Bitcoin Fork: Einfacher Trick um deine coins OHNE replay protection zu sichern!

How splits his coins for a Fork without replay Protection? Welcome to this video, my name is Julian Hosp and I have a video to this whole Fork made of gold Bitcoin where it comes to the Replay Protection, which indeed missing there until now And the same is also in the Bitcoin 2X that will come and there is of course incredibly important that one understands this right here Forks and above all that goes with the Replayn

For these are actually the most dangerous things when you namely Replay attacks such is exposed, then it sends, for example, a coin away and its second effort to although you do not really want that Now I want to explain to you very briefly how you can prevent this, as you can split it when it by the chains itself is not made correctly That's fair enough to make for so you can protect yourself itself, it's always something very important that we here really is the responsibility into their own may take a hand How the whole thing works now? in a In a fork, which is not protected Replay, you have a means Fork now here comes as a Bitcoin away and here is Bitcoin gold or 2X, then do you do a transaction, it will be simply copied to the other and pass it both, though you wanted to do just one The way how you is there out of here, by clicking on a fork, I would suggest you Bitcoin something very easy to do

For example, that you're going to octopus and you buy 001 Bitcoin, so only very, very little And you take off and send to this address Now let's say you have a Bitcoin, so you had before a Bitcoin, now you have a Bitcoin and as a Bitcoin gold or 2X a Bitcoin 2X and now you add here 001 Bitcoin to it would go even less, do you only need a very, very little bit

Now you have here 101 Bitcoin here still one Bitcoin And now you push the entire 101 Bitcoin, it is important that you here more wegschickst when you here at all, because then here that can not be replayed So you send here 1

01 Bitcoin to a new address you also control So, for example, which is a Breadwallet then you can send it as a ledger or you can send it to a Jaxx or you send it from a Jaxx to Bread, you know what I mean, just a new Send completely different address and you have the entire Amount So the entire amount But it must be more than on the other fork, because if you here now 101 Bitcoin wegschickst, then here that can not be replayed, as there was no 101 Bitcoin are there

From that moment on the Bitcoins are completely split and from that moment everything is safe So, again Summary: The coins to fork, you add a very small amount to an address added Pinto the other address because if you also Bitcoin Bitcoin gold or to get 2X here, then you get free coins, so check, that if you get more from where that came, but usually makes an Exchange right and sends you only one fork Now you have on one side a bit more For example 1

01 Now you can send the whole amount, it is important that you wegschickst the entire amount to one address From that moment, it can not be replayed and from that moment the block chain is History of your addresses different and you yourself this split, so this Replay prevented I hope that makes sense Mir is very important, please share this video that is absolutely essential to understand how to get in a replay, not protecteten block chain, may split its coins, without that this will somehow gereplayed

Because if you, for example, would now dismiss this one Bitcoin was your Bitcoin Gold or your Bitcoin 2X gone too So, this video please share, send it to the people, where do you think that should see it, otherwise it may be easy that you lose your bitcoins Bitcoin with gold or with Bitcoin 2X and that would be incredibly sad I am, of course, if you subscribest my channel and give me feedback in the comments, if what is unclear I like to do follow up video, if goes and if it allows the whole time, otherwise come with us in the Facebook group watch the whole also in our podcast and I'm looking forward to when you're back at the next video while you All the best, your Julian

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