ICO Review: GANA Token – The Best of AI and Blockchain in the Cannabis Industry

Looking at the Markets with David Moadel // ICO Review: GANA Token – The Best of AI and Blockchain in the Cannabis Industry welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell are you interested in artificial intelligence are you interested in the cannabis industry and its potential for profit are you interested in blockchain technology well I've got something for you it's an IC o—- review it is Ghana gan a hey let's learn all about it all right so this is Ghana token Ghana token gan a green and nature association the website you want to go to and the link is going to be in the description below this video Ghana coin gan a COI n dot IL this public token sale starts soon May 21st alright so you want to get on this sooner rather than later let's learn all about project Ghana introducing the first distributed artificial intelligence in the cannabis industry this is innovative Ghana uses artificial intelligence technology to leverage the massive amounts of available data and establish a more pleasant and safer environment for cannabis users Ghana gets data from the users themselves and learns about the users in order to provide them with tailored responses cannabis consumers can use Ghana tokens to buy products using OneTouch payments the Ghana mobile app which you can see right here there is that app that's what it might look like will act as a communication interface that connects Ghana users and the Ghana AI or artificial intelligence so what about businesses businesses benefit from Ghana's AI systems there's no need to worry about privacy issues because blockchain technology protects consumer data so you've got privacy their security I like that businesses can pick and choose exactly what data they need for gaana this personalized information helps businesses gain further insight conduct research and assist cannabis users so everybody benefits so you want to get involved you can join Ghana and be part of the movement the total token amount two billion four hundred million Ghana token rate 1 ETH equals twenty thousand Ghana and there's a hard cap and I like the hard cap I like when there's a limited cap on the coins hard cap sixty thousand ETH alright that works for me so that's what Ghana is all about so let's take a look hey if you go to the website Ghana coin gan a COI n dot IL this is the first thing I saw when I'm going there and look public sale time the Publix tail public sales starting soon seven days from this recording and a few minutes so I'm gonna click on main page and it's gonna take me to all the things you can look at all the information you can get Green and nature Association Ghana by the way if you just want to go ahead and buy the token if you want to do that click on buy token that's the easiest way to do it alright we can find out more about Ghana let's click on that lets find out more about what they're all about introducing the first distributed artificial intelligence in the cannabis industry let's learn more about it what's their vision Ghana technologies provides optimized artificial intelligence solutions to individuals and research institutes by establishing an ecosystem which collects and shares data from the cannabis industry Ghana technologies would make users be the indirect developers of AI as they provide the necessary data for Responsible AI training Ghana technologies would also provide the directions for maintaining the good intentions of a I retain objectivity by managing AI transparently and exhaustively according to the development on the procedures and training results so here's the ecosystem there's the platform structure it's got the AI the app the ecosystem learning it involves the Big Data it's fantastic why blockchain why blockchain for solving problems arising from social concerns of misusing AI that's a problem Ghana technologies is the solution they integrate a decentralized management method based on reliability transparency and security of the blockchain technology this will act as a device that will ensure the ethical responsibility of all participants to prevent developing discriminatory rules so it's safer more transparent more secure more integrity more reliability because Ghana AI transparently manages the data provided to it without any intentional or unintentional errors you got the mobile app this is great for consumers of cannabis products great also for the businesses to reach out to them the gun and mobile app will act as a communication interface that connects users and the Ghana AI the Ghana mobile application will be the window for gathering quantitative and qualitative information for the Ghana AI which is capable of clustering similar groups of mobile application users to verify statistical hypothesis and provides optimized solution to users Wow it would be a better and easier access to credible solutions they've got a video here you can watch I watched it it's quick and it gets to the point and the white paper you always want to read the white paper and we're gonna do that in a minute we're not going to read the whole thing we're just gonna get the highlights and they have a roadmap I like that from 2016 all the way beyond 2018 2019 2020 I think it's important to have a road map super important to me all right let's take a look at what else do we have on the website we can look at the team very cool you want to know who's on the team at Ghana meet the Ghana team just click on the menu and go to team there they are all right look at that that's transparency all the advisors are right there and the partners they're partnering with other businesses I think that's important and learn about the ICO itself like going to the menu clicking on the ICO you want to read the disclaimer please read it carefully you want to buy token click on that buy token button there token amount as we mentioned two billion four hundred million Ghana tokens the rate one eth equals twenty thousand Ghana and they talk about all the rounds and the earlier you get in the better the bonus you get because they have a number of rounds here you want to get a 10% bonus get in on round one you want five percent bonus round two round three is 25 percent bonus round four unfortunately no bonus there so you want to get in sooner rather than later get in on that hard on that public sale with a hard cap of fifty thousand ETH so what do you do well step one