Etheal Founder Viktor Tabori is helping users find healthcare with blockchain

Hello I'm Viktor Tabori, I'm from Hungary, and I'm the co-founder and CTO of Etheal which is basically, we are building the Bookingcom of healthcare

You can book any medical treatment in any country with a 50% discount So we've done this in the last four years, and actually we are focussing on blockchain in the last one year What do you do, and how does it work in the crypto sphere? So everyone asks me how we give this discount, and the answer is we don't because the discount is already there in the market Because if you come now to Hungary, to get your dental work done, you can get it with 50% discounts, very high quality and zero waiting time, so almost no waiting time And this happens because Hungary is very specialised in the dental care they provide

What's not there is the trust So if I really want to convince you to come to Hungary and make your dental work, what do you do? You search online or you ask for some advice or some recommendation, right? But if you search online, you can't really find anything else beyond paid advertisement So trust is really missing, and we use blockchain technology, which is basically a trust technology, to solve this issue So if you could explain to me how you use blockchain to solve that problem? We use blockchain in several ways First we decentralise reviews because we think it's unfair that if doctors stop paying for doctor listing websites, all their reviews get deleted

Right? That's the main value because as a consumer you need reviews to make your decision So we decentralise it, we put it in the blockchain in a very clever way So we store labels For example, when we ask how was the doctor, how was the treatment, how was the facility, and you say the doctor was nice and friendly, we treat it as a label And we only store the ID of the label

So we don't store plain text, which is a huge amount of data, only just some number which is very compressed And for example if you have like one million reviews in Japanese, all we have to do is translate the label itself, with the click of a button all the reviews are translated So it's a very scalable way of translating reviewsSo on one part we do this, and the second part, we incentivise people So we give back to the community who write reviews, write content

What problem are you solving that other people aren't solving? We're really trying to make the public healthcare data transparent As far as we saw, no project that is tackling this issue to make it very easy for you to find quality medical care in any country, no matter where you are, in your own native language And you can read reviews in your own native language, so no one is solving this issue We are basically building a marketplace where we connect patients and care providers

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