what is going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we're gonna be talking about hash flare and the promo code that has just been released for hash so I'm gonna teach you guys about that right here in this video and at the end of course we are going to talk about the overall crypto currency markets take them quick a look at where everything is today and where I see it heading in the next few days just so you guys stay updated so guys if you want to stay updated every single day about more cryptocurrency news make sure to smash that subscribe button down below in the video and hit the bell icon next to it to get notified every time we release a new video every single day now also make sure I'm gonna leave a link in the comments to the helm cryptocurrency all-stars Facebook group we're almost at 300 members guys make sure to join helped us get to 300 members and there's a ton of value in here and you also get to vote for coins that you guys want me to do a review on so this is a great place to start voting for your favorite coins make sure you go check it out guys hash Flair you guys can see again before making this video I withdrew my cryptocurrency to prove to you guys that it is possible and that you can withdraw no problemo so you guys can see I was at 016 and we went all the way down to zero we've had point 1 7 actually but it hadn't updated and we went back down to 0 Bitcoin proving that I withdrew it it showed up in my wallet all is good everything is great right today's the 13th that's the 13th it works now I have 2 places where I'm mining Bitcoin one is hash flare one is Genesis mining a majority of my mining power is in Genesis mining keep that in mind I bought it there first they then sold out so now hash flare is the I guess they'll turn the best alternative out there that you can get a Bitcoin mining contract for and it is cheaper than Genesis mining because it is a one-year contract now you guys know quick run-through I'm Mickey I have ten point six eight Terra hash I'm making nine dollars a day this is because the Bitcoin price is a fairly low once we do go back up and test all-time highs this should be roughly thirty dollars that's where it was when Bitcoin was almost had twenty thousand dollars I was making roughly thirty dollars every single day from a ten thousand dollar investment with ten not ten thousand a ten point six eight tear hash which is around a two thousand dollar investment meaning I was making over one percent every single day that's ridiculous and if the price goes back up I'm going to be very happy making thirty dollars here and in Jess's mining then I'll be making over a hundred and fifty probably closer to $200 I'm making you know a potential $250 every single day made a little less but we'll say two hundred to keep conservative two hundred dollars every single day from just mining Bitcoin this is when the markets go up and when the markets go down so I absolutely am a huge fan of mining also a lot of people say oh you shouldn't be mining guys mining is an important part of the network if there are no minors this wouldn't work so mining is very important and this is I guess another you know this is just me putting in my share of mining and making more profit from it too so it is a win-win it's always good to that horse diversify your portfolio you can also purchase a theory of mining which I definitely want to start doing I know I mention I was gonna start doing that I completely forgot I need to get into it and you can also mine some ze see why not diversify your portfolio I do use the sha-256 though is my Bitcoin mining one and I know atheria mining is profitable it's not you know again now with the prices to not be most profitable but it is still very profitable and if the price of a theory of increases it will become even more profitable that's basically how it works so something to keep in mind now guys I'm gonna prove to you that this concept that this is profitable Bitcoin mining is still profitable at the moment now I would I will say that I would prefer by my contracts with credit card at the moment simply because you know I want to hold all the Bitcoin possible for when the value does increase that is something that I am doing however it is still profitable to mine Bitcoin if you use you know both Bitcoin and if you use credit cards and I'm gonna show you that right now so I'm making around about nine dollars a day right it's very low because of the Bitcoin current prices and difficulty increasing so I'm gonna round it and say I'm making ten dollars a day which is what I was doing for most of the time making 10 to $15 a day for the last you know month or so it is a little lower now again because the price is fairly low but when we enter a bullish market this is going to change completely so I wouldn't want to miss on the opportunity for paying 10% less on the contract that's going to give me a lot of money in the few so let's say I'm making 10 dollars every single day right my times I buy 365 days that's a three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars return in one year right now for me to buy 10 10

