Bitclub Network клуб по заработку на криптовалюте

before I tell you about the bit club, not only I would like a little bit tell about the crypto currency in general what it is about technology blockade to tell because it is necessary to understand that this technology needs the world and that following this technology behind the need for a whole world in this technology, the price of crypto currency is growing and after that we will proceed about four ways earnings on the crypto currency and specifically about club mining is punched club not only why we chose it why we develop it and why it is extremely we recommend that each person also develop in general the technology of blockade this is a completely new technology, it first appeared in 2009 with the advent of bitcoin what it is is a way of storing decentralized data that this means it means that before this data was stored on some central servers suppose there is a bank Commercial there in the basement, for example, is a server on This server stores all the data about the clients and transaction accounts there and so further and so on and it is understandable if hackers hack into the server of the bank they somehow manipulation of data do steal money is something there steals data credit cards and so on and so on in general a bad situation it turns out that the blocking system stores the data child centrally simultaneously on millions of devices that is simultaneously copies of all data encrypted form is stored on millions of computers for millions of devices and It's impossible to break it is absolutely impossible to crack because all these data encrypted and no capacity the world is not enough to crack it, even if we assume some unknown force hack there more than half of the devices or there is very much everything at least on one device, this data is saved, then this device does not will confirm these transactions these manipulations and simply no changes It will not happen in 9 years that there is a blockade of it no one can ever To break it says about reliability here is the main reason why the world needs this Technology Why Business Needs These Technologies Why Banks Need in these technologies because it solves a bunch of bunch-heaps of problems here and not just in sphere of finance or even to the sphere of securities of perfect household needs is also very suitable, let's take for example state purchases if you translate all this into a block all data prior to tenders all data on electronic auctions will be recorded In the blockroom and at the same time there are many devices and it will be impossible, well, just the specifics of the blockade will not be possible information delete change how you manipulate it with some data to substitute it is surely it is always transparent or for example take such a sphere as health care is so that after there is a car accident or something else, and a person without consciousness brings there resuscitation and First of all, do any tests and rapid analysis to identify it allergic reactions of contraindication there and so on etc but suppose that the medical card of the person annan irradiation is realized and to the doctor of all Only need to attach a key salami rope salami did not see your message to the doctor You need to attach a special key and decrypt this data and he sees all the history of a person's illness from the very birth of this moment all Inoculations which he received all contraindications which he has all all the medicines he took the blood type of the Rh factor there and so on and so on further that is, but it is natural increases the chances of survival because for a time it is saved and such areas are very there are a lot of practically everyone in this municipal sphere is the sphere of logistics transport finance finance health all everything all everything all everything translates to the blockade and these technologies are developed there invest money corporations are there hedge funds of the state for example a state such as Singapore Completely switched to a block of cottage now they have absolutely all the workflow all interaction with citizens and between ministries is irradiation so that they are not lost anywhere so that some flaws some shoals are always you could hide and find someone responsible when you know that every step you take blockade is recorded when you are the person in charge you probably will not do some dark things here and block is the solution for so many questions why I tell this to you understood that this technology will not go anywhere that it will be that she develops and for many countries it is no longer some kind of future fantastic and this already the reality is just well, so it turns out that we are a little bit slow as always but there is nothing I hope to catch up with and also break into this trend now I will tell about bitcoin bitcoin it is the first crypto currency which it was implemented on the technology of blocking what this means is how it works works as follows there is so that we say that the bitcoin network needs two groups The first groups of people are people who are a friend is sent to the bitcoins who make purchases of transactions between themselves when this occurs for example when a peck sends out its bitcoin purse a number of bits of code that this transaction is encrypted encrypted and placed in the block information block 2 groups of people are the miners of what they do with their own specialized equipment that is dedicated