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**BEWARE** – Crypto BitConnect (BCC) Handed Emergency Cease and Desist Order

[Music] hello everyone and thanks for tuning into the financial investor channel my name is Brent and today we're gonna be covering an interesting topic I don't normally cover and that's cryptocurrency I do believe in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology behind it I do think that there are some usable and for the future crypto currencies that have a purpose such as you know XR p which is ripple aetherium litecoin Bitcoin itself you know they all serve a purpose in themselves then there's a bunch of junk ones that are out there they don't really have any sort of purpose you actually have to use Bitcoin in order to buy them and they connect as one of those coins and the service so recently I read an article I don't normally cover this but Bitcoin oice was a big connect who was slapped with security emergency cease and desist order by the Texas Security Commissioner now this was just random very quickly and ordered them to stop operating so this mysterious company I believe it's it's overseas it's not in the United States they have a market capitalization a 41 billion and they've long been accused of being a scam I've seen other investors out there or other youtubers that you know they've they've been asked this question as bit connect a scam and they've all said that it's a Ponzi scam it's you're investing your money in there you invest it it's locked for 255 days you don't have access to it I don't know if it's 255 I think it was but you don't have access to it you don't know what's gonna happen to your money and they're basically or you know they're they're saying that you could get returns up a hundred percent or more so the Texas Security Commission has entered an emergency season in this order to stop the program operating for by bit connect and yeah it's it's been looked at as a Ponzi scheme big connect to the scam stay safe out there that they kinetic scam exposed so if this article here talks little develop what bit connect is how it's been looked at as a possible you know as a scam they use a program which is a trading bot it says the big conduct trading bots to generate returns as heart I'm sorry how to keep pickup being I think inside so they try and get returns as high as forty percent a month they reinvest those back into the investors that are using their services you've seen those youtubers that the ads out there that talk about look at my bit connect wallet these are my big connect coins and it's just an annoying commercial that everybody skips and those those numbers on the websites are not hard to fake you can go on there and inspect the page adjust the numbers on a page and or you can you know you could just take a screenshot show Peppadew people your website it'll stay looking legitimate until you hit refresh and then you're back down at the bottom so you know it's been thought of as a scan there's been many tweets there's been many people on YouTube covering and articles written about this that it's looking like it's a scam you know if you don't believe me look at the lack of activity on their github repository and the roadmaps been removed and regulators are trying to scam below scramble to find a fault and such so I thought this was a really interesting article I looked at another one too so big connect handed an emergency season this this order from Texas security board this one talks a little bit about more about they have been ordered to shut down its operations and it's bit connect coin BCC within 30 days of receiving the notice so I started off with this just because it's been going down you can see that this this coin here has been going has been dropping down since this news so all those yeah let's see here in true there was also another thing in here about they could this has happened in the past they were hit with another season assist back in November so the notice further alleges that big connect has enlisted sales agents or so-called affiliates to pull in taxes residents to its website and interest them in ambassador and big big night they promise that you can return at the 40% Atrus per month over a specific term and additional rates and interest calculated on a daily basis so the board goes out to call the investment platform for its deceptive promise as a safe way to earn a high rate of return on investments so they're looking at it the same way they think it's a huge scam in case your mule into pledging money it might be a good time to reconsider your choices so if you are that they're considering this option it's a scare and be careful do not put your money and in something that you don't fully understand or believe in you know sticks to the stock market it stuck to you invest into your 401k IRA you know real estates real estate it's a great one so here they have been hit you know failing to reroute request a hearing they Bay Connect has a right to request a hearing for 30 days after the day they were served with a threatening order failure to request a hearing will result an order becoming final and not appealable so refusal to comply with the terms of the order will be considered a criminal offence punishable by punishable by a fine of more if not more than $5,000 for imprisonment for no more than two years or both at the same time so that's a pretty hefty a little fine as far an imprisonment now it says it here this is hardly the first time Bay Connect has served a troubling legal notice and it kind of goes through how the U K register of companies had threatened to shut down the swifty investment platform back in November of last year so this just goes to show and if you haven't seen this video it's like this dude just kind of yelling and screaming and talking about how everybody had called his big connect platform a scam and you know it's a very interesting one so anybody who doesn't yet agree with this should watch this if you don't believe it's a scam you should watch this video both of these articles will be in the description below just to be a warning to you guys out there you know this is this video is mainly as a warning to investors out there that are even considering looking at bit connect crypto itself is not bad I believe in the technology of blockchain I believe that there are going to be some cryptos in the future that will continue I would not invest in many of the altcoins I would stick to some of the main ones that the banks have been using you know there's the centralized ones you know people are moving towards scripted because it's decentralized but you know ripple it's semi centralized the banks