Bitcoin Madenciliği Yapmak Neden Çok Zorlaştı? | PoW Nedir?

Hello to everyone Is mining about to over? And why is mining gets harder? Also, I will talk about PoW -proof of work- I will be simple and easy for everyone You can ask me anything in the comment section

please subscribe and like the video let's start! Bitcoin is a software program and uses Blockchain technology Blockchain is a decentralized network In Bitcoin mining, miners solves blocks and adds transactions on it It is a very simple definition

You can check out the new blocks on blockchaincom I click one of them Block reward is 125 BTC These are the transactions that are added Miners are connected with each other A new block is mined every 10 minutes

With time, new miners are involved in the system, that makes harder to solve a block for the miner All of them depends on SHA-256 algorithm If you want to mine Bitcoins, your computer's CPU probably will not be enough You will need to buy an ASIC However, these are very expensive devices, and it uses too much electricity

If you get profit from mining, please leave a comment Bitcoin is designed to have a maximum supply of 21 million Almost 17 million of Bitcoin is on circulation Mining is very costly and difficult In summary, Miners tries to solve new blocks on Blockchain They are rewarded if they succeed

Miners also receive the transfer fees If all Bitcoins are mined, the mining devices will only receive the transfer fees The name of this algorithm is PoW (Proof of Work) I will also talk about PoS in future videos I hope you do not get confused

In fact this algorithm is the basis of Bitcoin and many other altcoins Please share the video I hope you enjoyed it Goodbye

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