to the solution of these crypts graphic tasks decrypt this transaction and confirm it after this After 6 confirmations the transaction occurred is considered valid and It is accepted by the network if some sort of mummy happens, then the miners do not will confirm this transaction and then it will not be accepted here it provides The stability of reliability excludes all kinds of manipulation here so she decides such a thing as the problem of double spending who is interested in what it is to google and see and the problem of double spending very interesting thing and bitcoin in fact than good imagine For the first time in our life, for the first time in history, we have the opportunity to send Any amount of money is absolutely unrestricted to anywhere in the world directly from person to person bypassing intermediaries such as banks payment systems state tax there bodies and so on so on to send conditionally We do not need a billion bucks to ask anyone, and this will be instantly and it will be practically free of charge a penny fee will be like this open up the possibilities of bitcoin so it is needed so it interesting so its buying it is very cool now I'll tell you about the ways in general earnings in crypto currencies it is bit by bit somehow possible do the first way is to form an investment portfolio what it means coins are now a great deal on irradiation in addition to bitcoin etherium has a bunch of heaps that's an investment portfolio from taking 10 most top coins buy them and just wait when they grow up when they will grow in a year or two or three to sell them and get this profit Undoubtedly a cool way in the first place is what you You will earn money, of course, because a lot of money is pouring into this technology and these coins always go up though and despite the fact that now they have a little bit sagged but it's temporary for 9 years, Bitcoin so many times fall over flown but he always played his position and only roses here minus the obvious this money is not work well, that is, you bought coins, they just lie until you sell them you do not get the money and now but the snow and the frequency there are new promising coins that would also be nice to buy and keep portfolio but at the same time you will admit there is no free money because you already have them spent on those coins some of the coins you sell buy new ones you get is the shifting of eggs from one basket to another, which is very well this is the main minus 2 way of earning is donkey what is the donkey all this from English and not silk and offering that is, the initial offering of coins is simply this start-up that is, a group of guys is going to and want some kind of project to be irradiated but they do not have the money they say next we have a cool idea let's throw it off you will be drawn in

We will implement this project further, we will get it out We will give you a coin to investors and if it soars in price after placing on the stock market and earning if well, no matter how it is not sorry no guarantees nothing to earn there can be very very much in In his time such a coin as the etherium was also to them The point of astarte could also be obtained there for some protozoa actions for the post of reposting social networks for the 2000 film now is more under a million dollars, but statistics such that only one of the shoots shoots a project that I would compare with the search for a needle in a haystack and well, well, not an option either money is not very much if there is free money, then of course you need in general participate before there are certain search mechanisms yet that potentially can shoot but for free money then I would not I advise you later so I will say here is the third way of earning on the crypto currency is trading trading is an active buying and selling of currency on the stock exchange all of us we know a story about people who played at forex and who lost there very much a lot of money here is the same story this profession that needs to learn Six months a year and this training costs mad money just insane money believe professional traders do not really want train your competitors and do it exclusively as follows when not some kind of their own fund, they make a unit of people choose to teach exactly themselves that they worked at the village of his fund and it costs a very large amount of money it's not free of further employment when you see offer there learn to trade for 15,000 but the guys who know how to trade professionally will not teach this craft this art This profession for 15,000 rubles just need a little head to include and ask yourself a question and why should he do it if he already knows how to do it the question of the answer is obvious and the fourth way of earning on crypto currencies is this own mining I have already said about this that there are 2 groups of persons who confirms transactions that is, it purchases specialized high-priced equipment sets it up he monitors the technical condition of paying for the electric power cools it and confirm transactions for it after one block every ten minutes, a new block appears in the block decision you get a reward of 13 and a half bitkoynov I will tell a little about the history of mining in 2009 on an ordinary personal computer I have one friend friend who while still a schoolboy in the ninth year, just for fun because earlier from bitcoin was perceived as a joke just as such a computer counter beckoned to myself on