what is going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information I'm very excited I'm gonna be talking about Ripple we're gonna be talking about electro neom at the end of the video we're going to be doing the giveaway from the previous video that I promised you guys now guys the person who is the giveaway has 24 hours to claim their prize otherwise I'm gonna be picking a winner from this video so you guys know the drill make sure to comment on this video as well in case they don't pick them in case they don't claim the prize I'm gonna be picking one of you guys in this video so don't forget what you have to do to subscribe what you have to do to win the giveaway is number one be subscribing out notifications turned on number two go follow my Instagram right here at Patrick casino 11 we're almost at 500 follower shake you guys so much rate those of you guys for following but yeah go and follow my account over there and lastly leave a comment down below with something related to the video as well as your Bitcoin wallet address that's all you guys have to do to enter the chance to win the giveaway so yeah guys I am trying to grow my Instagram so I could start using it again I can start doing crypto stuff on there and yes I want you guys to be on here and what you guys to follow it so Patrick horsey no 11 is what it was what my account is so yes let's jump right into the news we actually have a ton of great news for you guys a ton of very awesome and informative information right I just said a lot of words together right there but yes Chinese crypto mining giant bit main developing of facilities in us

that was that's according to documents what they're suggesting so the major Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer bit main is reportedly involved in the development of ant Creek mining centers in the US so basically they're now bringing mining over to the US I don't know how exactly it's going to work due to the prices and stuff I know they're a manufacturer for mining hardware but I don't know if they're actually trying to bring in mining centers to the US because the us is not a cheap place for electricity and all that it's not very it's not profitable I like at home it wouldn't be profitable for me to mine crypto currencies I'm sure if they have a bigger space they set up every more professionally and whatnot they could make it profitable but it's nowhere near as profitable as if you were to mind in like you know places Genesis mining and hash flow for example are mining it so definitely interesting choice to bring mining to the US but still cool to see it over here against just showing more that it's you know it's getting it's it's growing mining is a very very big part of cryptocurrency I'm always surprised every time I tell people they should check out Genesis mining or hash Flair they're just like oh this is a terrible investment bla bla bla and I'm like guys you know mining is essential to Bitcoin right to cryptocurrency like mine mining bitcoins essential to big point you can't it's very selfish behavior but in anyways let's jump right into the cryptocurrency market little rant about the selfish behavior there's some people when it comes to mining let's check in the market cap let's wait for it to load real quick give it 10 seconds let's see what we're at come on come on every single time every single video we have a ten minute pause a 10-second pause there we go 377 billion dollar mark at basically 378 Bitcoin dominance still roughly about the same it was yesterday and things haven't moved much since the video I made yesterday if you guys were to know if we go back here we just checked the charts nothing really has changed cuz we were down here we had a little bit of movement outboards which we called yesterday and then now we're back down and looking to make the movement upwards again so roughly at the exact same point we were at yesterday and yesterday's video Bitcoin dominance the exact same bitcoins at nine thousand two hundred and sixty nine dollars but yeah this it's looking like it's trying to pump again and you know if it does this might be the lowest we see these prices again might be the lowest prices we see so I would definitely not wait if you have if you have been waiting to pick up any cryptocurrency guys and even if you're waiting to buy Bitcoin which is your first cryptocurrency you want to invest in link to coin base down below and link to Finance down below you guys can go ahead and pick you're all points because I would not sleep on these opportunities oh look at these look at this week things are down 20 to 25 percent these are huge discounts you know these are huge discounts I think best buy on Black Friday only do like 25 30 percent off so you're basically getting the same deal right here for cryptocurrency and you know this thing will go up in value 25 percent in a week too so honestly it's an easy 25 percent gain I'm not a financial adviser though it's not financial advice I'm just saying that's kind of how I'm looking at it and I'm picking up as many crypto currencies that kennix I think picking up Neil right now it's down 268% in the south 26 point percent in the week I think Neil at 88 we've seen Neil at 130 140 it's basically you know I can make 70 percent return pretty fast on on my knee I could definitely make an easy $50 profit on each meal that I own and that could be done in a week if I have 10 meals that I bought I could definitely make it easy 500 dollars so that's kind of how I'm looking at it and same goes for a lot a lot of lot of crypto currencies you guys know my favorite once being neo being in cash being Tron being being Wahby requests Network a lot of other ones I have a lot of favorites it's my portfolio's diversify it's good that by your portfolio but anyways let's go what you guys are here for ripple ripples at 82 cents another cheap 81 now cheep-cheep coin for this price we're gonna talk about decentralized versus centralized votes because there was an article release and it was posted in our cryptocurrency Facebook group which you guys should go check out and I'll leave a link to down below again and it talks about ripple clearing up the fun about whether it's centralized or if it's decentralized so basically what they're saying is they had a video marketing campaign and they released a seven seven videos basically talked about it was a marketing campaign for ripple and so they were very excited about sharing these seven videos and they post it in their blog we're excited to release the ripple and XRP video series to highlight how ripple got started one inspired the notion of the in of