are using it and such so do your research I don't cover crypto a lot on my channel but it could be something you know fathers are interested in it if I if I you know if I've linked my red coin wallet and the past as it's a proof of stake crypto it's a social media proof of state crypto that as long as you hold it the more you hold it the longer you've held it it earns interest which is very similar to dividend so there are lots of coins out there a theorem I believe is looking to become a proof of stake from a proof of work and that just means that instead of using a whole bunch of electricity and resources to mine the etherium instead as long as you held it the longer you held it you would have earned interest on that crypto so that's just some interesting information for you guys if you guys are at all interested of reading the full article here the links will be in the description below that is it for this video thank you guys for watching if you have found this video entertaining and have learned something and will not go out there and invest in bit connect then go ahead and hit the like button leave me a comment below if you have any questions or if you you know related to the video or non related to the video and that is it for this video thank you guys for watching I will see you next time have a great day bye [Music]

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Hi everybody it's Mehdi Green and I hope you are doing well in today's video I will try to make a load on my BCC PAY Bitconnect mastercard so but before that I will just pick up a random comment in my last video about BitconnectX I promise to give a giveaway of 50 dollars in value of Bitconnect coins okay let's do it the winner is Pauline de l'Escaille, coucou Mehdi Est ce qu'il y aura une vidéo sur l'application discord avec tout ce que tu as cité, yes you will find a new video about Discord for our team Estimation de projection sur différens paliers d'investissements, est ce qu'il y a une différence entre les différents paliers d'investissements? so she's asking what are the difference between the different option of investments with bitconnect so when you come here so when you do your lending with bitconnect so indeed you you have a difference different options of investment and what you have it's like more you put money in your investments more you gets an advantage as a percentage per day like they give you like for between 1010 to 5,000 010 percent daily 5,000 10,000 0

2 and 10 to 100 025 percent daily and you see that you have your capital release earlier more you invest that's the difference between the different options of investments so let's go to the wallet and let's, here ,so let's take if I can see well let's the check is the correct ok perfect confirm and congratulation Pauline de L'Escaille congratulation so just have a look here and the crypto currency market cap it's amazing because we saw that we overpass 800 billion dollars it just amazing when you see the market cap of JPMorgan we are at 375 it's it's quite amazing it's more than JP Morgan Chase so it's a great day for the cryptocurrency market capitalization we see that the Bitcoin is rising well 236 percents and Bitconnect $438 price and 8

77% well so guys let's try now to load this card here what you have please don't forget to subscribe to the channel and to click on the bell notification to get all the last videos so when we see here when I check the balance of my account I have zero so I noticed that to load the card you must go to card transactions here then you have to this here I can see a new circuit and historical of all the transaction that's why here when you see select start dates – end dates I think is this because you see from today to the last month you can select an option here and I think be showing you all the last transactions that you did so select the card so it's plastic card select currency me it's EURO so you see here an update and let's say today I will load , so here I have just put some money like the value the amount I think it's 70 dollars in my BTC account you have two accounts BTC and BCC account so on my EU plastic card the transfer let's say here 20 dollars 20 euros or maybe a little bit more like 30 euros let's say load card load from account BTC to cards load amount 30 card load fee there is no fee total amount 30 let's try it ERROR your transaction is failed please try it again So let's do it again BTC account EUR plastic card to transfer let's say maybe a little amount like 20 just to try it I didn't see ya yes so let's say here 20 and the pin didn't change let's load it from account BTC to card load amount 20 euros no fee total amount 20 load your transaction is failed Please try again so I'm sorry my friends but it didn't work out I try to load it many times but it doesn't load anything as you can see my balance is still 0 euros so I will try another day and keep you update so let's talk about another point that's attract my attention it's about the the new regulation of know your customer and anti-money laundering laws of Biconnect when you come here you see in management tools in your profile you can you can see a new button like a new option account verifcation and in fact the services to demand will determine the amount of information we collect Bitconnect is imposing a verification process on its account holders but it's also providing a great incentive for them to do so so as you can see they are fixing withdrawal limits so I will tell you like there are 2 options if your account is unverified you have $100,000 daily withdrawal limits BTC BCC and if your account is verified you have 300,000 USD dollars daily withdrawal limits BTC BCC so how to verify your account it's really simple they ask you in fact to upload an ID verification like a proof of name and date of bird like passport driving license government-issued identity card so as you can see my verification is still pending I'm not yet verified it's like now two days and if you go down you have the address verification proof of address so utility bill electricity gas water so bank statements where we can see in fact your address then you can upload it here and a verification with ID with your face so here if you ask how is it, you can come, how to make it you can come here Account verification guide and here you have an idea just to put your ID cards with the dates and the name of the brand Bitconnect with your face that we can see everything clearly and they explain you what not to – so that's it guy I hope it was useful and I'm sorry for the loading but I will do it as fast as possible I will try it tomorrow too and keep you updated guys so see you for the next video and don't forget to subscribe

