Hoe blockchain de samenleving kan veranderen.

Hey, I'm Maurits You probably already knew that

I wanted to give a brief comment that I am will be a guest at Technopolitics tomorrow That is an event about politics and technology and the two together This year this year is about Blockchain and there are very interesting people speaking Thomas Marckx, Els Ampe, Els Meyvaert and myself you have to take that one The title is: "Blockchain, more than Bitcoin only"

And that is very appropriate, because I'm going to talk about how blockchain technology make the government much more efficient in many different areas If you are interested in how technology is our society better to make: come along It is at 8 pm at the VUB in Etterbeek Maybe until tomorrow and otherwise but I still have a video about it Voila, under 1 minute

For anyone who thinks my videos are too long

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