value ripples product vision and roadmap and how XRP stands out as being the best digital asset for payments then there been there yes-no there's been many many reports there being centralized that's what's something a lot of people don't like about about Ripple and I've said that before as well so now trying to clear the fun they said there are stakeholders in the system and if ripple disappears nothing would prevent them from continue to operate the system exactly the way it operates and then they further explained a lot of people were concerned that ripple might be able to create more XRP but apparently that is theirs that it's not the case there is no way to create more XRP and then they go on it's a good read they're going to discuss the future plans of decentralization for ripple and XRP and you guys can just read read that and seeing that you know they aren't they are actively trying I'll give them that so hopefully that will clear up some of the fun I know ripple has a lot of fun out all the time you guys know the coin base rumors and everything ripple has a lot of fun but if I remember I'm gonna leave a link to this article down below I'm actually leave it open right now so I can remember to link it in the description for you guys to go check out and read and let me know what you guys think at the end of the day do you think it is Steve do you think it's centralized or do you think is decentralized you know they're trying to clear up the FUD I want to know what you guys think so let me know in the comments down below also would you guys think of that now electro neum a video crypto I haven't talked about in a long long time for no particular reason it's at 320 million dollar market cap I think it's undervalued I think it could definitely be a billion dollar cryptocurrency definitely some space to move you know I think it could definitely go back to its trying to touch its all-time highs and past those at 900 million dollars the price would be 15 cents so basically a 3x could be pretty easy for this coin especially with all the new announces they have and you guys know they've been they've been releasing news about being put on several new exchanges and one of the latest news is that electro neum is going to be on hit BTC they analysis on that in the coming weeks are going to be adding the mobile-friendly cryptocurrency electro neum and yeah a BDC have officially announced it there's an article when is the big question right now everyone's thinking maybe by the end of March it's going to happen they're currently working on it so we will see I will keep you guys updated but it's cool to know again there's more information there's more partnerships there's more exchanges which just gives more people access to buy electronic because it's not on several exchanges actually if we go back to coin market cap and we go back to electro Neum you guys are gonna see it's not on a lot of exchanges especially not the big ones and that's kind of the biggest issue I think without rhenium right now is they're on crypto Pia it would be the easiest place to buy them and I know a lot of people like to stay away from crypto Pia and not not mess with it not deal with it not not having a count there so once they gets taken out and put on to other exchanges like ku coin like hit BTC I think we could definitely see a rise in the price yeah I can see that we can see the price increase because of the just a sheer amount of people that aren't on crypto Pia and that would like to get involved in the project now looking back at here again we haven't moved much from our pom the technical analysis we did on the previous video currently still holding strong between the 200-day moving average and the Fibonacci level you guys can tell we drop down and that we came back up and now it's kind of hovering above kind of following the 200-day moving average but this is the day to day chart so that has only been one day difference since yesterday's video well what I hope to start seeing now is kind of a recovery of this way to continuously follow this pattern I'm hoping to kind of correct up this way and start moving higher then again Bitcoin we can see go to thee or would we be out we'd be at around about here we'd see bickering going to this $11,700 mark and if it wants to test the resistance at eleven thousand eight hundred to twelve thousand then if we break that then you know that is the bullish run we have all been looking for if that were to happen so support wise falling wise I think we're holding very strong in the 200-day moving average I think we're holding very strong at the fibonacci point and I think it's not gonna be too much I'm not too concerned to dropping below it now it might if it drops below buying opportunities for everyone to go ahead and pick up their favorite altcoins but um and Bitcoins well if you guys won but I'm not gonna put all my money I'm not gonna put all my eggs in that basket because the support lines are looking very strong and I'm hoping to see us recover at least back to the eleven thousand seven hundred thousand eight hundred mark before you know maybe we have another in another rent but yeah we'll see how it goes guys time to do the cryptocurrency giveaway for this video this was the last video 222 likes 5542 views you guys absolutely killed it thank you so much to everyone who watched the video who left a like and who commented we had 105 unique comments let's start the random raffle and see who won the giveaway it's Daniel Daniel sent good stuff man zelich wa I was are not pronounce that is a liqui as I said the one two years 250 case sounds pretty good I still need to check out that coin I heard about that coin a lot I'm falling behind because it's increasing in price it's increasing in Mart cap and I haven't done my research on it which means I can't pick it up without doing any research so yes anyways Daniel you have won the giveaway let me leave a comment down below in this video for you to claim it guys if Daniel does not claim it in 24 hours basically by the time I make my next video I'm going to be picking a winner from this video so again don't forget to be subscribed have notifications turned on follow my Instagram at Patrick casino 11 and also leave a comment down below some relate to the video as well as your Bitcoin wallet address Daniel I hope you claim down below and just do the writer come and say I'm here to claim it and then write your bitcoin wallet address again I'll verify they're the same and then I will send you over your Bitcoin guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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