When the Internet started well over 20 years
ago pretty much everyone did not know what
it is and what it will do to man kind.

Many have not understand how it really works
and what it is.

Many was thinking it’s just a fad and it’s not
good etc.

But you, me and everyone else who is online
in today’s world know it changed the world in
an enormous way and brought man kind
much closer.

My whole life, maybe yours too and many
millions if not billions life’s completely

A total new world than it was over 20 years ago.

Because of the Internet I’m able to live where
ever I want… I live a dream life… I can work
when I want and I enjoy it.. so it’s not really
work in a sense.

But it was not always so easy and I worked
my a.. off like many other people which succeeded
and living their dream because of the internet.

When I started with Network Marketing when I
was 20 or so… my gosh did I fail… but I never
gave up.

When I seen the Internet in 1995 or 1996 or
around this time I’ve have known inside it
can help to change my life forever!

Well I had a vision and I known like others too
that it will help to change life’s for the better
because my mind was open and I and many
others seen the potential what the Internet
can do in the future… and it came true.

Time goes by fast… holy s…t… better take
action now before you wake up some day
and think “Why did I not take action, why did
I ignore this and not was able to have an
open mind?

We only have one life… so being negative, not
open minded and doing everything you can to
succeed is a huge sin… a huge disaster and
many never wake up… very sad.

I was thinking the Internet is perfect for Network
Marketing and I was right.

It’s the new way of Network Marketing… at
this time I was thinking.

IT IS Network Marketing if you think about it…
Network and Marketing… the Internet is a
decentralized network of computers around
the world and through marketing… mostly
through mouth propaganda it became so big.

Friends asked their friends: Are you online?

I’ve SEEN IT… and of course many others too.

But still there was those naysayers, negative
minds, who was thinking the Internet is bad
or is just a short time fad.

It’s EXACTLY how some people now think
about crypto currency, or digital currency…

The first, most popular and biggest crypto
currency worldwide is Bitcoin.

And there are daily positive news about it.

I wish I would have heard about it earlier…
and I bet you too… even you maybe don’t
know what it is… but many became multi
millionaires… and there will be more multi
millionaires in the future who getting involved
now and paying attention now!

We just getting started… however even you
not become a millionaire it can put some
substantial new money in your pocket you
can exchange to fiat money (paper money).

Bitcoin or crypto currency is the new money.

It has the potential to be even bigger than
the Internet.

Maybe one of the greatest inventions in
mankind history.

Those who are the early adopters of crypto
currency the same as the early adopters of

And there are already big winners which really
did take action super early.

There are many places online, many websites
to study what bitcoin is all about.

Now… the final point why I’m writing this all is
because if Bitclub Network.

There are places, naysayer websites and
negative people who say it’s not for real
and all this nonsense while they just
GUESSING and nothing else.

They know S..T… period!

These small minds are so old school and so
negative… it make me puke thinking about this.

NOT the naysayers, NOT the negative people
NOT the mind closed people EVER changed
the world!

It’s those people who think further, think positive

The combination of crypto currency… passive
income and Network Marketing is the most
powerful income concept EVER!

80 – 90% of all people who join Network
Marketing FAIL…or get very little results.

This is a fact…

People hate recruiting… or never figure it out!

Bitclub Network IS FOR REAL…and it will
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It’s is simply like crowd funding with a

It’s crypto currency mining.

What is crypto currency mining?

It’s… getting top hardware and plug it in and
let it find crypto currency… mining the digital
money… like mining gold, silver etc. explained
in simple words… it’s by far more complicate
than that but Bitclub Network take care about
this and you just cash in.

Through mining new coins are being created
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Bitclub Network buy new mining hardware
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Bitcoin (the biggest crypto currency) was
nothing worth a few years back and it was
going to over 1200$ and now is at around
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What IF it goes up to 10k, 100k or even 1 Mill.
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I have a pioneer mindset… and I wish you
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