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Bitcoin Giveaway Winner! | Bitconnect Lending Program 2 Week Update

Yo how you doing everybody matt is not your average tv and today we are announcing the winner of yesterday's random random very random giveaway man but before we get into that make sure you subscribe hit notification bell this way you are Notified whenever i have another random freaking video you know i mean i was thinking yesterday yo let's do by the end of the week i want to give away 20 more dollars in bitcoin and by the end of the video i was 25 minutes in and i do apologize about that and by the end of the video i was just saying you know what Let's just give the 20 the 20 our a bitcoin to whoever we're still watching you know i mean i know i'm kind of long-winded? I don't think i'm the most interesting guy in the world or anything like that but i do appreciate you guys supporting watching till the end So i'll be doing that a more a lot more often in quite more people than i thought posted once to the end stuff like that so shout to every that did that i put Citizens i can't do the random i'm not everybody posted that they watched at the end so i can't just do a random comment picker So i had to do it old-school, way yes i have an olaf cup shout out, to the homie olaf From frozen so i have all the names in here or this shit i dropped one chuckling everybody's name in here that that commented yesterday hey i I watched the end so we don't have one lucky winner right here? $20 with a bitcoin alright here we go First person that i pick let me just go in there okay here's here's a winner right here you, saw me pull it out of there Here's a random winner east east sell Hot tab he's he'll a tab i don't even see it That if that's you i will be sending you your bitcoin but i do apologize i don't have to do it tomorrow You'll see you in tomorrow's video that i will send it to you tomorrow friday i put all my bitcoin into finance because i was you know i'm really good at getting into these all coins and i had And i was gonna pull it back out so i sent it to you and there's like a $20 charge And by nance to pull that money out so i was like fuck that i'm gonna leave that money in there and i'm gonna buy more bitcoin tomorrow because right now i'm tapped out i got anybody like $10 with the bitcoin right now on Coinbase i'm still waiting for my $300 that's what the coming next tuesday Which is which is a pain in the ass i want to get into deborah coin like now but i promise you guys man i will send the the 20 bucks tomorrow But i have it right here you are the winner you see the video right here i will send you that tomorrow okay again congratulations and everybody that's watching watch at the end of the videos you never know you never know you might be giving away money i'd be giving away something you just never know but anyways man this um this video i really wanted a decade to big connect i'm like i said i had 3,300 bucks that i want to invest and divert coin and to compare the two platforms But that thing's taking with that that's just taking forever so right now we're talking about big connect and it's been two weeks Two weeks it's been two weeks that um that i invested in big connects so my initial investment i went ahead and did all my numbers alright they even though big connect doesn't numbers for you i wanted to check it or whatever so my initial investment on december 21st today is january 4th today is january 4th 2018 1:28 pm

, california time and i invested i started in big connect two weeks ago on thursday December 21st okay exactly two weeks i put two hundred and fifty dollars in here okay so as you can see If you guys wonder what there's noises it's uh my desk has like a little door whatever and it has like these metal clips So they're just hanging right now because my my door is my uh my keyboard freaking thing is open and so like they're just hanging anyway i do apologize for that i should rip those fucking things out but they keep hitting my legs Anyways i miss it 250 bucks okay i invested 250 bucks in big connect two weeks ago as you can see as? i was like $90 more in there than what would i originally invest it okay so i Invest as soon as i get in this platform and big connect in order to start you need a hundred bucks that's the least amount of money that you can invest in big connect You guys start with a hundred bucks but once you started the 100 the hundred bucks to reinvest every ten dollars you could reinvest back into the platform so That's what i've been doing i haven't taken any money out i'm 100 on all my platforms that i'm invested in i'm just reinvesting reinvesting reinvest and getting that compound can't pound interest who you're gonna see it's worked really well so i invested to 250 in my initial investment i'm already almost 100 bucks in but i want To show you i haven't given away i give away money for everybody that signed up under my affiliate program here on big connect The the link is right there at the bottom bit connect click the link sign up i won't give it away money to anybody that There's a new loan hundred bucks and i'll give you guys back 20 i'll give you guys 20 bucks so check this out this house is how it goes down they connect So i have i have six people in my team in my referral team but only one person has done alone and and once you do a loan that's when i see a return and all that stuff, so out of the 250 bucks that i that i did in two weeks i've got in 31:15 i'd say 31 15 and then 63 bucks that you see here is affiliate bonus and this is something i didn't know That again i have one person this so anybody every that all is the affiliate bonus that's why you have 63 bucks right there but only one person like it's not that hard you know you could do a couple videos say hey sign up under Under me under bit connect and and i'll give you half of what's right here whatever the case is whatever you use to entice somebody, to sign up under you or If you if you didn't do that or coin which that's gonna be coming real real soon by next week Because that's my freakin bitcoins taking forever to clear from the bank you can do whatever one person is what i promise you guys is one person that And my team and this is what is that this is what they're doing so one thing i didn't know so their initial investment When they first put their investment in i got a percentage now i believe what they're doing is Reinvesting and i'm getting a couple bucks on top of that you know i mean so my first thing was 60 bucks Yesterday was 2 bucks and then today i wake up and there's another extra dollar in here so um affiliate