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INS Ecosystem’s Founder Peter Fedchenkov at World Blockchain Forum, London

one in this room has experienced as a consumer the grocery industry it's one of the largest consumer markets in the world with eight point five trillion dollars of volume expected by 2020 and today when you come to a grocery store you the very end of the very long be supplied chain and this supply chain is expensive to operate and is limiting customer choice when you come to the store and you think you purchase what you want you actually purchase what retailer makes the highest profit on and in the 21st century we believe that consumers have to decide what breath they want but products they need whether they want to purchase from local or national manufacturers that's why we created INS Ecosystem a decentralized marketplace that directly connects grocery manufacturers and consumers

Rhian Lewis at UKSTAR 2018 | Blockchain Applications and How to Test Them

I'm Rhian Lewis I'm going to be talking at UKSTAR next year about how to test Blockchain applications

So why do testers need to know this? After all, Blockchain is the protocol that underlies bitcoin and other crypto currencies Well, blockchain is starting to be used for all kinds of different applications, from supply chain management to power grids and anything you care to mention Why are they different from normal applications? You'll have to come to my talk to find out Thank You!