Rchain Exclusive chat Lawrence Lerner & Nash Foster Making the Blockchain Industry Ready!

Brad: Hey guys, it's blockchain Brad and today we have two very special guests with We We have nothing else Lawrence Lerner

Hey Lawrence, how are you? Lawrence: fine Brad: And Furthermore, we also have Nash So Nash, thank you so much for being on channel, we appreciate your time Just for Give some information about you, these guys are the best, in fact they are both Of the managing directors Lawrence is the CEO of RChain holding company, and if you want know more, there are many different sources of information

I will find Some excellent credentials on Lawrence between a Minutes, but Nash has a long one too history of business experience and he is the CEO of a company called Pyrofex So, welcome to both, we are Really honored to have you with us Let's talk A moment of your past, Lawrence I'm going to introduce you with someone of the key results you've obtained, so just give us a little about who you are and what you did, what you have achieved Then, Lawrence is fantastic, he did a lot Of things, he had a wide range executive experience, and when I read it I was amazed

The reason it's because he managed to do things, for example, improve the economic results for companies like Dun & Bradstreet, with increases of 35%, He defined strategies for the Motorola Smartphone, it's incredible all it has done He also did interesting things like work with venture capital companies, it is been involved in significant increases in shares, in various executive roles for improving technological progress Of the sector So Lawrence, talk to us Of you Lawrence: Well, this is it A fantastic presentation So, I started like developer, developer of the Internet Second-generation

Everything I've learned, I learned it from coding and at some point, somewhere along the way, someone told me to me, hey, we'd like you to leave it practice and then leave the company and so I got to work with many technologies Innovative I was really lucky In doing this work in the first ones Internet days, working with cards like Discover card and helping them Being launched, as you said; help Motorola with their strategy for smartphones and actually, that's where I was involved With the crypts in the late 90s That's it Since then I do it, took a long break while we were trying to understand how Run the technology for That purpose, for the blockchain and then for Bitcoin e then I worked with a lot of venture companies capital So really understand what it is the next cutting edge technology and I'm really really happy to be a part of RChain and general efforts in this regard, and to work with people like Nash Brad: Well, I'm happy too Talk to you, because it was Very interesting to see the type of scale of strategic improvements you have Made

We are talking about hundreds of millions in some cases, so I found it enough Amazing Nash, let's move on to you, you are clearly the co-founder and CEO of Pyrofex That is impressive in itself, but you are also been heavily involved in many other initiatives You can talk to us about some of these related to your past? Nash: Sure, thanks for hosting me today It is always a nice to have the chance to talk to the media

I've been an engineer for about 25 years old, I started at the University of North Carolina, working on Sunsite, where we tested the Java SDK, version 10 and I've been to Google and Oracle and to Various other technology companies among the Largest in the world Mainly work on distributed systems On a large scale, with a special focus on performance and security Mike and me We started the Pyrofex company around two years ago and we focused on it applications for blockchain, on platforms and On improving their performance and their safety Mainly at the moment we are working on RChain

We think he has a lot of potential and we're really excited Of what's happening in that environment Brad: I think Lawrence would also agree, Nash, about this and what's interesting it's also about you that you drive one team of at least 15 people at the moment and this number is growing, so we'll talk about the next one But guys, if we could move Now to the main topic, which it is obviously the same RChain Both you are experts in this What is it, in short, RChain, and obviously this is a difficult question because it's a complex subject, but like it Would you explain, Lawrence? Lawrence: then, RChain a third-generation blockchain platform, it was actually designed starting From the high bass, based on the lessons learned from Greg Meredith, who is the founder and the the architect of Microsoft biz talk, on how Build highly scalable systems, up to 40,000 transactions per second, ed Use advanced concepts

I'll leave it to be Nash To immerse yourself in some of them, such as The Namespace componibili, you can have Blockchain Public and private We are developing ours, starting from Foundation of language, and we will immerse ourselves in depth Precisely in that, called Rholang, based on the process of mobile calculation that allows us to achieve advanced concepts such as correct programming from Construction And these are some of the things that will be very differentiated and will solve some problems, such as energy consumption that some blockchain are creating e some of the most unusual problems, like Problems with CryptoKitties Brad: Obviously that's an important problem, having seen the disastrous impacts it has had and the pressure he put on the blockchain Nash, you can go deeper a bit further these technical aspects in short, because we will face them specifically as we progress

Nash: I think everyone knows that i two main problems with these related blockchains To the smart contracts that are out there, like Ethereum, I am the performance e The security It's too easy to write Of the smart contracts that do not work As you expect, and then once you write A smart contract that is very popular, it is Too slow, the system is overloaded, it is vulnerable to different types of attacks and things like that So, RChain has one variety of different technologies that they are being developed in order to address Those problems In particular, we have a performance approach that is a bit more sophisticated than simple sharding Of the network in different parts This it will allow us to build a tree type of different namespace where people will be able to complete Of transactions with profit, and manage theirs Smart contracts without interference from people they're not with Interacting, and this will allow us To run those Namespaces in parallel without having to cross transactions

So, my wallet here on Provo does not It really interacts with people who are in Australia And so, generally speaking, it does not matter to my wallet Of none of the transactions What are you doing, or where are you, and so, there is no need for it No synchronization between those two programs on the blockchain IS This will really increase the ability to make transactions much more quickly So, in terms of security, we have different technologies we are working on Rholang In particular, as Lawrence has mentioned, the Mobile Calculation Process o the PI calculation is the basis for this programming language

