Hey, Maria Achilleos here How are you guys today? I'm going to give you an update on One of the Bitcoin programs that I've joined

I'm replacing it with my other primary business This is a Bitcoin program basically This is what I will be promoting As well, so it's about UsI tech Is pretty straightforward I'll put the link below get your free account and just basically what you're going to do you're going to register your going to put your details in here and What you do is you're going to be buying I've just literally Registered, and I've already got six registered members in my group now What it is you'll be buying BTC packages as many as you can afford so you can use that money to Either probably just buy more traffic for your primary business Basically what my plan is with this as a beginning I'm planning on getting as many registered members in UsI tech, and this is what I want my team to do as well what you do is you just take your link your UsI link When you sign up, and then you just promote it you just keep promoting it so you can get signups The maximum signups you can get is 10,000 signups I plan on Getting weekly traffic, or just just sending them directly to the us I link so people can sign up and then boys and I'm not too worried for now on getting people actually active in in UsI Tech although people should because basically This is how it works The more members you get in a program the more referrals you get obviously The more chances of you are – the more chances you'll start getting paid and getting Commissions out of it as well I will be buying on my own from my own a BTC packages, that's the plan and I also will be sending My link to traffic where people can sign up to us I tick Panning on getting to ten thousand members I will be doing videos now and again just to show you the progress but I do recommend you start now that I'm starting as well and so guys I'll put the link below and Just sign up get your free account Send your us I link to Solo, ads udemy and Mlm and Mlm leads and get as many sign apps as you can For us I tech + start buying BTC patty packages so you can start seeing your bitcoin Increase in as well, you see the bitcoin today is 2418 it's fluctuated goes ups and up and down, but if I were you I would start now if you haven't bought any Bitcoin before I do have a recommendation program If you want to learn about bitcoin, but it's pretty straight forward if you're even if you're a new beginner Just do what I'm telling you to do now basically just sign up get your free account Get as many members as you can don't worry about getting people active Because the bigger your list gets You will be sending out emails to them and showing them your progress in the program and also you can show them what you're earning once you start buying BTC packages and So if you have any questions Comment below and I'll put the link below get your free account today, and I'll see you in the next video Bye

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