Cash, credit and debit are now part of the past Do not worry anymore about the high fees and reimbursement charges Now you can accept the payment of your clients in cryptocurrency, with the smart payment system of Coinpay The customer can choose which currency he wants to pay with The merchant decides if he receives the payments in digital currency, in current currency or in both combined You can change the options when you want from your own terminal It's fast simple and safe With just a few clicks, you will have a new satisfied customer and the money instantly entered into your account And in addition, CoinPay offers important additional services to merchants and buyers Simple change between ClubCoin and Bitcoin Immediate refund !!!! The Global Logalty Network program Preferred deals on all payments with ClubCoin In a digital world, where people always have their funds CoinPay makes buying a clean and direct experience that provides new customers and rewards their loyalty More customers, more benefits!

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