bonus obviously works you see the big big youtubers they have hundreds of thousands of dollars right here And i know why now you know like like they have? 4,000 people underneath them every time they make a loan every time they reinvest they get a percentage that shit builds up quick i get it So with my total earnings so far is 94 bucks You know i mean in every you might again you're gonna be saying like oh yeah you have an affiliate person that's why you? obviously the chunk of the change is right here but it's only one person that's a you know it wasn't that difficult i i put out there i Give away 200 bucks you know if i still haven't made my money back i gave away a hundred bucks so you could say hey You, say i invested 350 into this, so 250 i invested into um into big connect but i i gave away another 100 bucks for five people To um to sign up under me underneath me i my referral Campaign whatever the case might be so you can say that i invested 350 and i'm almost back to zero and in two weeks now then right and two weeks i made my money back now after this everything is everything is would you call it everything is um Profit from me from here on now i think ten more bucks So anyways i'm gonna showing you guys the opportunity now in two weeks You know i almost added three okay so we'll say that we'll say 350 that i spent on here I'm at zero in two weeks you know i mean i got i got my Investment back in two weeks is it i got my vision back in two weeks And and from here on now is all profit i know this guy is gonna be locked in for you know for 200 or some days So every time you riously he's reinvesting money so this money this i'm gonna build this is gonna build because i'm reinvesting out my stuff too so just keep building you know i mean so just giving you guys a little show of how it's a compound interest and stuff like that so that that's what i want to give you guys right here today i'm big connect um you Know i don't want to waste too much show you guys it's time because i know i can get long-winded Or are we at right now nine minutes perfect i want to end it like at ten minutes so we're gonna do a half of A video today again Bit connect if you're not signed up to sign underneath anybody or you want you know you're you're thinking again i'm a financial advisor i'm not, guaranteeing you and your profits but as What, we see right now you sign up on the big connect you sign up under me just click the link that's in the description The first link that's there? And sign up under me and the first person that does alone you have to do at least a hundred dollars First hundred hour alone i will give you back 20 bucks i would you know so you're already doing 80 so you're um you're risk is not that it's not that big instead i set up a hundred dollars you're gonna only risk eighty dollars i'll give you guys 100 bucks for the first person that signs up under me and gives a loan even if you're already are signed up on if you already part of my team go ahead and make a loan and and you will get $20 back if you're not signed up under me sign up under me and You get 20 bucks back as soon as you do a hundred dollar loan because that's the limit right here i'm To connect but anyways man that's all i got for you guys again make sure you keep it tuned man because no matter what Randomly like i said i'm all my money i got like 40 bucks in in big connect because i bought more um i bought more that big connect finance because i bought more all coins last night and but i saw had enough money i was like let me just put all my money in here Then i'll take it back out So i try to take it back down i try to take half of it so i was like i like i have 40 bucks In there and they're like oh we're gonna take away like $19 fees so much fuck that so right now i left on my money and finance and i do apologize of the week? we do have the winner right here I'm selling is my oh i'm so Hot tab you guys saw the name but on my Tomorrow for sure i'll be able i should be able to have enough i enough to do by 20 bucks of a coin base because there's limits if there's limits on How much i could get a day so every day they release a little bit more a little bit more so tomorrow for sure i will be giving you guys money if not i'll just take that money out and take the hit on the On the 19 bucks you know i mean i don't want to be that guy that like promises all these giveaways and doesn't give the? Money away but i think by tomorrow we should be good i don't want to lose any money either you don't say but anyways man again make sure you subscribe make sure you get the notification bill because i will be giving away a lot more bitcoin again right now they connect first person that gives that does another loan and best in Big connect if you guys are already thinking about it go ahead and do it and you get $20 back simple as that man anyways bye not, shy rich tv is your boy malinsky and i'll see you guys tomorrow peace

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How to Start Lending on Bitconnect – Easy tutorial shows you how // Instructions explained

How to Start Lending on Bitconnect – Easy tutorial shows you how // bitcoin lend lending program proof review instructions explained withdrawal capital release reinvest scam ponzi calculator calc money david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell I wanted to give you a really quick and simple guide to how to transfer money to bit connect so you can start lending money and earning profits in the bit Connect lending program alright so first you have to log into your bit Connect account on bit connect Co alright and if you want to join bit connect by the way there's a link I'm gonna provide you with a link and it's below this video in the description of the video so you can click on the link and join bit connect and you can be on my bit connect team for the lending alright and I can be your guide or your mentor if you want and if you have questions if you joined bit connect and you want to put some money into the bit connect lending program so you can start earning profits every single day you can email me at any time my email address is David Modell at gmailcom but first you need to sign up under my affiliate link for bit connect and be part of my team so check the description and click on the link below this video alright so if you're ready to start lending money for the program start earning profits you would go and go to your bit connect account sign in log in with your password and then click on dashboard which is right here dashboard ok and that'll take you to the main page the dashboard now you need to get some bitcoin okay either on coin base or somewhere else and