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there goes if friends here all going so it's on Monday the 26th of February and sounds of a video on a Bitcoin mining so this is pretty much going to show you how to create passive income through justice mining but we're gonna use swisco global as the vehicle and the reason why is so she Genesis the moment there's no Bitcoin contracts okay as I – it's a theory in but use let's start until the 30th of April that's probably no good like when there are even that cash nestled science or 30th as well so what I like to do i to you Cisco global boom is just go global for about a year and year in three months somewhat yeah never missed it never missed a payment and obviously this Genesis morning so they've got a partnership Genesis mining for the last year or so and it's funny is it's like 2 million customers and Genesis morning yet they can even purchase become contracts but yet we can ask the swisco global we can get it so even though it is actually is restrictions so you just got to come in looking there so like point to so point to Giga hash is 3580 so these are gone up sees lasts yeah they've made easily doodles but now it's think God just bear in mind if you're looking for it this is the I contracts this is Danny you know there's already been a pre-sale and they're gonna start next couple days so 20 February but then this is the second batch so this starts the 15th of March now when I used to videos back then like December I actually refrains from adding on but I suppose I was going to ICO gold right well I mean I woke up I see o gold rush so I was training on my efforts on accumulating my theorem so i ce o–'s so design you i could flip the i ce o–'s quicker then line to pay me out alright so that's how it's done it it's a stuck to me so I've got so you know I'll probably buy another while sue Tara house next couple days if you come in I mean let's go this is to so far as the max money is a free member at a time is that's what it's looking like here so be 8:45 so ask you an example of what you can earn and how you can earn it so get the calculator so we've got five Tara hash so yes that's portals to say five bottles and six dollars a day yeah that's not including the mining feet so the mining fees is about you just go calculator mining fees is point to 8% we use it oh so for our seats tear us down 406 times point two eight would be 13 so we take 406 – dollar 13 its 293 day right now this yeah if your times just by 365 this is where any Bitcoin gone up or down all right this is just an off taste value which is 97 per year you would have a thousand 69 so – it was at 8:00 8:45 – 8:45 just two hundred twenty four dollars profit in your first year okay now obviously bitcoins at hard what it was going in to or even its January right so January was still up there stop – 20 grand 19 grams am i right now the odds are this happens every year where the slops bitcoin always has a drop and the opiate Chinese New Year you know everybody's my house Christmas motto justice ladies okay last year's done this year's that lashes done a new for us done okay so don't be alarmed about the Bitcoin I mean even in the difficulty rates through is you know this there's so many barrels into this but when I first started a year ago was 2017 he's like January 2017 or February I saw a farty rash same as I've not even pay obviously 8:45 I paid on seven something but I've already been through it's already pay back from Mars because Bitcoin went up as I was gone I mean when I first signed becomes any sunny my name is only like $1,200 or some so in reality I mean maybe I should Bitcoin back then to set up to January that then yeah or December than taking you know taking money out but I'll tell with morning that yeah that's right that's what I'd lock myself in terms doing it with mine and it's out done then obviously yeah it's really played itself over eight months already because because because jongup's like quick so and that is obviously Bitcoin riders or eyes there's compounding to this obviously so I'm just started with five then Norway money out so we're more tear hash cuz you're comparing it but now it makes it hard to compare because if they get it done priests are like this it's the only harder to pair okay so ideal you want to come in with fit into it that way okay can vote we fit into mining and then build your build you be clean up the main that we know meaning is not even look I don't even regard looking at dollars the fear I look at the bits took bits of Bitcoin but then but now a moment so I'm also jumping i've what i've done for last three months it's still go from my bitcoin i've actually getting paid in my returns in litecoin so i'm trying to build my like why not cuz i just no odds got this feeling like on is gonna be a four digit figure sometimes sheet yeah but june december whatever and it could be a thousand could be five thousand could be so so many like line grew so much bigger than Bitcoin open years so I still think with like pay coming in even though it because look like unit we're coming