BCcoin is one kind to the center of the Bitconnect platform to launch the blockchain virtual currency https://www.blockexperts.com/bcc, a public pool and mining system, everyone can download the software in BCcoin. mining.
Bccoin has entered the world’s largest virtual currency trading platform https://livecoin.net/?from=Livecoin-m3DphXr6, rising prices, investors are landing on the platform for fair and open trading, the price changes in the corresponding profits.
The possibility of long-term BCcoin profits is very certain, but it is necessary to test investors’ ability to make a profit in the short run.
The Bitconnect platform launched BCcoin Trading Robot can help investors stable earnings of up to 40% each month, investors get corresponding profits every day, ready to cash in cash.
Step is very simple, step 1, the use of Bitcoin to buy the corresponding amount of BCcoin, second, with the purchase of BCcoin investment trust, you can enjoy every day’s earnings.
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BCcoin robot trading plan:
Investment of $100-1000 range of BCcoin, the highest monthly income is 40%, managed for 299 days maturity; 1010-5000 $BCcoin range is the highest income 40% per month plus 0.01% per day, maturity time is 239 days; 5010-10000 dollars range
The maximum 40% per month plus 0.2% maturity per day is 179 days; the $10010-100000 monthly profit is as high as 40%, plus 0.25% of the daily revenue, and the expiration date is 120 days.
The market recommendation mechanism is as follows:
Direct one generation investment quota 7%, two generation investment quota 3%, three generation 1%, four generation 1%, five generation 0.5%;
Six Dynasties, 0.3%; seven generations; 0.2%; eight generations; 0.1%; nine generations; 0.05%; ten generations; 0.03%.
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