the computer and then safely forgot about it and just recently in in my opinion in November to November when he already dozens crawling he remembered this and he remembered that this computer is a bonfire the ancient he gave to someone there relatives in the village he went there found in the computer thank God for the glory of God hard drive work thank God Windu not reinstalling and glory to God, he has a file with a cold purse on which He was saved on the mining bitcoin preserved now that this man lives in center of St Petersburg in a luxurious apartment ride on a luxury car all in his life is wonderful but the guys want to disappoint you such times a long time ago passed why because the algorithm bitcoin its program code is created such so that not every time the complexity of the calculation increases, that is, now to solve blocks well on a huge amount of computational power and now I want to show you something, remember this resource because that this is the main resource where everything about bitcoin was extracted as much as it was extracted who extracts all the information that you just need about bitkoy us here and here there is a section data subsection charts we go here we see all the statistics up to detail Information blocks and information about mining and here is such a hash distribution of the number of hash busting is exactly who is now the leader in the production of bitcoins who here this market shared this giant this huge giants that's this first second third fourth fourth fifth sixth and the eighth place among themselves divided the Chinese pool and if you are interested how now look industrial mining go to google right behind Google And let's together with you google to immediately have a view industrial mining we go in pictures shorter now guys industrial manning looks like this now, whole warehouses and old factories reformat farms for bitcoin mining ie you see how much this equipment is one here's a little machine worth a few thousand dollars and you see how many of them are there so when I say that the era home-mining passed the guys it really passed, but there is good news here in these here in these Chinese pools well in any way to not come they at them also it is good they divided the whole market and made a huge cinema here on the ninth place the company bit club network which owns daily and mining in two whole one the tenth of a percent of all the produced bitcoins, a lot or a little take any branch of the world absolutely any gold mining output calculators there for producing paper smartphones there at least wigs do not care what If this company is on the ninth place not in its country all over the world it a priori a huge free of charge only this, too, then in the ninth place she is behind The last four days had to be 13 blocks for each block she received 12 seconds half bitkoynov simple multiplication, you will understand that this money is very much what is good about blocking is that all the information that I'm telling you or all of the information which someone says to you you can always check on the blockroom we go in we go this last four blocks for the day that we got we come here that we see we see a block numbered 516 thousand four hundred and forty five we see that it is transmitted to the bit club not only we see how much this block weighs what is his complexity and what is the reward for this block of twelve and a half bitcoin and here in this block I've been telling you what people are with each other do the transactions and encrypt the miners it decrypts you put in blog is just the same here this information we see how much in this block countries there was a transaction this is how someone drove here here someone here here it is the only formation that is available to block its that is complete anonymity is just a set of numbers it is impossible to identify who this is in general someone's wallet is impossible and that's for all these transactions received the arrogant awards twelve half bitcoins plus a little bit more commission as a reward for this purse go to this purse this beat club is not only a purse for four years that they work received 70 thousand eight hundred forty-one bitcoin here is this amount for four years that got bit club network for minning see the final balance 14000 299 bitcoins and we see all these transactions of the very beginning that I got a bit club nectar on my wallet, these are all solved and the blocks are here they are they are here and for a lot much more forward to what it's all and to the fact that warehouse network earns huge money but tell you well and where I am the most good news in all this is that bit club network is completely created on private money for private investment that is, every person you are, I any on the planet earth can invest in this company and get a share in the production of new bitcoins and receive every day on your wallet remuneration so now I will log into my account and we go over the accounts and in general what the company offers and what it promises us we will understand the password which of course I will not tell anyone so that we see here the company offers to offer to buy a stake in its production by investing At least $ 500 can be bought for $ 1,000 for $ 2,000 buy a founder's package for 3 and a half thousand to all three strips to buy yourself to invest money in a company you sign conditionally sign no one naturally any papers and sign 1000 days for mining what does this mean it means