out I still think like one's going to definitely grow deaf it's that set forth figure mark now bitcoin there's been a lot of forecasts I mean no one knows okay ideally white said get back to 20 and then go from it well I'd say well really ideally like to get to 12 then go then sure it's why up again so yeah it's unpredictable yes you know what's going to happen it's a risk everything's a risk I mean even though I CEO Roger I see as well as a risk forex trading same thing it's all risk so it's up to you but this gives you a turn so like I said I've been with Swiss for a honey in a bit and I've live at a pond with so and then if you did go and silver it's another good Avenue to come in you say it's not as free memmer so you can buy instead my contracts I just might be wrong but I'll just try think if it's if you're limited I was a free member oh this is the limit foggy frt our hash so I'm not sure to check on that but you can sign up as a free member I've got a um a QuickStart website so it's faster SGG gr8 calm soccer has to go through you know explain how it works like I'm there and I've also got how to set up your free account I had it completely kyc forms and how to purchase your Bitcoin mining packages so is if you want to come to this page you click on colleague link in the description below you click on this over free account and you go from there yeah and then I'll leave a link for the calculator as well so they can play around is I mean you can come in just bare and more like I said to the consciousness up some 15th of March now I did what I said in two videos months ago you could I yeah I thought you know I thought it'd be pretty silly I mean if you're just starting in it you want to see a return straight away you know I mean so obviously from now till that 15 there are honest I saw you out or I mean you've been in real trouble you never get it but I I like doing where I know I'd like to bring in people especially in something idea is I me don't have to bring him in alive even bothered Triberr you people so yes but on skinny's show using why he had a keen said bitcoin he might need to be coin this is a a good way don't be in pain every day yeah well it depends on your limit either also there's all different thresholds so I probably should but it's um yeah so you just got up just got it I like bringing people with the things that are working it is working but the thing is you you can't compare nice we always go comparing every day so I was born here it was just a point to Giga hash which is you mean aren't your $35 son so it's like such that see now it's not earning it fire all day you see the point is like dime maybe 200 remember yes yes 200 Giga hashes and yeah so it's like not even worthy involve you guys so you wanna come in definitely the least thing I'd say at least a terrible terror hash the thing anyone's it set up it's been – you do it you just gonna remember Bitcoin we got okay so there's a spin tell you want to do a hang on do you mind there's I think I'm gonna tell you about is the so many garbage stuff it there yes I I woke up jumped on Facebook and you know people like yeah I'm joined this join us on like World War I mean I'm users coming out my you started talking because some person was talking to me and I knew what Scott me just get us try stabilities little shit on me and he's trying to tell me alien join this I said so long mr Scott Bible and Genesis morning and then I just knew what was coming anyway so I'm thinking what businesses are now and show me a link and okay so says are up to this right I'm just like – Dada so your minimum investments 250 you Maximus 709 duration 300 days but it's got like on trying to contract yes that's a lot of contract early days is it so there's red flag straightaway the other red flag again 1% daily that's a red flag because in Bitcoin good morning or any crypto mind there's no guarantee or getting no one knows what price of those coins are gonna be especially Bitcoin you know no I can see there and say yeah Bitcoin between grants Allah so you're gonna earn the yeah we're guaranteeing you this every day you know it just doesn't make sense it's it's just common sense okay you know it's how you're getting guaranteed return in mining is full of shit simples up I'm gonna be a body mouth whatever yeah but it's it's awful shit okay yeah this is all this investment garbage I mean come on it doesn't work right 1% day we all know all the programs they're all bullshit okay so stay away from things like this I mean Genesis morning is the biggest for a reason and it's because you know and they can't even they are the biggest all right simple and I can't they can't even guarantee you your turn okay so that's what it comes down to Swiss Global's been around eight nine milli ten years ten years so you know and that's it the gold and silver partner and obviously this crypto part yeah they could good morning it's but they've been around for a while well the big part of Genesis released it you had a bit that I remember when I started all together so and Genesis morning is given Swiss called