enter your email address right there click register that's how you get started it's got all the instructions right there and don't forget they're live channels you can click on the github the medium the Twitter the telegram and so on and subscribe to their newsletter just put in your email address and you'll get updates now I definitely want to look at the white paper I always look at the white paper when I'm investing in these things there it is green and nature association now it's a long white paper we're not going to go through every page but it's got plenty of amazing information here the abstract we no longer advance through the intellect by gathering experience which is AI artificial intelligence the new technology with deep learning reveals a whole new world to us that is true Ghana technologies studies big data and AI they project that every Industrial Development will finalize the grafting of AI and that's how they're connected to their users to the technology the background they talk about the concept of AI how it came up and how it's affecting us today what are the goals of Ghana technologies providing optimized AI solutions which are required by individuals and research institutes through establishing an ecosystem that collects and shares cannabis industry data with lagged technology Ghana technology is what elicits offers from indirect developers of AI by contributing the necessary data for Responsible AI training Ghana technologies would also provide the directions for maintaining the good intentions of the AI retaining the objectivity by managing AI transparently and exhaustively according to developmental on the procedures and training results and they've got all the goals managerial goals data collection goals service goals the problem statement you know their problems that Ghana is solving problems captured from the characteristics of cannabis and AI problems from building industrial big data problems from the personalization of data collection and they've got the solutions AI data management by the blockchain Big Data building solution ecosystem development for data collection from the community to the dispensary to the extend ability of related fields they've got it covered Solutions for personalized data collection limitations it's the Ghana mobile app that's the solution for the consumers for the businesses they can collect data from the consumers themselves and use that to create a better experience for the cannabis consumers there again there's their model there's the design you can learn all about it the data management structure and how they use the blockchain for better integrity better reliability the Ghana AI transparently manages the data provided to it without any errors intentional or unintentional that's what it says right there on the website and on the on the white paper transparency this is huge decision-making processes and results deduced by Ghana AI will be displayed so the agency can fulfill its ethical responsibilities this is ethical and secure security the Ghana AI uses only user permitted debt and managed access authorities of participants and synonymous you don't have to worry about your data because it's anonymous the gana a I will block activities related to identifying the users based on big data I know I prefer a security I prefer anonymity when I make transactions here's the ecosystem and the center of this is the Ghana mobile app here are some screenshots on what it might look like notice it's got the latest news messaging system my profile activities right there on the app which you can download the project direction they're going to manage the AI in such a way that problems arising from the social concerns will be solved through blockchain technology what a great way to solve it they will continuously develop the system in which the profit structure will be shifted from supplier centered to consumer centered it's all about the consumer and focused on the consumers needs this is important in order to manage the ecosystem so it's transparent from all intentional changes and to maximize profit as the operating agency every industry stakeholder can be a source of data collection and can indirectly develop the Ghana AI it's developing in a positive way the AI will develop will help to solve public concerns and problems by securing interoperability and scalability of the ecosystem it's solving the problems of AI solving the problems for cannabis users and for the businesses that get involved they've got a use case there you can read that about the ecosystem and there it is there's the model for Ghana the ecosystem aetherium legacy system and more all right target amount of participants I imagine this is going to be huge I'm imagining a lot of people participating in this how are they going to distribute the coin distribution once again total gan amount two billion four hundred million total sale amount big number half of that 1 billion 200 million and here's how it's going to be distributed bonus Ghana will be returned from the reserve pool I always like getting bonuses for token sales how are they using the proceeds they break it down right there and the development scope and the roadmap once again and read the disclaimer as always that's the white paper this is Ghana so where do you start you start from the beginning the home page read about it before you invest in anything read it carefully read the website read the white paper learn about the team learn about the ICL so again this is Ghana this is going to be huge in my opinion Ghana green and Nature Association where do you start the website Ghana coin il link is in the description below this video or just go there in your web browser or on your phone project Ghana they are introducing the first distributed AI artificial intelligence for the cannabis industry if you believe in AI if you believe in the cannabis industry is potential for profit and to help people and if you believe in the blockchain like I do I think this is a great token sale to get involved in start soon starts May 21st you want to get in sooner if you're going to get in rather than later to get the best price possible for this opportunity my name is David Modell this is looking at the markets we're going to keep coming at you with the best in token sales and ICO opportunities thank you so much for watching and listening I'll see you again soon you

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