Facebook Blockchain Tokenはどのようになるのか?-フェイスブックのトークンはどのようになるのか?[ptd]

How is Facebook Blockchain Token going to be? – What will be the facebook tokens? [ptd] Technology concentrates power This article is written like this

As you can see, the fact that technology concentrates power is written Certainly Facebook is gathering power by becoming an intermediary connecting Facebook, people who were not connected in the first place This is argued that it is frequently criticized by many people and power should be returned to users little by little Also, Mr Zuckerberg,

I have also said It seems to make more posts of my friends and family more visible than business and not related posts By doing this, it seems to be aimed at becoming a more accessible wall for users, which will be good for business in the long run A threat to Facebook It is said that フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク was skillfully used in Russia to diffuse erroneous information in the 2016 US presidential election

The closed source algorithm of フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク was naturally making it easy to spread this erroneous information With this kind of thing, Facebook decided to change the use of newsfeed Facebook users are not actually Facebook customers It is a product As users transmit information themselves, the amount of information increases and traffic increases

Then, many companies and organizations in nature will have their eyes on them and start to invest a lot of money Then, for Facebook, of course, rather than quality, you will find that simply increasing the amount of information and increasing traffic will be a goal Changing the algorithm that dominates the flow of this information, it will become a future Facebook issue to successfully deconfigure the power Is the token a solution? How does Facebook change this? Facebook does not want to become a dream of SNS once flourished like MySpace and Mixi that existed so far So Zuckerberg suggested that there is a possibility of using tokens as a solution

I am totally speculated by the writer of this article, but the token is probably to be distributed based on the amount of content Facebook keeps some tokens that were mined beforehand and distributes more facebook tokens to people with a lot of content and you can buy and sell them freely when using services in Facebook If you use it well, you may be able to choose what sort of posts to display using tokens Also, by giving incentives such as tokens, the amount of information will increase, it will be linked to it and traffic will increase, which will lead to further business opportunities If it is a token of such specifications, the above-mentioned problem can be solved to some extent

※ The reason why virtual currency is called money game is because volatility (fluctuation rate) is always 5% or more, and the backing of its value is unknown or does not exist There is no official way to analyze virtual currency at this time So, let's keep in mind that when analysis methods are introduced in the Internet, books, etc, it is an analytical method authored by the author Many methods of analysis are already considered, but there is no guarantee that 100% will be hit, so in the long run it is necessary to think and select stocks and invest in their own head

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