5 Terra hash basically say ten point five it is two thousand three hundred dollars so if you think about it you are still making a profit it's not as much as you would like but you are still making a profit now if you subtract 230 dollars from this I basically pay two thousand dollars because of ten percent off which I'm going to show you guys how to do right now it is still profitable and yes this is before the fees so when you add the fees in that Bitcoin mining is not as profitable right now as it was before a theory of mining is more profitable at the current moment but when Bitcoin price does increase guys you have to remember this is a long-term game not only are you mining now so at the current Bitcoin price this is worth less but if I don't sell this into dollar and I just hold this when the price of Bitcoin goes back up this will then be worth more money right just makes sense and when the value of your contract increases because the price of Bitcoin is increasing and you're now making 25 dollars every single day you will have paid 10 percent less by investing right now in the in this moment with the coupon code down by a show you so I'm gonna show you guys how you go about doing this right let's say you want to buy 10 Tower hash two thousand dollars you'll go to redeem code and you guys can see I've already put it in before the code is H f-18s v al día y so I'm assuming hash Blair 18 20 18 I don't know what the S is for but then Valentine's Day validate you put that in it's gonna take out mine you know for a two thousand four hundred twenty dollar contract you are getting two hundred and forty two dollars off bringing it to two thousand one hundred and seventy-eight for an 11 Terra hash contract right I thought I put 10 1/2 let's step 11 you can go down to all the way to take all this II actually see if I can do 109 curious now update you can ten point nine so they have a fixed price you can put as much Terra hash as you would want to buy again none of what I'm saying it's financial advice guys I'm just showing you guys my thoughts giving you guys my picture you guys what I'm doing in my thought process behind this make sure to do your own research before you put your money into anything not a financial dress to see that every video but yeah so using the coupon code hf 1/8 SVA lday works until february 18th you will be able to get 10% off on your purchase which not only makes your contract more profitable but when Bitcoin price starts going up big if if this is only works if you guys think Bitcoin prices going back up if you believe in Bitcoin then this will work a theorem like I said it's more profitable at the current moment and it but it also will become more profitable when the theory and price goes back up it just makes sense and I personally believe Bitcoin price will pass its all-time high in the year so if I buy right now and contract down the road I think it's going to be worth it's going to be paying me out significantly more and I'm going to enjoy the daily payout so guys that's gonna be it for hash Blair you guys have the code now we're going to look at the overall Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market we're at a 419 billion dollar market cap I'm happy to see we're holding above the 400 billion mark I you know I said it's but there is potential for a job below 400 into the high 300 billion but it's not looking like it right now we can see through all the charts there's a lot of sideways movement there was one point where you know a lot of coins here the whole market I tried to pump up try to maybe make a run up it didn't work met some resistance and fell back down and they're still continuing sized sideways movement now the sideways movement is a little positive you guys can see it is you know at a slight incline for a slight increase but I will consider the point from here to here just sideways movement just for the purpose of you know we're building support right now this isn't the run we are looking for just yet we're building support to prepare everyone for the run shaking off all the final weekends allowing everyone else to purchase more cryptocurrency purchase more of their correct favorite cryptocurrency so if that is you imma leave a link to Finance as well down below all the links are down below guys Facebook group hash flare Finance link down below you guys can go pick up your favorite all coins and a great opportunity right now to buy coins that you missed out investing on before so maybe you missed out on Bitcoin before you know at eight thousand six hundred we might see a little bit of a dip but in the long run I believe Bitcoin will be worth so much more than it is right now even coins like like Wahby I personally picked up some more Wahby I think the project is great the coin is great it's so under valued at 668 million dollars it could definitely definitely 10x in the coming months very good coin again you can pick this up on Finance um another one if you missed I missed out on the on the on the IC o—- for pun DX you guys can fix them up right now it's a pretty much at one of its the lowest points it went a little lower at 97 cents here it's at one point six dollars right now just launched you guys can see doesn't even have a market cap available it doesn't have a circulating supply available on coin market cap but again um you know some people can't invest in IC OS because they live in the US or they live in China depending on which IC o—- and this right now is a great opportunity to pick up some coins that you missed out on picking up before so definitely something I'm looking at as well preparing for the bullish market guys right now all we can do is prepare if you believe in cryptocurrency you believe we're gonna see a bullish market then all we can do right now is prepare I emphasize that because if you don't believe in it it wouldn't be a good idea to invest because you know you're investing into a risk you don't believe it that's never a good idea so guys thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed this video don't forget to smash that thumbs up button and leave a comment down below letting me know what you guys think if you are gonna be picking up some mining a contracts and which coins are gonna be pick as well also guys make sure to subscribe if you are new and hit the notification belet's get notified every single day when we release a new video guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you tomorrow for another video

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