London, United Kingdom, May 31, 2018
Arbitao is a fully automated solution for arbitrage trading in
cryptocurrency markets aimed at overcoming the age-old
problems associated with conventional arbitrage trading
methods, the result of which most people have no chance of
profiting from arbitrage.
Arbitao’s unique technology assists the users by finding price differences in
different crypto exchanges and automatically executing profitable arbitrage
trades for the community members.
According to Karel Mirrin, “A lot of ICO projects don’t have a working
product and probably never will have. With Arbitao, it’s different. Our goal
was to deliver a working and tested product before the ICO starts. And we
succeeded in it.”
While the advent of cryptocurrency has provided numerous opportunities for
individuals and investors alike, issues such as lack of liquidity for certain pairs,
price manipulations and the high number of non-professional traders lead
to inefficiencies, where prices are highly varying between the exchanges.
Although several technical solutions have been implemented to resolve
the inefficiencies and benefit from the potential arbitrage possibilities, the
complexity of the whole setup makes it unfeasible for everyone to deal with.
This is where Arbitao and its unique ATAO blockchain technology comes into
play, by using the data provided by multiple exchanges to make profitable
trades for the members.
All the community members on the ATAO blockchain will be rewarded in two
ways. The first is the staking reward which can be obtained by installing the
ATAO wallet, staking some of the coins and validating the transactions on
the blockchain. As a reward for securing the network in that way, the user can
earn more coins. The second way is by contributing computational power to
the network so that the Arbitao algorithms can run even faster. This results in
higher profits, which are shared among the network.
The Arbitao system has been online since November 2017 and is successfully
tried and tested by a group of trusted crypto enthusiasts and traders. At
present, the automated arbitrage trading system of Arbitao can identify
viable arbitrage opportunities from 19 major exchanges, taking into
consideration transaction time, transaction fees, volume, order books and
other factors.
Press Release
Once implemented fully, Arbitao will offer fully decentralized arbitrage trading
to its users where they can set up their ATAO wallet with API credentials for
their accounts on exchanges.
Arbitao is on a mission to implement a decentralized network of nodes
utilizing its highly functional computational resources. This would overcome
the problem of identifying the most viable arbitrage opportunities between
different exchanges and executing risk-free arbitrage trades before they
In the long term, Arbitao aims to fully decentralize the existing arbitrage
trading and empower both small and big investors alike. In the beginning,
Arbitao lays the foundation for this eco-system by opening their fully
operational, automated trading pools to the public.
Where to learn more.
You can find more information and a press kit on the official website

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