It's a different way to make calculation with respect to the machines of Von Neumann In practice, it puts at the center The distributed calculation, at the heart of the programming language, and therefore allows you To build programs that are intrinsically competing, as opposed to have a competition turned later Furthermore, we are also for Build within the language A strong typing system that allows To programmers to use behavioral types Spaces to make sure their smart Contracts actually behave like They should behave like this for example, you may want to be able to ensure that you will not refund the money to a wallet that has not given you money In the first place So it is something simple enough to express In the spatial behavioral type system That will be on Rholang next year Brad: And Nash, you say so simply, but I think we can not underestimate the value of this for users because, obviously, this is a huge problem right now

In that way, if you make a mistake and you happen to send it to the wrong address, you are provided with a security measure that it is second to none in this Respect, and give people the necessary confidence To trust something, like RChain's structures We move now to one of the key aspects of the Your design, that is to your car Virtual First of all, let's consider the same slogan So, RChain claims that it is the solution for the Blockchain for devices on an industrial scale, ed applications on an industrial scale Then let's talk about how you will get this and How basically you need a big one virtual machine to make it happen

Then, What distinguishes the Roh virtual machine, why is it so ideal? Nash: Well, we're actually working on two different machines Virtual at the moment We have the Rosetta virtual machine, that Greg Meredith wrote with various excellent developers and engineers at MCC, in the late 90s We are updating that virtual machine 64-bit to improve it TO Short we will publish a version of That same car That virtual machine It has already been tested all over the world in large-scale ATM networks, for example, and so we know it is robust and reliable for industrial processing Because, simply, we have already seen it

It has served its purpose for many, many years, it is still in use all over the world, and as a result of all this we are definitely Sure it will work we are also building a new virtual machine Which is written in Scala, and part of the Reason for which we want to build a new version The same virtual machine is because we want to be able to prove that it works In the way we say it works, and so we are using the best tools ever that we can Find it today in space We are basing the Virtual machine on JVM, and is written in Scala You know, It will be formally verifiable, formally verified, at a certain point, for Actually implement the machine Virtual as we proclaim that it does, and we believe this will allow him to Be functioning and be safe for a wide one variety of different applications that They will be in scale Brad: Fantastic, e Laurence, if we can move on to you for a moment, it's a huge industry in the industry part of the design and you're part of it Of the holding company, which is a company Very important capital enterprise from which, hopefully you will surely be gaining more support through various efforts, obviously through channels like this, In which more people are interested in that level

But the industry itself, why This attention to the sector? Why the downsizing of the industry, why? Lawrence: this is adaptability We are looking, I call them boring use cases Places that have a lot Of stairs Insurance, supply chains, Then I'll talk about these, health care Everywhere There is the taking charge of a quota, People want to know That information is safe and can scale IS These things happen millions of times a day

So the first ones things we are investing in, e We will announce our first formal investment in probably about three weeks, our systems Identity Companies are building identity solutions, why? Because they are fundamental to the portfolios Nash has mentioned above, if you want to check the what's this And we're using concepts, or I should say They are using, advanced concepts, as evidence of zero knowledge, where you can share information with only a certain amount of correctness and it is not necessary expose more of that piece of information Brad: I understand, so you essentially are talking about trusting the blockchain as well as having applications built-in because people can verify their ID and get it certified through the partnerships you are creating? Lawrence: check? Yes, verified and then shared, so there are many different companies that are working on this, and we collaborate with various Of these, Trusted Key, Life ID, Evernym, a lot of that work We are also creating gods working groups for the wider community, therefore it's not just our investment

we are doing it in identity, in filing, in the supply chain, those are the first ones three areas on which we are really working Heavily Brad: And obviously, you say the the first three, but those are huge by themselves, therefore, without a doubt, the partners we are talking about here they are all of significant size, a little like your credentials and the things you did Let's Now at sharding, Nash I want Talk to you about this topic The partitioning aspect of RChain, really Quite exceptional, you can tell us a little how does it work? Nash: Well, there are some substantial portions of this that are still under definition, but at the end of Day, the goal is to allow that different Smart contrasts are performed in parallel, really in concomitance

So I'm in Parallel execution without interaction if they do not need it And we use a characteristic of the called PI calculation purpose extrusion, to determine when one Smart smart contract must be high in a larger Namespace, so that it can interact with other smart contracts e then, once he has finished those Interactions, we can run the purpose retraction to reduce it to a Smaller Namespace, which allows you to run it much more economically And the goal in this Case is basically to ensure that there They are places in the blockchain where a lot of transactions can take place where There are many interactions, but also where you could have things that are Much more isolated, and to allow this Be done, practically by themselves Members So we want to create a System in which users can control the Structure, and users can determine As They want to execute their contracts and Where they would like to pay their expenses for Validation or mining, and that kind of What's this Brad: It's great that you are Offering that degree of concomitance, e If we could talk about some of those Relationship functions that Nash (he mentioned) while We are on the subject of meta-programming, For example, or reactive and data streams The pattern matching, those are Truly the key aspects of all this

Then, You could briefly touch these Topics? Nash: Yes, at the end of Day, there is a system of Decentralized consensus practically in Each calculation platform Most people do not realize it, but There is a system of consent even within yours Intel CPU There are instructions that Implement memory gates to make the RAM Main synchronize to the CPU chache, And that's how the two cores inside your CPU They manage to interact with each other Then, When you want to create high streams Performance, you must have one Minimum synchronization You should have the Ability to perform all data through a Single core, Without having to interact with The other core, because otherwise this Will be constantly interrupted e He will spend all his time collecting data and Doing all this synchronization work, Which is expensive

