This included both the expansion of Bitcoin-mining and the Ethereum- mining The head of the USi-tech product development Evan Ahern said that USI-Tech until mid-December about 1% of the world bitcoin mining Hashrate and 25% of the world would provide Ethereum mining Hashrate You’ll have to excuse me the right image I have been there, unfortunately it behind the head of my front man but you recognize here Utterance Evan Ahern to 2

5% etherium mining Hashrate What exactly is now once again a Hashrate? As you know yourself Ethereum and Bitcoin is based on the technology of the block chain The block chain is managed in a decentralized computer network database Each computer that will manage this database called Miner If individual Miner zusammenschlieüen to a community or Different build businesses large mining equipment and operate, it is called mining pools

This mining pools do the block chain network different computing power available, which are represented in the unit Hashpower or Hashrate Evan Ahern has therefore announced in principle in London that USI-tech and mid-December about 1% of the processing power in the network Bitcoin and about 25% will provide the computing power of the Ethereum network Since yesterday it is now possible to check this claim for the Ethereum network For this you just go to the page etherchain

org Etherchain is basically a surface that you graphically Ethereum block Chain represents You could, for example, view all transactions Ethereum here then then go up on the “Statistics” on “Charts” and among “Mining” on “Top Miner ” You then get an overview of the Ethereum-Miner with the highest Hashrate the last 30 days

Then when you go with the mouse to the far right to the highest point of the curve, be you these Etherium mining pools is displayed This tells you that USI-Tech also is on board and that they on the 13th December have gemined 2017 with a Hashrate of 115913 GH / s Ethereum network I then compared the times of the individual Hashraten Ethereum mining pools together and looked what percentage they make up With 28

33% represents Nanopool most Hashrate in Ehtereum network and USI-tech with 172% ranked ninth Announced by Evan Ahern 25% Ethereum-Hashrate from USI-tech Ethereum mining pool are so almost met or are even already fulfilled because the daily can vary Hashrate and USI-tech perhaps not all Ethereum mining rigs in operation took To the announced 1% bitcoin mining Hashrate there are no tangible information If you then go on to blockchain

com on data and then charts can be found below under Mining Information point Hashrate distribution Once USI-tech appoint its own bitcoin mining pool and putting it into service.