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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one Bitcoin show today is March the 10th 2018 strong hand long-term thinking on confiscate a ball alright everybody you can't see me I'm still in South Africa though we'll go back to viewing me when I get out of South Africa just making sure this gets on the air we want to have any technical difficulties but yesterday this week in Bitcoin there were no technical difficulties and it was a great show so check out the links section below click on that link and click on links to get your discounted treasure from crypto Hwy let that common other links I have down there for t-shirts or whatever always check out the links was they all pertain to this great show and all those subject matters that I talked about but yesterday's show this week in Bitcoin it was amazing how we got into Chris black who was on we talked about marketing at the very end and he's like we we can't if you're a fan of an altcoin you can't rely on the development team to be the marketing team ok if you're a fan of a coin you're the marketing team okay you go out there and be the marketing team there's no no shame in that so I mean I thought that was some great stuff Guiseppe studio was also on the show talking about be private and Andrew from crypto sense we had a blast and we talked about all the news but again also you know there's no shame in marketing big Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency out there that is not centralized so if you're a fan of Bitcoin and you want people to know about it go market it there's no shame in that you can make money off the create a marketing business of Bitcoin be in motion now opportunities are out there and you know yesterday having Chris and Giuseppe and Andrew on very positive people so check that out it's linked to below all right and just just just remember there is no shame in marketing what you believe in because if you can't on other people to do it especially don't you know these you believe in your coin you think you'd have good developers that so let them develop the coin to don't think that they should be getting it on exchanges for you and marketing it for you and because we've had a lot of that lately uh a lot of that pop up alright so here we go we're gonna talk about Manero V well they Manero V just came out with this announcement I'd link to their twit tweet about this and I'd link to the announcement monaro V snapshot date will be postponed until the 30th of April it was supposed to be the March stuff fourth this March 14th so 30th of April block one five six four nine six whatever to facilitate third-party services requests and reasons detailed in the following announcement okay obviously they're trying to get it on exchanges and it takes a while to get it on exchanges in the update I they link to the B tracks announcement that said that big trucks would not be able to put Manero V on their site for the March 14th date and well first of all I want to get my narrow V credit the guys behind that they're not rushing this they're getting it right with the exchanges and I guess maybe they saw what happened would be private how there was confusion about that but speaking about what happened would be private and the confusion with bit tracks we everyone was thinking that big trucks couldn't give an announcement that said that they would not list be private that why can't be trucks just say we're not going to list be private and there was so much ambiguity in the air well now look how easy it was for them to say we're not going to list Manero V what's the big difference why couldn't they did that would be private in the past the big tracks learn a lesson because we were all the rumors were you know that they can't talk about specific fork they can't talk about a specific crypto dividend well lo and behold here they're saying no we can't do Manero v on March the 14th so it was simple enough from an Arab ey wasn't simple enough would be private very interesting question there bit tracks that's a part of the mystery of these third party exchanges people they have a lot of power so good job Monero V for taking your time and updating all the people out there click on those links that are below and of course people pound that like button right this second seriously and check and subscribe to this channel and yeah check out those links below alright back to the show back to the show and that that big tricks announcement from an era V is also listed below hey and follow me at Tech ball te CH B alt on Twitter where I just won over 10,000 followers – thank you everyone thank you all my Twitter fans and we do have a blast if you're in the chat right now if you want to ask a question you can do the super chat and I will love be able to answer your questions otherwise I cannot see you we've got some different people over there and a super8 in the chat right now things I do not usually see you over there so hey guys alright um the usual it's a Saturday night back home with these because here in Johannesburg is Sunday morning and I'm going to go running I'm gonna do my sprints I'm leaving for Montevideo in about 24 hours arrays but oh and speaking about South Africa and Bitcoin people my main man Jason here of Pretoria remember if here in Pretoria email me at a dimitra's or help calm so I can hook you up with this dude he is in his mid-20s and he tells the Adam I'm getting married oh well but but and he says I'm I wouldn't get her a ring I got her Bitcoin he got he and I and she wanted that that's what they wanted and I was so impressed I am I was like you know you've got it obviously this seems like a very nice woman you have because I actually made a video a while ago saying why do you need to get ring why can't you just get a Bitcoin and look at this look the in reality this has happened and what so instead of getting a ring so she can show our friends he got something for their future family for their future so they don't have to work as hard in the future and she loved it and he loved it and it's just I I give them all the credit in the world and you know a lot of us are down on you know on what marriage is today it seems like a lot of people just showing off and wanting you people wanting gifts from one another and things to be proven and this this is clear this is in bed this is investing for the future this is not just about some magical ring to show off to the lady so congratulations Jason good luck with your life with your with your wife who obviously is a wise woman if she is she is a fan of Bitcoin like you are so keep us updated Jason I'll be on the show too in the future hopefully giving us updates about his Bitcoin marriage all right so people if you guys went if you're an American citizen you went into Fiat I still don't get it you had to pay taxes you didn't get your be private and most of you say well I can't get I can't