that every day to you on the account will receive a certain number of bitcoins from the daily mining companies here he believes here the following payments in 2 hours 30 minutes 18 seconds that is in 22 hours 30 minutes I will get to my account Bitcoin some amount of bitcoins that I can drive at least every day and it will last for 1000 days if I will completely clear all the money every day, but you can do a little more wisely as an investor is the possibility of reinvesting this money as it looks now will show in each The field can be set to any percentage of the reinvestment I put on one hundred percent reinvestment that is every day to those bitcoin money and which I earn they go back to the company and when a certain the number of bitcoins they accumulate, they go to the company and here are the shares I now grow a share of 1 but very soon this proportion will increase from will say 105 and I will get more bitcoins to my wallet again, again some amount of bitcoins accumulate will go back to the company will grow again, I will earn even more bitcoins The idea is that in a year the share increases with 100% reinvest somewhere 4 times that is $ 500 and this one here is the floor he will increase to 2000 and next year if I again will not withdraw money will increase to eight thousand and a year later this pool will increase to 30 2000 and then I can put 50 to 50 50 percent of the I I will deduce 50 percent will be back reinvest and invented on my own to receive good money how much I will get the average yield of each of these pools 500 1000 2000 about ten percent on nested money that is 500 dollars and a pool of coins somewhere 50 to 50 bucks a month if completely rake out the money but if it's clear for three years I'll put 100% and this pool at me have grown up to 32000 dollars and I will put 50 on 50 I will be with this pool in three years 1600 dollars the recipient per month in bitcoins here at me 1000 pool shakes here at me 2000 shakes themselves multiply how much through for three years I will receive this kind of money why I set it for three years and in general, well, how will I make money by this is all there is in the company an excellent affiliate program that is, each person can additionally that simply being passive investors and doing nothing to earn bitcoins he can actively promote the bit club is not how it's done now I'll show each registered person who bought pop appears referral link Here such referral link if so happened that poets referral link someone will register and buy a sex you will receive a commission for this Commission companies are divided up to promote their own investment product how much you will receive, let's see, now I'll show my command so so it's probably better here and so see the very first person who came to my business this was February 16 I got for him five percent in bitcoins here Bitcoin cache I got 00 173 it from 500 dollars somewhere for 25 bucks then I bought myself two more accounts for my referral link a little later I'll explain why I did it that way, I got five percent for it got six percent then I have it the girl came in for her, she got six percent bitcoyne cache it's this much then I have Alexandr Sergeyev gone or berkli I apologize for 6 percent of me got here so much bitcoin cache then I came in was the injury halls I got already seven percent and from the subsequent people who will come on the referral I will also receive a commission, that is, a maximum of eight percent interesting happens see here came Elena, I got it will take six percent of Elena came here these people I received one percent of these people if these people will continue to do the same if they see a business opportunity and also invite people I will receive one percent of these people from people these people for one percent, I apologize, and so on, so on, this is for the purchase is for whether it is necessary 500 dollars a thousand dollars 2 thousand it's very cool the next possibility of earning now I'm you show my binary tree is another interesting plan reward see the binary tree assumes that you when you come to you Personally invited person on your referral link you can put either left of the left or right, that is, the binary word bi-2 two directions left and right here is my primary account and here are my three pools which 500 1000 2000 on its referral link registered Dmitri Melikhov, one Dmitri Melikhov 2 1 and put the left of the other and set right here they are 500 dollars and what happens next next to me appeared but for 500 dollars for every 500 dollars which have come and either left or right I receive three loans here at me left accumulated forty-five credits to the right I have accumulated 3 loans because the right one has not yet downloaded here from me only here my account 500 dollars for him and 3 credits will receive the next sergei came to me in business here he went for 500 dollars 3 loans rose Here on this office and three credits have risen here here on this office at sergeya came in Svetlana hot and Andrew hot sergeyu 3 credits left 3 credits On the right, but these six loans are accrued and here on the left and here on the left and so here we are looking further away at me here more people more people more people shorter so I am accumulated on the left forty-five credits what idea when it accumulates on the left 15 credits and on the right 15 credits that is two and a half thousand here dollars Two and a half thousand dollars for going from