The blockchain works Exactly the same way If we want Create high-performance data streams on blockchain, between Two different locations in the Mondo, the trick will be of Make sure they interact with each other And with a minimum of other individuals Today, on Ethereum, If you want to publish one Transaction, it is in a lockstep with any other Transaction of the whole world RChain completely breaks that Template We do not need to order Transactions linked together To the others, unless the transactions are Really related

Brad: I think this is it A very important point because, as mentioned, to use one Analogy, if you think of this as one Row of people, there is no distinction Among them, these can be Place it anywhere within that row for The Ethereum And what you do is Break that row, and you're creating then, In parallel, of the different components Synchronized that will facilitate Computational progress and also The same scalability Lawrence, if we can Talk about something you have Experience, it is about business We are so lucky to have Nash to indicate the way, with all the Technological and technical aspects Of RChain, but you are certainly Know all the business you are Leading And in future, how important it will be The company's vision for RChain Holdings? Lawrence: It's very important

I mean, it's part of our kind of Medium-term objectives in different ways, Because as Nash pointed out, this is A very different paradigm of programming, And what it allows you to do is to be more Robust with your transactions, offers More scalability and change the way They are doing (business?) At the end of the day, It's very simple, it's a game on cost Having the ability to put things on blockchain, like becoming active members And me I'd like to talk about things that inspire, Do not misunderstand me, but these are things What could we do in six months, once We will be completely active, Covering costs thanks to the entry of members Assets, transfer of property titles, all The activity of the company I spoke with the industry Insurance, here in the United States, last month I'm very interested in Opportunities with the blockchain and how RChain can help them climb up and Streamline what they are doing

In Medical sector, in the construction of Documents for the legal sector, in Music sector, not for streaming but for Things like places to do concerts and other aspects Of which the artist needs, because today Artists are gaining very little from them Music It's the sales, it's the places Where we play and merchandising, and these things we can Put them on the blockchain And they have learned that they can be Interrupted In 2008-2009, the US banking system, The banking systems of the world are Stuck in some blocks They have lost trust, and then they have Discovered the blockchain and have it Leaning on the big one

Brad: And he said This is also Lawrence, because many people He does not know how soon they have adopted it, but If you go looking for they absorbed it, Many banks And we are Talk about some of the Largest in the world And we will not do it Names, but a CEO in Particular has been expressed in particular, for this reason Say, but below, undoubtedly him He adopted it So it's really a serious thing that You are doing, it is what you are saying in short Lawrence: His picture It is in the first slide I used in Every presentation in the last six months, e If you go to my LinkedIn profile, you'll see it's there too, but Yes

Brad: I'm sure it's worth Diamonds, not gold, so to speak So, for that aspect, Wanted to tell you Specifically, what I really like about How you're referring to this is that Not only are you focused On the enterprise, that is a huge component but With the support of Nash you're also Considering the user, the end user Of space, because there are measures For these end users, and this is what makes the blockchain So interesting in this regard, it is Which has this environment mutually Beneficial between these two Set off Do you think this is correct to say? Lawrence: Yes, and it happens in many ways Several And the key aspect of RChain, which I repeat every time I look Any blockchain, whatever it is, and I do not I write practically every day, and that There is a gain that can be earned

There is something that is transitional, On which he can put his finger and say, ah-ha, that's why people They will come So, everyone could be gods miner There will be a lot of Several opportunities for that, to run The test algorithm, and I know that Nash It will go deeper on Casper, but that It is a key point that we will bring out, What can you see, I would say, As to the legitimacy of the RChain platform Brad: I agree, and obviously this is the reason Of our discussion, because I was reading Of your work and I was rather amazed by Two things First, the complexity, and for This we have Nash to explain these Things, but I also believe the lack Of the attention you have for now had

You are flying low in Incredible way and I wonder why, given that What are you already, clearly, planning To do, and the technology behind it and the work of the team Again, I have no observations on this aspect, but It surprises me that this is happening Let's move now to smart contract, which is one of the things really Interesting to RChain In that You are declaring to be Dynamic, to be reactive, and you're probably Corrected as operations with smart contract Then Nash, you could talk about what Really distinguishes the smart contract Of RChain? Nash: Yes, it's actually A fascinating subject

For the Most of the history of our industry, We have worked with a single model of Calculation, called the Von Neumann machine There are some minor variations Out there, like Java Stack Machine And some other thing But at the end of Fair, most of your computing platforms are Built on the Von Neumann machines RChain is built on the Calculation PI, Which was a model of calculation Invented more or less 25 years ago by a guy Called Milner It had been designed to help him analyze distributed systems because there were no real theoretical tools In the Von Neumann architecture to help you To do that

And for the next two Decades and a half people continued to slam the head against the lack of capacity Of the Von Neumann machines with the systems Distributed I built systems that yes run on tens of thousands of computers for Google, 50 different data centers at the same time I saw what we do, the lengths we go to, to build systems that are scalable and fast and reliable, And it's incredible And many of these tools are only native to the calculation PI And so, at the end of the day, what we are really excited to do, is introduce a programming model for people through our smart contracts, which They will allow them to write applications that they are intrinsically large-scale, intrinsically concomitant and paralyzed from Bass

And I think that it will be really fascinating and Interesting, but also allows a 'wide variety of additional security e reliability characteristics that can be stratified In the tool set So we are very enthusiastic about this Brad: Me too, and this is music for my ears, it seems like everything Fantastic Let's talk about Namespace, because you were referring to that first, which is really important The general aspect of visibility is Of the smart contract that of the design Of the Blockchain What is Namespace? Because that's how it is important? Nash: so, Namespace

