USI Tech Review – Legit Business and Forex Opportunity Or Not?

USI-Tech Strategy USI-Tech Compensation Plan USI-Tech Forex USI-Tech English USI-Tech Presentation USI-TEch MLM USI Tech Info USI-Tech Scam USI-Tech USI-Tech Review You wanna Polly monger here and today I'm doing ausi tech review There's been a lot of buzz around this company over the last couple of months, and I actually had a few people approached me Asking me if I'd be open to joining their team in us

Id tech so that kind of piqued my curiosity and then I went to Google trends to see what was going on with this company? And I noticed on Google trends that us at us Id tech has been trending upwards, so there's clearly A lot of people searching for us at tech and quite a bit of buzz so I wanted to do a review And just kind of give you my honest and unbiased Opinion about this company I'm not going to be trying to sell you UsI tech I'm just going to be reviewing the company and Giving you my two cents and just you know I've actually been reviewing You know crypto and foreign exchange so finally in the crypto space Another business up and make money online opportunities for a little over a year now so I've seen a ton of them a lot of them are great and Unfortunately a lot of them are scams So you just got to be careful and obviously that's why you're here because you're doing your due diligence Which is really really smart so what I want to do now is I'm going to jump over to my computer screen So just kind of show you the website, and then I'll talk through it And then also I just want to show you the Google trends Graph so you could see you know what I was talking about, so I'm going to jump over now a few over Okay guys, so now what I want to talk about is what exactly like what is this company where what do they do? so UsI tech essentially is a Forex auto trading platform and The way that it works Let me just scroll down here to the product section okay, so right here so it's a forex trading platform and The way that it works is they have a software that runs on the mT4 trading software and that's not for sweet is free But basically what you could do here is you can like they're saying here You can install the software that they use the MT4 trading platform Which is where basically all the happens for the Forex market on? To your computer very simply as per you know what they're mentioning here And you know their difference that they claim that they have is that they have a unique or algorithms? Which differ completely from the use of common indicators that can easily be copied? By extreme market fluctuations, right so they basically what they're saying is that? their trading platform cannot be Heavily impacted by Extreme market fluctuations, which is basically what product protects you from? Incurring high risk of losses okay, so that's what they're saying that their unique MT4 trading platform Can do now the results that they're saying that you can potentially exact you know mask maximum risk reduction and continuous returns up to 100 percent per year So they're cleaning that because of their medium and long term Training strategy that you can get up to a 100 percent return per year okay, so that's that's what they're saying there now that's the trading and return side of UsI tech there's a completely separate element to this company

Which is their business opportunity right so basically? Their business opportunity the way that it works Is that you would bring people in so you would have a unique? Affiliate link, and then you would promote this opportunity to others and when people sign up under you you get paid, right? It's a very typical mlm type of opportunity here, and so the way that the compensation plan works Is that you would get paid on two different types of things one is sponsoring people as it just said and two is brokerage fees and Affiliates in Usa tech are paid directly and residually in a three by twelve Matrix compensation plan, okay? so it's very similar to other mlm um but it works in a three by Twelve Matrix compensation plan, so the way that the recruiting commission payout works is that USa Tech stories are paid up to 120 euros per affiliate based sponsor in Their business, and then you also get residual income commissions, so that's paid through a three by twelve Matrix compensation plan as I mentioned before has a total of 797 160,000 positions in their Matrix okay now in this Matrix You can fill it directly or indirectly there's a 150 euros out of the 600 euros that each new felipe's get paid is paid out of them out in the Matrix permission Okay, the harmless Christie dollar Euro is then split into twelve smaller payments? And then paid up to Twelve Matrix levels now I know a lot of this information isn't on the screen right here, but I was able to do some digging I actually the people that reached out to me to you know asking me if I'd be interested in joining the opportunity I actually asked them for Details on the compensation plan and they gave me this information Right so it's based on a lot of the digging that I've been able to do and so okay So just moving on here So any us id tech members who don't qualify for the Matrix commissions or skipped over all together? so that's kind of how it works from A mlm recruitment type of perspective and the residual Commission's that you get and remember I said before that you can also get broker commissions, so Every time you Si tech members use the company software the MT4 trading platform us I tagged a she collects a brokerage fee okay, and then what happens is that these brokerage fees are then paid out through the three by twelve Matrix compensation plan that I just mentioned so 25% of the brokerage fee charge is paid to the recruiting affiliates So if you brought someone in you would get 25% of the volca tree, okay, the remaining 75% is Split into twelve payments and paid out through the three by twelve Matrix okay now the brokerage fees are not Consistent and it's you know will vary depending on how much you use their trading platform Now the cost to join us I checked I probably should have mentioned this before but it's $600 sorry 600 euros which this is what I was saying before that 150 euros out of the 600 euros that each new affiliate pays to join is paid out in the Matrix commissions Okay, so I hope that makes sense um That's basically it in a nutshell I mean what I really want you to take away from this Essentially what you Si? Tech is is a Automated trading system that uses a MP4 trading platform for the Forex market, okay now Here's the thing then and this is this is my kind of final verdict on this and my overall thoughts, right Based on all the research I've done I do think that their Trading software is actually pretty legit I think that you know they have the folks that are running this company, and you can see there's a lot of advantages Here you know I think this particular company and the people behind this company have been you know in the forex market for a very very long time so they actually have a pretty good system and expertise behind Forex trading right so I do think that the Trading software is legit And there is a potential for you to you know obviously make money getting 100 percent return per year I don't know about a lot You know it may be possible it may not be But here's what I'm going to say to you