then transfer it from coin base or wherever wherever you have your Bitcoin wherever you bought it you want transfer it from there to your Bitcoin wallet it's right here okay on the dashboard on the bit connect website after you log in the Bitcoin wallet is right here okay you can see how much you have in there right now I have nothing but so you need to get your Bitcoin into the Bitcoin wallet here in order to do that you need know what your address is your Bitcoin wallet address on bit connect okay on the bit connect website so how do you find out what your Bitcoin wallet addresses on bit connect well you can click on the left side of the screen you can click on a little wallet thing here or you can also go to the little menu thing and you can click on wallet here either way both of them will take you to your wallet there's your wallet alright and then we're see where it says receive bitcoin BTC alright you would click on that green button here and that that way you can get the address to accept Bitcoin payments alright because you're going to need to send your Bitcoin from coinbase or wherever to to your bit connect Bitcoin wallet alright and so you need to find out your bit connect Bitcoin wallet address and so you'll click that green button and then you can copy that a Bitcoin address make sure you copy it exactly you don't want to send a Bitcoin from coinbase or wherever to a wrong address that would not be good okay so you want to copy it exactly you can right click copy whatever it is alright and then you go to a coin base or you know wherever and then let's say it's coinbase that's you know one of the more popular ones and then you click on accounts after you log in a coin base alright and then you go to your account so you go to your Bitcoin wallet which mine doesn't have any Bitcoin in it right now but if you did have some Bitcoin in there you can click on send and then you can paste in that address the which you copied from here from the green button on the bit connect website ok so you go to coinbase or wherever you know whatever you have the Bitcoin and you send it to that address that you've got from this this green button here from the wallet you know again you go to the wallet part of the wallet icon on the menu here ok so and that's gonna take a little bit of time alright so now you have to wait you have to keep checking back keep checking back to see if it's here if your Bitcoin is and the Bitcoin wallet then you're in good shape okay then the next step is to click on exchange because now you need to transfer or exchange from the Bitcoin here to your bit connect wallet here you need to get the funds from here to here alright in other words you're exchanging your Bitcoin to bit connect tokens and putting it here alright so how do you do that well once you see the Bitcoin in here you click on exchange which is right here and you give it a few seconds all right and it'll take you to the exchange alright and there you go and by the way another way to get to the exchange you can click on the menu thing here alright and you can go to be BCC exchange it's right here that'll also take you to the same page or you could just click on this little icon right here on the menu here ok so now you're gonna go down go down go down and there you see by cell BCC okay so you're gonna buy BCC you're gonna buy some bit connect tokens using your Bitcoin okay in other words to get your you know your money from the Bitcoin wallet to your bit connect wallet you have to go down here and you have to purchase it alright so how do you do that well it's the default settings are fine you just you see that blue button that's first of all you go to the buy BCC not to sell BCC you go to the buy seized by BCC that means buy bit connect tokens with your Bitcoin all right from your Bitcoin wallet here now you click on all the blue all button ok assuming that you want to invest all of the Bitcoin you don't have to do all you could just put some of it if you want to but if you want to do all of it all of the Bitcoin that you transferred if you want to lend all of it or invest all of it in the bit connect lending program then you'll you would have to you know change all of it into bit connect tokens because that's what you'll be led basically all right so you can click all if you want to do all of it and then you see where it says last you could just leave it there leave it on last okay and then click on so you know leave that blue button last and then click on the green button by bit connect coin all right and it may take a few seconds may take a few minutes but eventually should be able to purchase the the bit connect coin with your with your Bitcoin okay and if it doesn't go through if the price keeps jumping around you may have to change this number okay you may have to lower it or raise it you'll probably have to raise it okay yeah in other words you might have to spend a little bit more okay so you may have to adjust the number hopefully you'll get it the first time hopefully you'll be able to buy it on the exchange the very in the very first attempt if not try raising you know adding a little bit to this number add a little bit more add a little bit more you don't want to add too much you don't want to you know get ripped off you don't want to overspend all right you don't wanna just give away your money like that you want to get the lowest price possible but you also want to make the purchase you don't want to be left out all right so try it raise the price if you have to a little bit keep trying again eventually you should get it you should be able to make that purchase all right and you can scroll down a little bit and see all the orders all the buy orders sell orders more importantly you can see your open orders and if it's not filled then keep waiting and then try again if you have to all right and hopefully it'll change from an or from an open order to a filled order in your my order history okay so if it goes from here open orders to my order history that means you know that it went through your order was filled and you made the purchase of the bit connect token all right and you could always come back to this page to check that the funds should be you know should be out of your Bitcoin wallet and now into your bit connect wallet you should have some funds there okay should have some bit connect okay and that's where you're going to lend alright and you need to have at least $100 worth to start in the lending program all right 100 US dollars we're talking about okay finally yeah you're almost there okay then you go back to the dashboard which you could either do through the menu here or just by clicking on this