforms you your investment doesn't get affected the only thing that you do as a Bitcoin represent that's mine in Bitcoin you wait until the villa Pitkin shoots up again then that's a time for you to withdraw your money because your money will do what far much more so guys if you are having doubt about that sub Network don't have any doubts this is a very very legit company that can do this for all the three years are going for four years now I work with a lot of people that are making a lot of money out of this investment so if you want to also know about how much you actually get from teaching other people about this investment and how you can make a lot of money as well out of this you are more than welcome to Skype me or to what's happening and my name is Sakura you can follow me Facebook check the link below on on my details and my contact numbers don't forget to subscribe to my channel as well how people get informed and updated on all the earnings as them keep on growing and I also share as much information as possible when needed thank you so much guys for listening I hope you got value from seeing my bitclub network earnings and also my bitclub network review thank you so so much

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