How to Mine Bitcoin Private ($BTCP) on Suprnova with Awesome Miner

What's up?!? John Charette here Today we're talking Bitcoin Private

I'm gonna teach you how to switch your ZClassic miners over to Bitcoin Private so when the hard fork happens in a couple days, you're bang on ready to go Welcome back! If this is your first time here this channel is all about side hustles earning different passive residual income Usually we're talking about cryptocurrency right now but soon switching up some Amazon stuff So, but for now as you can see my screen Bitcoin Private goes active in a couple days What does that mean? Well, it's complicated

There is a hard fork happening ZClassic is combining with kind of taking Bitcoin Actually! Dude, VoskCoin, here I'll show you, has a wicked video describes the whole thing You should go check out his channel, subscribe, there It's good stuff He'll kind of explaining the whole thing, how to get a wallet set up but I will talk to you about how to switch your miners over Alright, so as you guys know I love peeps over at Suprnova pool so jump over there right now

That's where I want to get started for sure If you go to btcpsuprnovacc you get their page, just like when we did Garlicoin a few weeks back You have to create yourself a brand new username so i've done that i create a username so i'm going to log in BAM okay first thing you need to do is edit and create some workers so as usual I have my Jonny worker at this computer here my 1080 which is just my gaming computer that I use when I'm not gaming I'm mining so consider I make like a hundred bucks a month on this system when I'm sleeping so wheat okay next one is many which is my 1080i rate downstairs I'll throw in Mickey's my MD break probably won't use him but whatevs and last but not least I'll do like a test account cool all the workers done next let's jump into my favorite mining software awesome miner okay you can see I have both of my rigs there is mini mining away and garlic coins – yeah love it okay so I've stopped Johnny and we are going to reconfigure Johnny and repoint Johnny to Bitcoin private now here huge disclaimer the Quinn private is not active yet this is a test pool it's totally fine all the settings are identical but anything you mind from now until February 28th March 1st they'll start it up a couple days after they do the hard fork you won't get any coins for it so just weren't disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer okay back to it I would like to create a new pool and what I want to do for settings okay so put in a random description when your honor to be TCP supernova CC server address okay jump back over to their website you're gonna help and get started in here I'll put all these settings in the video down below okay slot this guy in what you want to do is your account name for supernova you're in like login name put here worker pass for his pass where I left default put the coin to Z classic because they're not actually changing the algorithm and until awesome minor updates their their page just or their app just said to Z classic you worked fine and for your wallet address put in your minor name right cool everything else is default anything else in okay I'm going to right-click on that go to properties check it what kind of make sure you were using the e wbf CUDA Z cache minor when I was running garlic coin I was using the CC minor and I still had it set to that and whenever I tried to run it it would crash so I forgot I had to switch it back to this one so just a quick note switch to this minor and we want to switch this to be TCP BAM that's it hit start and err okay let's check that again what's going on automatically I want to use this that's right what is the problem okay this is actually great if you run into problems like this gene hit this Diagnostics button it comes in here and goes it'll actually show you what's on the screen so it says failed to start minor processes exited diet this doesn't really say a lot actually Oh current pool it's not going to any pool okay so let's go back in find out what's going on with net pools this is real-world troubleshooting people okay aha forgot to put the port at the end you see him as a port 6822 hop back in put full colon 6822 hit okay okay and start whoo yes King that's it it's gone it's found the video card it is mining let's head back over to the pool dashboard right away there is you start to see hatchery I was getting about 500 souls so just give it a second will pop this open see how I was doing last time I was recording this video when I had my minor running the video capture software didn't seem to capture every frames a little bit shy shy shy but here seems like to working great just under 500 and that's it so once again warning this is not mining anything this is just the test a big warning here test only okay will you see here blocks and but this is this is good this means I can just set up my rake I have awesome mind I configured it has the pool everything you need soon as the actual hard fork happens I can just jump into awesome minor stop whenever I'm mining I'll probably still the man and garlic coin and then switch it over do what everyone that is it people try it out let me know how you're doing I'm gonna pop over I'm gonna try and put it on my 1080i rig as well see how many souls I can get there it looks pretty much identical does the classic as far as speeds so I'm expecting very similar so that's it the comment below I wonder how how it is for you are you going a switch from what you're mining right now are you mining Z classic possibly in the fun pool I know I funded about 4

4 Z classic in the fun pool before I switched over to garlic coin so I'm waiting for that come the fork in a couple days that'll get converted into Bitcoin private for me and then I don't know we'll see what's going on I gonna have to come to decide heads up you can see my GPUs getting hot if we hop in after burn I had my fan speed set to auto and garlic Queen because it was super light I'm gonna put my main profile back on that has it set to a hundred fans are gonna kick in nice and loud now to bring that the the GPU heat down wait a few seconds and it should drop there we go right away right so I went from 70% auto fan speed to 100% locked in and it was at like seventy three degrees Celsius and now is that 71 it should drop down in the low 60s mid 60's so that's it please subscribe you haven't liked the video can't wait I'll share some more stuff when Bitcoin private gets released and stay tuned for some more Amazon stuff later thanks again for watching if you want to learn more about earning passive residual income please subscribe I'm here to pass on my knowledge so you can take action see you next time

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