icon here alright so you'll have some funds hopefully by now and your bit Kinect wallet okay and now you would click on see that blue button here lend bit connect all right you would click on that and I don't have enough you know I don't have anything and right now in my bit Kinect wallet here but if I did then I would certainly want to lend it especially if I had at least $100 worth okay and so what you would do is you put in here you type it in how much you want to lend it could be $100 could be whatever it is a thousand five thousand you know whatever you want to be depending on you know how much you want to earn okay and how quickly you want to get your initial investment released back to you and that's called capital release alright the more you invest the more you earn as you can see and the quicker the capital release will be okay so if you want to put in let's say a lot of no a thousand and ten dollars so you can get to this level here or whatever okay now do not invest more than you can afford to you know to lose or to put at risk yeah I don't want you to I do not want you to invest any money that you will need tomorrow or next week or next month okay this is money that you're willing to put at risk but you know as far as I'm concerned I'm willing to take the risk I feel very confident about the bit Connect lending program alright so you put in how much you want to lend and put in the lending program so you can start earning daily interest payments okay and then it'll tell you how much that isn't bit connect all right and then you click a check the box you read the Terms of Use you're making a decision to participate alright with a full understanding of the rules and regulations and then you click on the blue button pay from bit connect wallet alright and then you're in then you're you're in the program and check back every 24 hours and you should start to see your interest payments and they should start to add up and when you have at least ten dollars in your lending wallet to reinvest okay what you know you'll see the interest payments start to add up here and then when it's at least ten dollars you can click on this blue button here reinvest right now I because I keep on reinvesting I don't have ten dollars right now I only have two dollars and 46 cents but if this was at least ten dollars you could reinvest that ten dollars okay which is what I'm doing you don't have to you can withdraw it but personally I like to keep reinvesting it that way I can get even bigger interest payments through the magic and through the power of compound interest alright so that is a quick and simple hopefully a tutorial on how to start investing in bit connect after you've signed up okay and you can see my affiliate link here and again it is in the description of this video and if you've signed up to be part of my team if you've signed up through my affiliate link and you're ready to start depositing funds you can re-watch this video as many times as you want and you can also email me at David Modell at gmail

com and I can help you through the process if you know because this this is a multi-step process it might be complicated for you that's okay if you're on my team then I can be your coach or mentor in helping you to invest money correctly into the bit connect lending program and also to reinvest it when you're ready to do that you don't have to reinvest but that's what I do I've been doing it every single time alright so thanks a lot I really appreciate it I hope this is a resource for you if you're ready to invest money into the bit connect lending program all right how I hope that you will give this video a thumbs up on YouTube I hope that you will leave a comment and subscribe to my youtube channel alright thank you so much I appreciate it and I'll talk to you again soon

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Hello friends vie channel channel techno review today the next release have beaten connect and carry out regular translation beaten in connect to bitcoin ie withdrawal bit connect to bitcoin coins as you can see from the I have here at the Landing bring down denezhek very little is today accrual today was not very well profitably actually let see’ll go in the dash board and beat connect and let’s see what they are today, we offers something apparently hangs site huge load all struck bit connect of its maximum is US $ 440 per coin and now I’ll show you how I This earned and earned very well today was charging 042 percent from your deposit but remember at I still have zero plus one percent ie Now they are just those five dollars and of plus 80 bucks I Yar I invested too come in the late afternoon money check here we are now connect bit value of 1 coin is four hundred and forty dollars and I have now at this point in the afternoon to addiction and zero point sixty-six-seven-seven is not so 06 0

7 essence can even so to say that I make friends I am from Landing wills translate this money when a coin bit connect Rose grievances connect as you know is growing almost in parallel with the Bitcoin where we have there our coin market cup favorite and watch the 300 already fifteen yards exceeded our bitcoin pop capitalization and at the moment it is the sum of 18 thousand 852 dollars is simply unrealistic cool enough after prolonged stagnation and a slight correction bitcoin again rushed up it will likely It breaks the mark of 19 thousand and may be even in the 20 and will again fall to stagnate or something will happen to him but just not grow again this will be either purchased or use of this large investors investors It plans huge that have a lot of very money but we are not very interested little I have and now obidki chops will be even a little more because we derive this money beaten by a connection as you may remember, I have deduced 14 thousand rubles, if you have not watched it I advise you to watch a video and Now we translate beaten connect a bit connect in bitcoin currency because we have here a course Floating enough even if he rise up, we did not lose much because I threw the court money at that moment when the bitcoin bit skate ask forgiveness was worth 353 dollars somewhere even I think I threw a couple of bucks Natural coin when he It costs 390 but not the essence but may not threw they are in general I won with this very, very good at first I let press a button translate x cinch respectively, here we have the floor here we It is taken as much as we Bitcoins obtain and villages respectively conform or confirm all the coin we instantly He entered the bitcoin bitcoin wallet and fells We caught so very cool, I think so course why because despite the fact that if yes, even now killed