If you want Think of something that gives you the sense how it will work, these They will look a lot like URLs So you You will have the domain, and then you could have sub-paths under that domain, that describe different resources inside Of your system Namespaces will be the mechanism of With which the blockchain will be fragmented into a hierarchical tree of different domains of consideration, and therefore the transactions They will actually be validated within a Individual Namespace rather than through a global Namespace, like it is instead on Ethereum Since they look like a Of the URLs, you get a lot of theoretical utility and practice that derives From all our 40 years of experience with the UNIX file system and all our understanding of how this works Many, many of these principles go right there, under RChain, e they will allow us to scale up incredibly fast and to keep commissions and economic incentives from become plutocrats

Brad: Let's move on now, because that It's really impressive I do not want to spend all the time just on the technology but I'm sure Nash, you could talk for hours this, but if we move now to relevance, which in the real world, in terms of scalability, everything must have a What to do with the purpose of application So Lawrence, in the real world, we are talking how important it is scalability of RChain We're talking about Of the company At what time we are thinking about the application, because scalability is usable in the context

Lawrence: Later in the year, at the end of the year, we will have the full version of Mercury e then we will start to see the applications Go out a little later But we are already talking about the supply chain I've already talked to two gods Card brands card companies of Credit that they are watching this technology to enter the micro space Payment So we already tried this in the 90s, it failed because we did not have it technology or infrastructure But they want make their applications that will be able to do it, and they want to be able to do it at extremely fast speed Elevate

I spoke with companies that They want to implement loyalty programs We have spoken of identity It's the key to them be able to do it quickly, but also be able to take advantage of things like Namespaces, to keep things private when, partly due to reasons related to speed But not everyone needs to see the What are you doing business or your supply chain? but since things move so fast in the supply chain and you can analyze them when there is a problem Walmart is an existing case study and Famous for making pork products since I spoke with three other CIOs they want do exactly the same thing but they are worried about bumping your head Against the ceiling of the existing blockchains

Brad: And also for questions about it, It just came to my mind, it is that when we talk about these Companies like Walmart, let's talk about Obviously I go to China a lot looking at the exploration of the blockchains there, Many of them are authorized Many of they are really centralized in their structure

You guys you are doing it in a public space too IS Right to say? You're looking at it like an operational public blockchain Lawrence: Yes! Brad: So this is another thing What sets you apart with this R & D and going forward on this topic, it is that you are essentially Open Source for design Is this also correct? Lawrence: Yes I see it this way

We we want our children to be more successful our Brad: It's really fascinating So let's talk about the impact, I suppose, Of the smart contract in terms of DApps, it's important How will it be Essentially the impact of RChain on the overall DApps space? Nash: Yes, this is really a good question So, I think What a major problem that we had with DApps to adapt the deployment so far, it is that they can essentially do Only what the blockchain already does pretty good

We have some exchanges distributed where it is possible perform transaction clearing in a book, and maybe the Dai dei Maker DAO stuff is a good example of DApp that it works quite well But these are not applications that really stretch the case of use of the blockchain from the system of registers based on something radical It's new And the reason is simply performance and reliability Nobody It will put its options market On crude West Texas on Ethereum, considering the condition in which it is found today It is not secure enough and it is not fast enough and it is not reliable enough

And so we we have to solve those problems before Being able to build DApps What really count And as soon as I think, we will see a rich flowering of variety of different ideas that are both industrial, both financial, and artistic, which will be oriented towards the community There is a lot of variety here because there is only one incredible amount of interaction between people in public spaces that the blockchain can help mediate and smart contract They can actually facilitate Brad: I agree, and also if we talk about Namespace, Lawrence, as well as the importance of the component Ideal Expect that too They will pass from Ethereum, once you have been established and you will be running as a mainnet and as a vital entity on the blockchain to which people can access

It seems that it would be common sense to change, in many instances for the reasons we talked about Lawrence: Well, we We know that people will always use the multiple ones and they, the people, tend to Stay attached to things that are familiar For them, they say no to complicated things So what we are doing is concentrating ON EDUCATION We have divulged a lot of information and we are looking for, obviously developers of Ethereum because they know the blockchain space, the they understand and therefore we want to build contents and partnerships content and partnership with Companies that develop software, Like what Pyrofex is doing I want to say one what on the previous question on DApps, it's a very important point in the field

Because of the way In which we are building them, consumption Of energy for RChain will be significantly lower than what see today And from the point of view Social is the environmental impact An important issue and I know there have been many people like you who have talked about it, so I wanted to talk about this Brad: I also think it's crucial, not just for this reason, but for the competitive market of the blockchain in this Moment, because there are several, 763 00: 28: 39,130 ​​-> 00: 28: 40,840 especially in China, which are In competition on that same level And again, we We can not underestimate that position you are taking because the blockchain is moving at such a rapid pace that you look at it at a given moment, Then he regards her a month ago and suddenly see how far things have changed, literally, only in this scalability conversation So it's quite fascinating The fact that you are very much Keep up with this

It is not Just fascinating, it's important If we can go now to the DAG itself, obviously this is a huge component of many really robust blockchains, but Is the RChain just a DAG? Like the Hashgraph for example, or is it similar? How does it work? Nash: RChain is not simply a DAG Obviously any chart of the transactions will have a DAG component, in the sense That one is one very common data structure, but RChain is not limited only to the DAG operations of which Hashgraph Consists It's a real blockchain, and so when you validate yourself within a particular Namespace, you are synchronizing with other people who are operating inside that Namespace, but you will do it regardless of the other Namespaces With which you are not currently interacting And this allows Casper to work much faster and to validate transactions at a much higher speed than What you would have if you had to continuously synchronized along the way

