USI-Tech Review 2.0 – Is USI-Tech Scam?

I've every manual here and you probably found this video because you're looking USI-Tech Review 20 into this business opportunity as I have maybe you're looking to find a review or maybe you're looking to see if it's the scam well firstly let me just say I am NOT an affiliate for this opportunity so put your money away put your wallet away I'm not a distributor so I won't be asking for any money I'm just giving you an unbiased review so the question firstly is this product a scam so I've looked into it and I would say no I don't believe it is a scam so then secondly why then do most people not make any money with this type of opportunity 97% of people actually fell and there is two reasons for that the first is they don't know how to generate enough traffic I get emails every day like other industry leaders from people and I ask them you know how many leads did you generate this week and usually they'll say something like five or ten people in the week now that's just not enough you are never gonna make any money like that I personally through my system show people how to generate 50 to 100 leads a day so not a week every day on top of that the second mistake that most people do they don't have their own front end customized system what they do they use the company system they use the company pages now that's what everybody else is doing so that's why people tend to see their and then they don't do well they don't make any money from it so listen I could stand here now and I could teach you how to do all these things here but USI-Tech Review 2

0 what I've done for you I've put together a bit of training I put together a four-part training course it's going to show you all this sort of stuff show you about trappy show you about putting your own funnels together and if you want access to that all you need to do is just click on this link below I'll leave it in the description below you click on that link take you over to another page where you can get completely free access to this four-part training course ok so that's going to be a benefit to you click on the link below thank you for listening to the video and I look forward to working with you or speaking with you again soon all the Bears take care USI-Tech Review 20

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