bits will connect up but we accordingly and bitcoin coming up it was made of bitcoin Now that is the dark he could have Mari sprinted dreams you got up rose whichever CONNECT but also 442 here on the market Coy Cappie it a little higher and enough to catch a problem bit range to connect eg cost to the coin market Cappie 442 to the dollar and here bit of a connection, it cost 440 that is two dollars the difference is very, very cool way because sometimes that is $ 5, and 6 dollars that is, we are now very steep piece caught on really with you I continue to see friends bit of a connection for a month and this report has we get but how much 4 weeks, 4 weeks, but take a little more probably 8 days probably yah role not It plays essentially no this does not change we derive here and so the amount of money and this a lot of, let’s copy the It is almost a week a week plus I dripped shall not hide from my partners way link to connect bit down in the description of the transition on it register become my partner and get me to the analyst various kinds of assistance to help in all prompt I have killed quite a connection so for a long time already there Prahova chip can All say why write in comments yes I was there User a nickname that I forwarded to you as a Me and we will communicate with you closely on this area and tell you how better to build your strategy and to getting the same money as I because practically so that virtually month I fought off half its deposit has literally there I I think I need about three weeks or even It can also be a month and all I will go to zero and we have only income and work and I also talk strategy as a profitable or reinvest as part of the output may be even or even reinvest and tell what Principle and advantages Reinvest in what advantage here this here is my stroke that is the translation denezhek bit for now let’s connect started, simply look at how much we to see that we have friends 17000 RUR 17 thousand rubles that is here for example Now we see but let me I tossed a coin when the coin was worth somewhere around three hundred and fifty three bucks and where there is a part of the 3390 let take even up to 380 bucks and that is Now multiply our zero six six seven there were seven supplement is what we was a connection bit 300 Well, let it be August 10 so we got you here 3 250 bucks this week for the week deposits of $ 1,100 thousand I had dispersed the $ 1,000 10 I went to receive a higher percentage and disbanded before 1100 80 bucks and have dokinut rescued fill exactly half of the deposit by the way even if we assume that those 80 bucks it is already more than half of the deposit but I We have been invested so we do not consider them so I would get well, as much as two thousand less like two thousand, it is always nice though now bitcoin is still grow up, we’ll keep the money in Bitcoin and maybe I’ll tell still tell you about a couple of very cool projects Landing with so subscribe necessarily friends of the canal put great thumbs up I share with you information and I share with you my experience in the first and all share here as of yet Invest bit connect and provide He likes to connect to other projects such as analogs bit of a connection I’m just now they learned a lot of talk about them very a lot of money to put right I say well I want my subscribers is welled not have a single site I have not invested I made a lot of money already there quite a lot of ‘X’ but there bring these X’s naturally impossible so I will project the project site project does not I am telling when it will be released on the stock exchange when everything will be stable all cool fire up there already and Landing I will tell you if he was not sure nipples c but would hope that will not find everything is so cool Now bitcoin currency we refilled and we will bring to blokcheyn purse in here then I deduced on the purse kriptonator purse very steep Commission is rather small let’s look at my balance and I balance here so I bought the coin here Creep and turnips I raised almost in thirty-four thousand, I came here and I picked up as you can see ripple 10,000 hours so little jumps but even if he prosyadet I plan to leave this money in turnips and in the future I will not buy even coin ripple and tell you the way I do separate video about cock and kriptovalyutnye if someone does not know it is possible for free receive a cryptocurrency prospect of further growth I tell you about the pros and cons of this in separate video friends write in comments in general about everything that’s I’m talking about all that you know put thumbs up necessary but also those who my team those who will register register bit a connection also write in comments about that will be registered to communicate with you tighter means all the comments I I answer that there is no question there is no all try to answer on my phone alert once I see at once literally almost like technical support roughly in this mode I answer you almost instantaneous Well sometimes the stock was because it, too, is not free I have all time and so I used to derive kriptonator coin but today we will withdraw in on the purse and so very blokcheyn a good purse here on commission It is also quite interesting that is, Depending on the load on the block Actually it all depends on what there is here Commission may be $ 100 and can be and 2000, but if you need to store cash long term, in principle, bitcoin for periods of duty, in principle, can be here store it safely is very good here protection and by the way there appeared another bitcoin cache also you can see was Bitcoins ether there appeared another bitcoin cache Crypto on a rope is also a good purse, too storage periods but many say the debt he steals money there’s more to it but really friends here too, the same exchange and ebit But with the storage position where such money they are very large it is not so actually prospectively why because if you have a million 235 I I already I said you can keep on killed in the exchange listed exmo also tell you about it Then when I am about the apple and other coins tell you can store here money because there are Commission on I think about 900 rubles, 700 rubles for withdrawal but Think you want to there part of the cue ball it’s your’s unfortunate to 47 thousands from me 47 thousand chops to bring it for example in 7000 some the Array project well, we will do cho you take you see these seven thousand and 6000 to only to come back but let friends like to look objectively than you will save money kriptonatore and translating them and by the way relatively quickly translated from she cryptocurrency wear on kriptonator fast kriptonator relatively quickly but not