Brad: Right, and we also talk about separation Data, because this is also something that is outlined on yours website How important this is appearance of design? Nash: I think the end of the day, the reality is that The blockchains will be responsible Of many data And we are already starting to see what happens when Enter too much data on a blockchain Centralized as Ethereum, which the machines become, the nodes themselves They become incredibly expensive from buy from a storage perspective, At this point, how much it would cost to someone building a knot that could also recover So, you have to look The latest snapshot on BitTorrent and follow all these steps for be able to synchronize your Ethereum node and enter the network and start To validate And the reality is that We will have to have a solution for this

Thus, data storage is a fundamental part of RChain, you really have a layer Data storage interesting that we are about to release regardless of this year Is based on the Lightning database that is used in many applications This will include a predicate query language Which is absolutely unique, in my opinion, to this point in the database space And US We will use that level to provide high speed storage, high productivity and I / O for every single node That sends, located on the RChain network And then obviously those will be Fragmented by Namespace, then the data that are stored in your smart contract it will be stored in the space in the Namespace where it is cheaper to provide Archiving

And so there will be Namespace where people will build systems that will be extremely valid, such as long-term preservation and they will not pay much for it Archiving of archiving data and you can perform one Smart Contract here with giant data sets That will be excellent backups and Reliable because it is the one for which They designed the Namespace So right at the door next there will be another Namespace where most people have got it, hey we'll put SSD in all our knots, we will do the Expensive storage but we will do it really fast So if you want to do a job Maximum performance on a small data set, It will be very convenient and efficient doing it right here and this is where you will want to do this unfolding, and therefore essentially Brad: Sorry, This is exactly where Lawrence fits, with all his experiences because you will sell this done to many companies all over the world, that efficiency is there and that the economy is there Lawrence: And we already have Discussed with some of the projects that are building archiving Oriented on blockchain They are hungry for this information, and they are asking us to to provide Well, here's what I'm feeling on the offer, all that rich offer Chain data, especially in food security, this it seems to me the case of use number one that people ask and want be able to put that information there Health records and parts Of health care, I think for the transformation of That will take time, but people want it that information on the blockchain

There are excellent use cases, France has a existing model that uses one Older technology on chip cards but it is a lot applicable to this, and that's why That archiving is our second working group So, we want to create the industry conversation We certainly want to help guide it, but we We were inviting others to actually direct them work group channels Brad: Yes, it really seems interesting, if we can move now, Nash, to Casper himself, because Laurence he was mentioning that previously hoping it can bring us to that No doubt about the fact that You are planning to implement it to one some phase in its most robust form, like this what's going on with Casper, as a part of the rollout? Nash: Yes, it's very exciting Right now

We have recently acquired one developer in Toronto, who is driving Pyrofex's efforts to take the job Vlad and Greg from the working group of Casper, to actually build Implementation He's doing a great job, he has just released, more recently, a rather interesting article on the media, perhaps you could put it in the notes of the show Yes, Michael Birch is a Incredible guy, he's doing a great job Vlad produced a simulator that We can use at the moment, to simulate Casper's operation, and so we are going through through that implementation and we are trying to understand exactly with what details we want play around here and there Casper, apparently, is a family of different algorithms that can be implemented in different ways, and you You can choose different parameter sets Depending on how exactly you want yours consensus system operates

And so, how we integrate the work on the Namespaces with We are a lot of Vlad's work on Casper Close to starting a large-scale implementation We should have integrated it with the knot later, this summer, and it will be ready for The proof when we turn on the testnet in Autumn Brad: Right, and of course Vlad is a famous member of Of the blockchain community We are Realistic, in short, his credentials they are quite exceptional How important and fundamental it is Have Vlad in your board? Lawrence: Well, Vlad is doing two things with us, One is Casper, and he is in there with the developers

We had a withdrawal of A week in the town of Pyrofex or in its state of origin, and we spent a week working on that I should say they, I do not I did that kind of calculations for a while, and Vlad is working with us too on governance How to govern one blockchain is extremely complicated, e we are solving these problems In mid-February, a large number of members of the RChain cooperative and others interested parties will come to Seattle To work on that And so, he really is there Give a real guide of the management dynamics of a blockchain for now for the next three years

Brad: It's exciting, I mean that was one of the Things, I mean to look, Doing research, Vlad led me to RChain, then I think it's a great greatness It is an important component If we can talk Of comparisons, guys, I know we have briefly Discuss this, but let's talk in more general sense of blockchains, not Only by Ethereum What are the keys, The real driving components or the driving characteristics that really, really They distinguish you from all the major chains of blockchains? I'm not talking about everyone these projects that come out like DΑpps, but there are also some real blockchains Of which we are not talking I represent one that is very well known in China But we are realistic, for the future of RChain, what really is there Distinguishes? Basically, it's design Of smart contract? Nash: I think What at the end of day, the most unique thing of RChain is that we have been able to bring together a development team of around 20 People

These group has, I think, up to 7 doctors in mathematics We have four Ex-Googlers The number of boys In our team with more than 20 years of industry experience is exceptional When I look at a project or when I look at a company or when I look at a technology, the first one question that I always ask how investor or as an interested party is what is the team Because if you Talk to VCs in Silicon Valley, they want to invest in teams