access the be private easily on the trésor now anyway but you have to be patient it's people let's go back to patients crypto patients do you have to be patient with be private you have to be patient with manera V you just can't rush these things they're coming you can't just panic when you see the price of Bitcoin go down and go into Fiat why do you want to go in the Fiat anyway the Polly you want to get out of here well the big point I don't get it I mean I'm living I'm just trying to get more Bitcoin what why why go back into Fiat and complicate your matters and pay taxes you're not a long-term thinker you're not thinking ahead and you're missing out an opportunity when you're sitting there and Fiat you're not getting something like be private which is a cryptid dividend which is basically interest on your Bitcoin so it you'd rather go with the Fiat and pay taxes on your Fiat smart move there guys 20 to 80 percenters there no doubt about it all right so here at South Africa when you're going to a conference that is sort of dominated by honest I hate the word sort of when there are a lot of a when there uh when there are a lot of people that deal with corporate the corporate side of cryptocurrency when you're in that that type of venue you have people spouting off these blockchain buzzwords and some of they even said those people were even kind of making fun of Italy we here are so many buzzwords smart contracts I CEOs there's other ones guys be careful these buzzwords they really don't mean anything or just saying blockchain in a million times if you hear a lot of buzzwords walk the other way keep it's simple it's Bitcoin people you hold your Bitcoin you learn what the Bitcoin having is in 2020 you think long term you know you don't make yourself out to be this magical trader because some guy online said he was able to do XY and Z go back and forth in the Fiat and he predicted that the market was gonna whatever dude it's some dude in a chat talking talking hardcore he's nonsense he's nonsense he can't put his real voice out there his real face out there so be careful of the big the big talkers out in crypto land that are spouting off the nonsense because look there that's a real person right there that he's telling you to your face like that easy life ain't easy it's not eat it's not just about all I was able to flip but ready to do trading is not it's not a magical solution you got to be patient you got to think long term you save what your grandparents did and you get interest through the crypto dividends okay you got to be a long-term thinker it's I know some of you are impulsive in this day and age have it now you have to have it now but develop some discipline people develop some freaking discipline alright I don't want to again let's let's conserve the bandwidth here alright moving on moving on be private updates so yeah be careful of the buzz where people are I see oh people to get rich quick people the there's no get-rich-quick there's patients in this long-term thinking and there's 20 percenters and then there's the 80 percenters who temp they percenters had their stories the 20 percenters limit okay I live it I value my wealth in Bitcoin seriously I don't give our just rats took us about a about the the the Fiat anymore gay you send me the Bitcoin it makes me happy my Bitcoin addresses are below Oh steam it I turn it into Bitcoin I don't care about Fiat all right the be private they announced they have a link they're finally on their list in on corn market cap that's great progress this small man X lists them now be patient people be patient they're gonna less what if once again I'll go bigger exchange we should see some good things what maybe spread so there's a guy out there who rocks okay what's his name names zoom full mone first be private transaction with the treasurer it works I am submitting the be private code to trace or to be included in the next official firmware this guy is like a programmer dude messing around with the tradesmen work created a solution for treasurer to list be private and for Leger nano he's working on that now this guy is just a totally independent dude is submitting its Tresor so I gave this great guy all the credit in the world for being in motion he's not just sitting there complaining saying forget it all treasure for me no he's doing it so by the way there was a link it listed below about a guy who tweeted out to Tresor and Ledger for everyone to retweet this you guys retweet that too there's marketing right there there's be proactive right there there are things you can do you don't have to be a technical genius genius like this guy is developing technical solutions but I mean you can be doing on the marketing side also for be private for you're off point for manera me for whatever but then check out those links below so that you can retweet and learn and see how to be your own marketing team and help be the marketing team for these be privatized but yeah you gotta be patient you gotta be a patient by the way all cryptocurrencies are down but yet be a Bitcoin is it it its dominance says going up we're going back into it again we see that there's not gonna be if bitcoin goes away there's going to be no cryptocurrency anymore okay this FUD affects all of them there's just I mean all the fun that is out there is just getting the weak hands out of crypto currencies in general and some people are just like maybes thinking hey you know this these all coins that I've been playing in these icy O's I've to play on I'll go back to the rock of Bitcoin still in terms of fiat they're all going down so what you're trying to get more Bitcoin people again it's a short-term blip we've been through this many times I could recover this on this week in Bitcoin so check that show out it's linked below Z classic is dead people there's an update from the Z classic team they were a medium post it just says that it was expected be private took his place be private was the replacement if you thought otherwise you didn't understand the situation there is an opportunity for some developers to reclaim Z classic if they want to do something but you have to submit again this is all centralized stuff again don't play around a Z classical people to be I mean that's like that it's like a six-tier altcoin again that's what it was supposed to go back to you got your be private because of it that's awesome it was a futures market you got a good idea what to be private it's gonna be worth once everything gets rolling with it so be patient with the be private and the Bitcoin and the Monaro V Z classic though is is they're saying it right here it's day it's abandoned abandoned is the better world word okay found that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel likes to show mister check out the nose section below one man sold is another man's hold i'll say hi to you guys in the chat bye-bye

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