I think that any Especially when you're entering the financial markets whether it be forex trading whether it be crypto trading or any type of you know financial? related Markets that you or could be stock you know anything that you get into? What I would say to you is that you know get educated about trading right? So you don't want to go into us Itac and just solely rely on their trading software and you know not Educate yourself on Forex trading or the Forex markets not keep up-to-date on all of the you know Market fluctuations that go on I don't think you should you should just solely rely on their training software I think it's good obviously it's good that they have a training software because it's going to do all the training for you But you want to be well informed and well educated So get really really good in the trading access of it because remember just to recap There's two ways that you can make money right one is through the trading software and then two is marketing which is essentially you know promoting this business to other people and You know getting more people to join your team and more people to join your team the money with me, right? So there's a trading skill, and then there's a marketing skill now That's what I was saying either you get really really good at trading so again Just don't solely rely on this trading software educate yourself on everything that there That there is to know about Forex trading that's one or to get really really good at Marketing right and leverage the business opportunity side of this to grow your team and obviously increase your commission Right so pick one of the two or do both, right? I mean depends on how much time you have and how dedicated you are to growing your UsI tech business But definitely get up good at least one of them Okay now if you do the trading wrap That's great Highly recommend that you do if you do the marketing route you know that's also a very very important skill set to have and the beauty of Getting really good at marketing is not only that you're going to be able to obviously Recruit people into this business and make more commissions But when you get really good at marketing you can learn how to market anything And it doesn't just you don't have to be restricted to you as our tech you can join other business opportunities You can start your own you can create your own products and services right right it all depends on Ultimately what you want to do right, but marketing is a skill that is So high in demand that you can apply across any business any industry in any niche

That's why personally for me I love marketing right I wouldn't call myself a marketing experts per se But um I know that you know since I actually started in the online business world over a year ago I've got pretty good at it right um and I love it, right I'll absolutely love it, and I love teaching others about it So if you are interested in getting really good at marketing and leveraging that skill set to build your business And you know build your income online then go ahead and click on the link in my description Below when you click on the link below you'll get access to a free video training that actually gives you a lot more information on how you can leverage a Marketing system to you know essentially make money online build up Online and learn everything you need to know about marketing right once you learn that skill set you're golden, right? so if you're interested in really kind of you know matching your marketing skillsets and leveraging that to you build your you si tech business number one and any other business for that matter then go ahead and click on the link below and you'll get access to a Marketing system that I've been leveraging to grow my business And that you can also leverage to you know grow that business or grow the UsI tech business or any other business out there Alright, so again guys I hope this helped like I said before I don't think that UsI tech is a scam I think it's actually a pretty legit Company and there is a good opportunity here You just always want to be very smart with the way you Invest your money into things and always have always continue educating yourself Right like I said before either to trading or it's the marketing pick one and if it's the marketing then go ahead and click on The link below alright again guys I hope you found this valuable and make it a good day, and I'll talk to you soon

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