They know that regardless of what the idea is about Today's technology, things will change, they will have to pivot and do adjustments to ensure that they can deliver something to the market that It will work And I think that RChain's team is simply incredible We, recently, I think yesterday, we have achieved a thousand of people in our channel on Telegram We have a community that is incredibly busy and incredibly dedicated to working on technology, providing all the support e the infrastructure, and the core of the development team is simply and incredibly strong From Vlad e Greg Meredith, Mike Stay, Kyle Butt from Google compilers team, we have a lot Of guys with simply incredible resumes

Brad: Also Nash, if people want to know more about them you can certainly Go to your website, there are several links, I looked at all of them I think, respect also to the generals RChain's performance in the market it was also substantial in recent days So it's also exciting that there is absorption and is interest in the community space of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies If we can move now a little more and talk about the partners, as you said Nash, I totally agree that when you look at a white paper you Go to partners very quickly Do you want see which is supported by A serious support

Lawrence, you can answer To this you too, I'm sure The key partners now they are RChain Holding, which represents You, and also Nash, with you at Pyrofex But we expand and extrapolate this concept further How much are effectively extended partnership, we do not know Lawrence: I always like it talk about things that are made and complete as if to say, we We deliver codes

We are having conversations Very large with the universities because education is important to us Exchanges, not because we want the token there, we are happy to have it, we appreciate it But how can we help them climb? As do they build the next generation? Archiving Archiving, archiving, archiving, solutions Of identity, we are talking to everyone the main identity providers e We will form partnerships there Brad: In short, it's something Huge

I see you're thinking To a long list I would like to Being inside your brain right now Know those names, but we will find them, I'm sure later, when you're willing to Tell us you Let's talk about the nine members of the Administrative Board, in particular, how important it is to have a diversified advice like this? Lawrence: you have available a range of opinions and a range of experiences, which are not just the factor technician we absolutely need But we are also an advice Multinational What you do not see very often

I've been in public and private councils What we are receiving is the experience of people in Europe who understand what means to build something there, e from that perspective of the developer, from the business perspective, from a cultural point of view, those things are added to the wealth of governance of the cooperative e The way we are building And Nash, you probably have your perspective even that Brad: What you're thinking about, Nash, even in terms of this Topic? In particular from the point of view Technician, due to the Heavy experience right in the technical side Nash: Yes, either On the side of governance that from technical side I think it really is impressive the way the industry of the Blockchain in general was able to attract people from all over the world

We got ours 16th developer of the RChain project Just today And we have about a third of them outside the United States So we have guys coming from a lot of places like Russia, Germany, Poland, Worldwide And it's really impressive to be able to get perspectives from all over the world can Have guys who check the code of others At night, like this That when the developer wakes up someone has already checked what he has done the previous day

You could directly go back to work, and it really is incredible how fast things move and how many different perspectives We have, that help us to keep one holistic vision Brad: Fantastic, and only in terms of community support, of course there is a huge aspect related to feeling Of the market, all nature Of the blockchain is focused on community itself, which I think It is a social imperative So how are you? Occupying the single, Some people like me who want Find out more about RChain Who wants to access, Maybe at a quota, of this incredible technology How are you supporting this type of people with reward systems or with being able to access it also through flows Social media? Nash: Yes, this is really a good question

RChain, the development team and the communities in general really have a rich rewards system we have built, that allows individual open source developers To make contributions whether we talk about the Marketing side, whether it be side of the web development, whether it is write technical documentation, Or to contribute with codes One of our developers More active, in the last few weeks, yes A rewards developer is revealed, he entered the project, he is gaining RHOC as a member of the community, is Contributing to software improvement Brad: And that's why we love the blockchain, because Opens of the possibility for people If now we passed To the final consumer now, To someone who just wants to know how take part in it Let's talk about roadmap, let's talk about when people can actually take part actively in RChain

When is that everything Will this take place? Lawrence: there is a number of different flows come up rchaincoop (website), join some of the hangouts, they are mostly public, for community work we have a channel of flourishing discord, we will give you all the links We have over 700 developers on our QQ channel in China, we are doing active meetings throughout the world

I'll be in San Francisco next time week, we registered 50 people for our first meeting there, we are at the runway And this is in the building of Twitter, so we can continue to push those out there and because it's a community So open, almost all of these Eventu are broadcast on YouTube Brad: Right, and you're already live on exchanges, It's correct, is not it? Lawrence: it's true Brad: I'm sorry, can you still tell Lawrence? Just to be really clear Lawrence: we are on KuCoin and EtherDelta

Brad: So you're in very few exchanges, that It translates into a huge future in terms of access to the exchange For those people who may not know much on EtherDelta, of course KuCoin is a rather easy-to-use platform Let's talk about the perspectives of others, you have some clear indication on Upcoming exchanges coming? Lawrence: We Very focused on the platform, and while Holdings is a venture Commercial, we are not out there to get a lot Of RHOC in circulation on the exchanges We are really trying to get in Hands of developers and entrepreneurs and businesses and others They want to use it This is our goal Main, where is our energy

So when we pursue exchanges, it is only for Help them improve their technology and improve the quality of service Brad: Right, so it's not even a matter of trying to increase or speed up the process of we saw it in the past, to be honest, is that some of them will go Straight through some exchanges Very quickly, to make a wheelie Really the price, FOMO the market What I heard from you is usefulness I'm feeling that you really have programmed in an attempt to make this happen a project for the real world for the future So, Let's talk in detail

