USI Tech Info Promo Video | USI-Tech Bitcoin

Welcome to a world where emerging digital currency is called crypto currencies are becoming mainstay With no cost for currency conversion and low cost for transactions without the need for payment processor the most valuable and recognized crypto currency Bitcoin is accepted as payment by Bluechip companies such as Expedia, Microsoft, Virgin and Dell

It even has billionaires like Bill Gates and Richard Branson endorsing it Bitcoin was worth with half a dollar in 2009 It has risen to over $1200+ dollars ($1600 May 2017) per coin in 2016 It is set to go up to $500,000 dollars to one million dollars per coin

How much is one Bitcoin making you, sitting in your blockchain wallet? Nothing right? What if I showed you a free opportunity where you can turn that one Bitcoin into almost five in a year passively, with zero effort? Introducing USI Tech a company that for the past eight years has been developing auto trading software in Forex, crypto currency and commodities Four owners with a combined experience of over 25 years in finance- Bring you the USI BTC (bticoin) package Each package cost as low as 50 Euros and generates you 140 percent over 140 working days One Bitcoin worth a pack over a period of a year compounded we'll give you 47 Bitcoin

With experts predicting Bitcoin to double or even quadruple- that's 10 times to 20 times what you started with That with no recruiting, no daily tasks or selling For those with two thousand active packs there is a special car bonus of 800 euros a month or how about 1600 euro a month for a car? That's with five thousand active packs Oh and if you do decide to introduce people, you get 10% per pack they purchase And 3% per pack for every person they introduce

That all adds up massively! Get started in this no brainer of a business for free now Click on the link below at zero cost

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