this side they are reduced and you it turns out 200 dollars in bitcoin the cache on the purse the binary goal works Here that is see look it turns out that at me at 3 binary cycles I have now accumulated quite a few people here and that they start working and I start getting a binary cycle of $ 200 That's how you think it's cool it's not cool to say your opinion and I would like to tell you about one thing before answering all the questions about let's say the traffic plan for the year 2018 year, we with the team developed two options on which to move absolutely every person is the plan number one corner number two such active-passive and fully active active-passive offers one condition we are merely empirical by pure experience realized that every person has surrounded by people who are interested in crypto-currencies but do not know how to get to it not grasp is not enough knowledge these people can be told about the bit club not only that everyone can investing relatively little money just starting to make good money bitcoins and these people must do exactly the same thing that is the only condition you brought two and these two brought two who brought two and nothing more I did not do it later and I throw off the wall and watch the video in the chat necessarily but in 12 months it turns out so that everyone has resulted or brought in all on 2 people at you in the structure of 8190 people and you placed them in your binary tree and you know what this gives if every person is not like me as a psycho there went for four and a half thousands of dollars and went only for $ 500 turns out that the company came 4 million 95 thousand dollars and we remember that for every five thousand dollars 2 and a half on the left and 2 and a half on the right you get 200 bucks so you will get 819 times $ 200, which is $ 163,800 in During the year this is besides looking for other bonuses which I did not touch they just do not want to overload you, but they're there just for a biran you will get this money having brought two people and that they did the same but more interesting turns active an active development plan if you have learned to bring your people to why you stop on this lead every month for two people it's easy it's absolutely easy and teach people to do the same with motivate them to do the same if every person every month leads to 2 people you have a structure in 12 months more than 500 thousand people and this is in your wallet for one year more than 10 million dollars video I'll take off where in detail it's all chewing it is clear that this is an ideal picture of the world but between plan number one and plan number two here is that middle you can get such a plan one and a half to make more than one hundred sixty three thousand eight hundred but less than ten million 600 thousand dollars in the middle somewhere you can meet and this really organize here about the work in the team still want to tell us an ambitious team and we really want to do good results on the crypto currency so that the eighteenth year was just crazy we just started and took a good pace and now we are talking about people as much as possible To earn it is clear that everyone has some goals some dreams but for some reason we have not reached them yet why we did not reach it yes because tools was not we were not the tool we are working on at our work We are dragging some kind of business, but this does not bring us closer to our dreams for our own goals because hardly anyone dreams ride on volkswagen polo all dream to ride on your pasha hardly anyone dreams of one-room Khrushchev dream villas and so on, with this tool to achieve this, I can not I say that it will be easy that it will be straight tomorrow, but if you move according to the plan that I'll take off from you, then you can restlessly all to achieve for only the last year bit club network made four 100 dollar millionaires and there are already thousands and thousands of them all over there all over the world because it has been shaking for 4 years and to be honest I do not know of a way to make money more easily than free so I I do not really do anything much just just how more than a month began to move already withdrew the money from there, I have already earned a dollar 200 and I'm still deliberately my right leg is not pumping in binary because but I have a certain strategy as my binary swing here I am I restrain the artificial, and we will teach you all this and tell you how you need it We create learning materials, we teach teaching webinars we hold live meetings of the master class we conduct and in every possible way help in this and we will be happy to see everyone in the Our team to move in one simple harness in one direction because when there is a huge number of people moving in one direction there is simply the inevitability of success, you yourself understand it yourself you know it really serious money service is really really serious results can only be achieved by working in a team, I was convinced of this and in my opinion this is an axiom now that's all I wanted to say today I said simply I want to immediately say we have a business ethic and we do not go away but strangers we we want all our partners to develop and we are interested in this it is important therefore please contact the people who invited you here to To you and to whom because usually you get here through friends this is such a business

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