What are they? they are some of the real world contexts and the applications for this as a feasible deal, Practical and pragmatic of future? Nash: Pyrofex It will launch a new line of products this year to match the RChain platform, That will be an environment for it Integrated development for applications Blockchain We will have a Graphic IDE that makes it easy build smart contracts and distribute them seamless on a variety of different smart bargaining platforms We want have an App Store that helps people to monetize the code of smart contract that have already written for various and several blockchain, and we want to facilitate the migration of people between different blockchains, like theirs Applications scale We will not get tens of thousands of DApp and tens of thousands of tokens out there, until We will not have the tools that are required to make people experiment and test quickly and Easily and see what works and what does not And, from an IT perspective, everything works better if you have useful and easy-to-use tools on which it focuses Migration

It is about manage change, both in the environment Of the company that in the community Open source, wherever you are, the number of existing development tools in order to helping you manage change is incredible The blockchain environment is so dynamic That this is, I think, one of the biggest pieces missing for any serious development team Who wants to concentrate on blockchain This is a big hole in them toolbox Brad: And I think it's awesome also, before you get to you, Lawrence, which you are addressing to that hole and I think we really have to Clarify, one thing that you said in that comment was that you can not do a certain thing You can not reach a minimum of ten thousand DApp on your blockchain unless you do these what's this

You're facing that hole so that That can be a natural one progression At this moment there is not any natural progression So, Lawrence you could Continue, please, excuse me for having you Interrupted Lawrence: No, no, it's okay, thanks, and I support all that Nash said The other thing to dwell on are the tools For tests

Nobody has solid test tools and I have managed great consultations almost everywhere On this, this is what I'm investing in, oracles, there are many opportunities, not just for software oracle, we'll also see hardware oracle, sensors, IOT, we will be very busy On those Everything will happen in six months? No! I am a realist But those are the things we want to invest from soon and those are the things Company wants to see, entrepreneurs They come back with our devices, they do telematics in their cars, soil monitoring, I spoke with a bank in the south America that wants to do it for the farmers All these things are fundamental to growth and show how well RChain will climb, how well it will come adopted and that people can make money Thanks to their hard work and being able to do grow their business and create better lives I want Say, I can also talk about banking, it is a socially conscious banking system

I am always reluctant in the Make names until I've talked to people, but one of those that is a socially responsible bank, These are not saying, hey, our blockchain la It will destroy They want to connect to central banks and then connect These in third world countries, like Cora Network, so I will use their name Where is it there is not a strong infrastructure Banking, people go over border for bank transfers and with everything they want to do, and me I'm not trying to simplify it, it's connecting using blockchain technology because it's cheaper and easier to manage and empower lives Those are some of the gods Mandates that Greg Meredith inserted, everyone at the council you asked for, people like Nash, myself, Ed Eykholt and others who have really worked Just to build it Sorry, I'm getting a lot enthusiast

Brad: No, I think it's great And Lawrence, just to reiterate, I think this Be obviously important, for my knowledge on the Blockchain, is that right from the first iteration of the blockchain, the The very first white paper we saw, we saw the premise of circumventing the authorities, bypass the control, work around The company, in fact What is very exciting Of societies like you, and not for FOMO the market, absolutely, is that you You are turning to a fundamental part of trust and Identity Until this is done initially, and then we will address the problem of which Nash He was talking about the holes, not You will really enter the business market successfully So It seems like your whole team has analyzed this very well as a third Generation of the blockchain

And you are approaching it in a way that this Incorporate without a doubt the benefits for society and also the advantages for the user IS The other thing that I mean by this is that without those degrees of ID, there is not certainly no conversation in the business perspective Because this must be sure But it's right To say? Lawrence: Absolutely! Brad: So, since there are, as far as I know, really in the game of ID, in the Blockchain space I will watch you Really carefully to find out which one, what partnerships are you creating in this respect

But in terms of vision, before finish with some ads Special hopefully you can Give What is the vision for the next years? What you see looking back Nash, with all your knowledge Techniques, what will it be RChain in 2020? Nash: Honestly I think that if we will succeed in the next five years we will become the largest platform in the world Of smart contracting, ed We will begin to allow individual users Finals to participate in all types of economic transactions that are You are locked up inside the system Financial for decades And the democratization of the system Financial will really be Incredible and wonderful from observe and I hope that RChain is one really central part of all this Brad: I think only To the fact that you said that you think it will be the biggest in the world, we are speaking of a real optimism here Let's talk about the firewall for a moment before arriving from Lawrence With the same question

The firewall in China, this idea of this block Invisible that exists in many sectors, including blockchain How are you going to break this wall? Nash: Yes, this is interesting, actually We worked out a system last week for Allow people to connect and Disconnect some blockchain from Namespace RChain, and I think that this is really how things will come implemented in terms of managing the private and semi-private blockchains which are governed differently from the main set of Namespace that exists all over the world Brad: So we're talking about gateways in some way? Nash: Yes, how it will be implemented exactly will be More or less open to each individual user but we know at this point that what we can to do is to allow people to take the Namespaces they have created for themselves and disconnect them, Log out and manage them yourself and then bring them back So we have seen in space Of the blockchain, you saw the blockchain fork, We know what they look like two pieces of the parts when they go for different roads What we have not yet seen is that we have not seen two separate parts come back together

And this is one of the things we have solved very recently, that we can do with the Namespaces This will make it possible for the Chinese government and theirs company to find ways to make the blockchain Work well for them within any one framework they want to bring to the table We are not here to try to change the way China does business, we are Here just to try and give them a technology that allows them to integrate theirs business with the rest of the business the world, in the most equitable way possible And, I think we can do it a lot easily with RChain Brad: I agree, and moreover there is clearly an improper term out there, with the ICO event, let's say, in China that somehow there is an aversion in China for the blockchain which is absolutely a Nonsense, because they are driving the world, in fact, in many respects with their iterations e their number of blockchains, Company and business e this kind of thing

