Win the lottery with FXCoin!

FXCOIN tokens mining, loan investment mode, dynamic income;

FXC currency currency: circulation 160 million

Algorithm: X13

Mining mode: POW/POS

Issuer: winwin Inc, a legally registered foreign exchange platform in the United States (

Application scene: foreign exchange, MT4 transaction;

First, mining earnings:

Junior members sell members, trade members, professional traders, members, traders, high-quality traders.

100 dollars, 500 dollars, 1000 dollars, 3000 dollars, 6000 dollars, 10000 dollars.

1500 tokens 8000 tokens 18000 tokens 60000 tokens 130000 tokens 250000 tokens

One time to mine, one to mine, one to mine, two to mine, three to mine, and four to mine.

Remarks: at present, the resolution period is about 100 days, and the difficulty is 33. For example, you buy 6000 dollars for the transaction package, get 130 thousand tokens, start the mining manager for three months or so, if the mining result is 130000/33=3939FXC and two times, second times.

If the difficulty of mining is raised to 37, then the result of mining is 130000/37, and then into the third mining process, if the difficulty of mining is 44, the result of the mining is 130000/44; the difficulty increases the amount of money, but the price of the coin has increased.

The current price is about 0.8 dollars.

Two, loan income;

20% of the purchase of mining packages will enter into loan investment and enjoy loan income.

20 dollars, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 600 dollars, 1200 dollars, 2000 dollars.

0.5%/ days 0.6%/ days 0.7%/ days 0.8%/ days 0.9%/ days 1%/ days

Three, direct loan income:

Members who participate in any mining package can participate in another direct loan investment: (lender: platform).

The investment process is to recharge the eBay first and purchase FXC coins with the recharged amount to make loans.

A monthly profit investment cycle

Less than 500 dollars, 22.5% days 240 days.

501-1000 dollars, 27%, 220 days expiry

1001-3000 dollars, 31.5%, 171 days expiry

3001-6000 dollars, 38.4%, 150 days expiry

6001-10000 dollars, 41.5%, 120 days expiry

Remarks: Earnings raised 100 US dollars and 100 US dollars multiples, 72 hours arrival, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Every time the amount is up to 3% of the amount of the investment loan, for example, you invest in a $1000 set meal, and you pay the maximum amount of $30 each time, to a total of $100; if your investment amount is $10 thousand,

You can pay 300 dollars each time.

Scientific cash withdrawal rules are easy to control and control the flow of funds, while reasonably stimulating the growth of the price of money, and controlling the gradual release of bubbles.

Four, team Commission:

Dynamic bonus: only calculating the performance of a mining package

First, direct Award:

Junior to Trader straight award 8%

Professional to high quality pulping 10%

Two, the collision prize:

Take 10% of the daily performance of the district to cap the package.

Note: 20% of the dynamic bonus is automatically entered into the transaction wallet, buying FXCCOIN, making a transaction on the foreign exchange trading platform, increasing FXC participation in trading activity.

The amount of the dynamic bonus is 10% of the purchase time for the purchase of the mine, such as the $1000 mining package and the daily withdrawal amount of $100.

It is also a multiple of 100, 72 hours’ arrival, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Summary of bonus system: static and dynamic mutual restriction, mutual balance, increase investment safety time long coefficient;

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