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What's up?!? John Charette here and if you didn't figure it out by my Peter McKinnon style intro, Bitcoin Private has gone live! This is totally mind-boggling! It surprised the crap out of me because the developers are saying that it wouldn't be my minable till like late Sunday -Monday So, to wake up Sunday morning and be like Oh jump on the multi pools website and they're like 'yeah it's up and running put your hash power on the pool' So, I was like awesome cool

Let's work together I'm going to show you how you can do it and I want to show you this different pool that I started using called Multipools They are a little different because they are all about community So there's a bunch of different pools out there and with any pool you generally have to give them about 1% and that's it's pretty normal So, where does that money go to and who does it go to? It kind of really matters

So before I was kind of like, yeah pick a pool don't really care but now I see someone like this some this team that's really around social and interacting with the community and supporting the community Now I've been on the discord chat for a couple weeks now chatting with Bitcoin Private people with Garlicoin people and on the Bitcoin Private forum this is like Miguel's there people are answering questions are helping out like they're they're really doing their best to engage with people and that's different So, it's taking that kind of like smaller you know face to face community aspect instead of just being this big corporate pool kind idea and it makes it like I can I feel like my 1% is going to someone then I can have a conversation with and it makes me feel a little better so it's it's pretty cool so come check it out Multipoolsclub throw BDCP in front of it BTCP yes right I got I got and here I will show you how to get gone with Awesome Miner cause I think is the best

So if you jump on to their page you will need to create an account I have done that so I will log okay once you're logged in is very similar to some other pools where you need to create your workers now I have created a boatload of workers here just for fun here we're not using any diesel and so here I will create another one called test add worker name but when we now have a worker test you can see Minnie is actually active in long line throwing a big 5kH/s So okay, you create an account on Multipools you have registered a worker now open Awesome Miner okay awesome miners up look here we will need to create a new pool I actually have pools so I'll just kind of show you the settings easy-peasy it is multi pools okay so you throw in a name whatever you want here is the information I'll put a link in the description down below with all the information worker named JohnnyAction now you can do this whole worker name work thing two different ways I kind of messed it up in my last video sorry peeps I put like a comments in the below how to fix it if you're watching this awesome thanks it will get you going so what do you do is put for your worker and put JohnnyAction dot Test okay password a password coin because the Bitcoin Private it's not really there yet just using ZClassic it's cool wallet address just leave it blank hit OK but if you do this is one of the setting I'll show you so close that down now if you right click on your minor and go to properties see this is the bottom here it says mining pool you got to pick your mining pool awesome got multiple selected uncheck this add worker name so you're doing two different ways either you in the user of the worker name you put just JohnnyAction and don't put the period Test and then here you put an ad worker name test and it puts in the period for you or you take it out so that's it hit OK to that out last step to make sure you're rocking the EWBF ZCash minor DSTM works fine I haven't really played with BMiner yet knows the controversy going on what that and they're blowing their their k/H whatever all good I like to stick with EWBF it's solid I really like it hit okay and then start boom done right away it's picked up the GTX 1080 and should go I usually get around 500 sols and we'll see what happens grab a share and see what goes but that that is it you can see my Mickey or my Mickey Miner know my knee Minnie oh is that is going strong she's got up at four point nine to k/Hs and then we'll thrown this on top yeah 491 sols that's that's pretty much it I do get a little bit slower cuz I'm recording this video yeah it's not too hard it's pretty cool now that you're on let's check out the dashboard it's pretty neat okay so this message to the top at first I was like man why is this message here kind of gets in the way if this X and then it's gonna kick cool now you're talking you get some nice visuals it just it looks a lot better I know I'm personally checking my pool quite often throughout the day so it's nice to have a little fancy pretty design layout so yeah that's it Oh last but not least a wallet what's awesome about this style of pool you can start mining without having to worry about a wallet so here so if we go back to my account edit account there's a spot where you can throw in a wallet here's my wallet here big question where do you get your wallet so if you actually go to Bitcoin Private BTC Private or their website and now have wallets up I use this electrum wallet which looks like this BAM you can see my awesome 10 Bitcoin Private kicking in there yeah soon as you get that up and running take your receive address highlight that I get a little coffee button right here come back into your multi pools put it in here putting a four pin you four point code and then you're good you can whenever you want you can come down here and put your for Dakota and cash out whatever you want so back to the dashboards to give it another view both my rigs are going awesome miner has two thumbs up that's it I mean comment below let me know how it went for you I mean I really love the idea and the community that Miguel's building with multi multi pools it's pretty neat check it out if you have another pool that you like then comment tell me why you like it what's the difference and what makes it unique Thanks thanks again for watching if you want to learn more about earning passive residual income please subscribe I'm here to pass them on my knowledge so you can take action see you next time

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