Así funciona Batavia, una plataforma de comercio internacional basada en tecnología ‘blockchain’

Imagine that a seller and a buyer sign a contract for the supply of a conventional machine Currently, there are two methods to carry out the process: Option 1: After the meeting, the seller delivers the machine, send the invoice to the buyer and, subsequently, wait to receive the payment

The drawback is that this leaves the seller in a situation of a lot of uncertainty regarding the payment date, besides subtracting transparency from the entire process Option 2: the seller receives a letter of credit from the buyer's bank before sending the machine While this method is safer, subject the seller to procedures that require a lot of time In short, it can take up to seven days to complete any of the two methods In response to the needs of our customers, We are currently developing an on-line solution to streamline and simplify the process, guaranteeing speed and security in all transactions

With this solution, sellers can initiate transactions from anywhere The buyer will receive a notification in real time to review and confirm the details Once it has been done, the seller will be notified so you can start preparing the related details with transportation, insurance, currency exchange, inspection and financing All this, through the on-line tool, wherever you are Subsequently, the machine will be shipped and the seller can relax and think about his next transaction

No additional paperwork and no fear of not receiving payment In less than an hour you can easily complete the entire process (not including delivery times), a substantial reduction compared to the seven days it takes with traditional methods Join this initiative and together we will make the transactions be fast, simple, safe and transparent Batavia Project

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