global members only the opportunity to suit bottom line one money in their own custom base so yeah it's a win-win okay well just like a certain limited Bitcoin mining free so don't start do you think the March and that's our go now if there's how long they can do another if they don't I'll presale after that but then I know a nice okay and it's how it's gonna work so like I said I'll leave them I'll leave our the fast start god therefore you go have a look and I'll leave the calculator there for you and pretty much go this will do beyond a try new videos every day I mean you probably see Karen at Pratt I'm just trying to show you ways that you can do it now obviously mining it can be a little expensive to get into I'm even as a frame of it so you can summers remember you bring other people lean as a free member as well you didn't tune ups in alright morning fine despair so yeah it's not that okay I mean even isn't aphelion five percent so you know if you want to do it that way and be free member I don't really care how you do it yeah as long as you're earning that's all I care about yeah it's on a percent it depends which come in with them is obviously might grow as well but then but I want yours to grow it I want you to beginning an income as well like a passive income as well not so much the Fiat money got a saying I think more the pizza bit quite a lot corner wherever you have way you've done it okay I mean obviously I will once we could a Bitcoin goes up I'll probably change so the moment I'm doing a lot I clean up but then once Bitcoin maybe guess if it gets back to 20 there I'll probably change it back over it depends it depends on the circumstance at the time if I want to build more like line or whatever like build more Bitcoin it depends on how I want to it bit it sorry that we get to slowly the calculator there in the link below as well and yeah so what I just wanna get people into that aren't into crypto or even introduced so Bitcoin build a direct I mean Europe been on my channel you'll see big on Bill direct that's a it's a free way to get into earning some Bitcoin now it's like a heaps it's not gonna make it richer any but it's it will give you those little bits and pieces of coin there you want it you're a bit bitch that you want to add up that's that's the main thing I don't even look at the fit anymore sort of bits of Bitcoin and that's how I do it so become Bill of directors pretty much so you can come in you can sign up the links I know get so yeah that's a problem there but we can do this really on Facebook if you soon BBT how even if any questions about this to against misses me as well I'm facing well you know I don't mind talking to anybody that needs help or has any questions yes of every day so you get a chance to come in every day and spin the wheel I even when Bitcoin free advertisements if you're ready into other businesses you can have its heisman site scary a lot of chances site once it starts so that's another thing there and you got chance them in the 200 dollar free account now they reckon and how the admin reckons at the mark was a star so hopefully about two or three weeks their goal is to try and bring in at least one person a day yeah I don't see what much this is an open-shut system okay so but as it builds as builds oh the next couple months there'll be more more people coming in so getting three accounts so you just gotta bear with me it's not like you know just sign up and get an account straightaway okay if you like you're nothing you hit the winning spin good you know good on you but you might be spinning for a while okay it's good to know there's a lot of attention on this because it's you know you get a free way to jump in and they're free to run your accounts so for that video motivation at BBT rabiot previously i leave a link maybe in the after you know the videos after this video then you got the morning between my name's that's why middle the range and then i got i see a gold rush which is my you know private community for osios now being that just over three months and yet it's gone well so obviously monday – we've got our weekly half-hour webinar tonight so I'm looking forward to that and then uh than that guys I'm I've got videos below and I see oh god rush on my channel you can have them like I said but I guys if you got any questions feel free to message me on Facebook so it's a federal questions and misses me so I can now wave at me that's Helen oh yeah through messenger and yeah and if you like this video give a thumbs up you just like it get a thumbs down either way there's a moment I just want to help people I'm trying to help people try to solve as well obviously looking at be around the bush let's see how it works and other than that guys yeah they've comment if you want any more information if you like video and other guys will see a monic spear tomorrow hopefully some results of our DVDs next pea sound pretty short today or tomorrow so yeah if it comes and it comes through all definitely shiny so go from there hi guys

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