Nash: China is incredibly innovative in the way they distribute technology through theirs economy to achieve theirs goals and have a wonderful way to work together for achieve the objectives of the whole society that They had a stunning scale So when China decides to take it seriously blockchain and use it for something, use it for applications that are Important for them, I think it will be one incredible thing to watch Brad: Absolutely, I want to Say, I can talk to you about an example, only briefly from my knowledge, is that they they are untangling a road – an initiative Built that you could know, e Which is of a significant scale in the international space, in particular from China to Europe We'll talk Of this later in another moment, but Lawrence, let's move on to you now and tell us about your vision Obviously, you have another one Perspective, being so focused on society, and you are gathering various relationships with others Business at the moment

What is your vision long-term? Lawrence: the developers, bring the tools in the hands of the developers, so that they They can build things, so we can create one ecosystem of education on how the blockchain should work, like gas prices or as we call it, the Phlogiston, it works for build chains because ecosystems will be so complicated, we want to promote that education in such a way What then companies, entrepreneurs and startups can build massively new resized networks that are outside Of the traditional system We have seen some spectacular failures in the traditional banking system with credit cards MCX We have the opportunity to create these and add value to all levels and then I see we create dialogue, make according to certain standard, drive all this with other partners, many other partners e so have the technology that is at the base, to make it perform, this is just like the days of the Internet How exactly it will happen, I do not know, I am not so clever, I do not think anyone is Brad: I think you're certainly smart, the whole RChain team Holdings, the entire Pyrofex team, is like that That you are all, concentrate on doing a unified way is exceptional

They are the special announcements, I mean, I always like it To encourage those who come forward if you can provide it What is it? Happening, what you want Say, what about RChain? Nash: I think that one of the most exciting things that It is going to happen in the next month it is that the developer team will release the first Rholang SDK and we will launch The developerrchaincoop site Along with this, like this you will be able to download the compilers Existing we have written and run them on the Rosetta virtual machine We will release one set of documentation associated with this, so that people can start To become familiar with the language Rholang as it is today

We also have the documentation on the future appearance Which is associated with our goal of Mercury release towards the end of 1502 00: 56: 29130 -> 00: 56: 30479 this year, we are going to put even on that website and this will allow people to see how language will evolve into course this year Hopefully People will come to the website, developerrchain

coop, which will download the SDK, which will play, They will learn a little bit about Calculus Rho, a little bit on the Virtual Machine Rosetta and on the Rholang compilers and that They have fun And you can start to see what is the potential for this interesting new way to write programs Brad: It's the start day for RChain in a sense We need to Make sure you really hit The right key with that, why this is really the beginning as Lawrence I was saying This is the goal, that of Trying to really get people on board Which have the skills, the skills of Development

But let's talk about the specifications, we know that Ethereum also has its language Finished How difficult is it? We have seen some of the gods problems and problems related to Ethereum, with their solidity design of the language So how much is accessible, how much Is it easy and how functional is it? Nash: I think the question about Rholang is that It will be different, and so I do not think that Rholang Be a difficult language Its syntax is actually noticeably small, the whole Calculus Rho fits about ten lines of paper for notepad So it's a small nucleus for describe this calculation model and then from there we built a programming language Quite simple to do some Smart contracts

There will obviously be some learning curve associated with the new syntax and the new semantics of learn to program in the Rho calculation, against the Von Neumann machines But we think that a little of cognitive impedance helps people To remember the differences and help a Stand out, and therefore we really are hopeful that people will find it fun and exciting by itself, too before the blockchain nodes are available And that's them Help to want to write smart Contracts for RChain I'm really a lot enthusiastic in thinking that people will put us on Hands and they will start to learn Rholang Brad: And I wanted to ask both, because I'd like to ask Vitalik if He never wanted to talk to me about it question

Why go on and do this Specific language for the Blockchain Why not open it to most languages Open source, does it already exist? Nash: Well, actually Rholang is a generic programming language e the SDK we are releasing now will be completely agnostic of the blockchain It will not require the node for Being executed will be possible for you run arbitrary computer programs on it We have designed the language to facilitate the distribution of the calculation and this facilitates Intrinsically the blockchain, and so it will be very easy to adapt Rholang and Rosetta virtual machines to run it inside the blockchain nodes and 1580 00: 59: 19130 -> 00: 59: 22

190 alongside CasperE then We will implement Casper in Rholang, and moreover We will eat our own food during the course next year and we think that there is very little we could do to prove it, how confident we are In the design of the language and in the car Virtual, compared to actually implementing The consent algorithm in our own programming language Brad: charming, when I hear you both talking, in particular you, Nash, with your knowledge Technological, and this is Essentially, in many ways, a bit like me, Since I'm a NEO nerd Really, guys, You have had that connotation or al moment, currently like The technological nerds of space But what I mean is that you are not Well known beyond this and I really hope that we can really push everything into the traditional space

Because you are really much more than one technologically expert team State building a very solid team prepared For business, which is why I like it Talk to you, because you really are, essentially a business blockchain You Completely immersed in business This technology is At the edge of the known world So I really appreciate it the time you spent today, me I understand that you are extremely busy like Managing directors of a holding company within the RChain Holding company

Thanks so much Lawrence Lerner, I appreciate the time you gave us today Thank you so much Nash, I appreciate it the time you've invested here I know you are driving one team of 15 very intelligent people, certainly smarter than me And we hope we can talk again, and I'll be really enthusiastic about following the journey RChain will be built In the next years Lawrence: I'd like it a lot

Thanks so much Nash: thanks for Have us hosted

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