as quickly as the course on the stock exchange just say the transaction may hang long enough that it blocks congested happen to know yes We need to carry out a transaction power miners and large mining farms so just say that we have an allowance up-down-up-down but it’s not at all Now honestly I do not care even if it falls I fall I’ll keep this coin money because it is enough prospectively look at the heat I think that would be something cool with it then then all this talk just distracted and so well all kriptonator say that bad all say that here stealing money well, many of my friends about He likes to say that this shit many exchanges about Bitrix say that this shit Exchange many people say that it too full Eksmo shit but my friends well, then all Exchange bullshit All purses shit I do not know keep money in his pocket, and everything just as it depends entirely on man that is how he positioning his defense on the stock exchange on the well yes it recognition of protection kriptonatore the same as it has all monitors and so on here I do while it was not a matter of not writing any just look at the comments that kriptonator him there is not a transaction I passed what else that money is stolen by still something special, we actually site It is developing very actively and I do not think that will be here what that’s nonsense I until there was nothing to me yet Nothing such as would be a serious kriptonator am will tell you so come on i deduce on bitcoin bitcoin for blokcheyn We go everywhere here accordingly our wonderful bits connect then tell more about other the same kind projects Landing with a different kind in buns figures and further means click on here we have the floor our bit further connect coin here we have the password for the withdrawal and Bitcoin address there where we will bring our earned blood money for this, we click here to get bitcoin here click to copy address so we copied to it’s full there a little under changed but not the point check again it and paste it here here here’s Court paste and check the check part of the early check looks very end It looks like and check the water somewhere in the middle of a Now, etc seems not further enter the code two-factor authentication here let us show you as the whole thing looks like we loaded google authenticator, and he it generates every 30 seconds there member every minute of the code and then press and sensible and here my friends is a very important thing a very important thing to you withdraw your bitcoins to this project you you need to enter the code here, many asked how that you are now in the registration and even fetch a piece of paper but of course I am showing you are not boiler codes here you during registration I was granted such a tablet with twelve years and you can see here is the code here Ian ie do you want to lead a first code that is specified in your code as 1 to 36 and the numbers in each in every 12 horses each one in six figures you have this plaque you print desirable course well someone writes a notebook someone types and respectively to output you here enter this value, I am now, and then click and sensible then you and I will continue it in Basically the code is not visible to you so now I am again referring to his and press after drop from 5 symbolic once again possible even check the address to the validity and push all th e amount we This removes much sleep in a bit a connection to the Bitcoin Commission let see how much it well detailed in detail I will understand with you 441 rubles last time when I shot it was 260 rubles now! 441 the shape current increases and so on so Friends need to go into the concrete eighteenth Bitcoin year for all other cryptocurrency altkoinov will significant press confirm today we’ll talk more about this, or conform well there is not much it burns conform to that type exit You agree on a conformist but to confirm the English well, is not the essence of pronunciation will not give you understand so well, and we go to our unit whose reboot to continue here at the entrance us as well as 5 5 5 It has not yet been refreshed us information but let’s be nicer Now look for here here we have written that Woman with ful ie payment formed Reboot and see the way here see also fell under the coin that is in We brought you in relation to this whole thing and look where we have there it formed a payout payment transactions so here we are It was formed on the transaction translate of bitcoin wallet to connect bit here such amounts and here we had formed Transaction to transfer to here is such a purse to our purse and blokcheyne here and so the number of burgers But in general, friends and all forward when us this amount appears in blokcheyne and let’s wait here it is we sum it’s here and so the number of bits to it see friends we received money We acted quickly reached all the way By the way here shot down a connection is very rapid withdrawal very fast and very cool and very well, like it a lot Naturally we’ve got a commission acted a small amount of 400 rubles, well, that’s because Incidentally friends here as I said go cue is needed now more accurately wait correction to go into it because well, 18 year will be for a bit to the denominator here most likely it will be natural grow with excitement roughly interest and all other moments ring and we have something that only time how can we enter into it all of course concrete things quickly evolving rapidly even once said those who went to the crypto world as I can say those fellows invested in the Landing if too Good for those who have not done so advise you do this it will be your portfolio it will bring you a constant profits and already two months later, you can leave virtually zero and the current in the current or to increase your deposit here or withdraw money respectively distribute their essays about storage in cutlets in general to do with them anything well, that the friends here in this way today It is concluded, I think I told you a lot of interesting moments and that’s the way things look at my also previous video of Bi-bi-si I I drove their plants this money in its bit through fervor there showed you quite a number of ways buy cue see it well, about kriptonator also look and let us look, I wound up here about 40 in 2000 I lost something on the board of something somewhere somehow, and let’s see what I have 45 lost yes and let’s see how much it Now with the growth of Bitcoin as it is now 0, 043, and prescribe further value 89 as 89 that it is already 48 thousand in I on the account that is the same so that we have came almost to zero commission recaptured and multiplied to 3,300 rubles, that is, those money we can bring anywhere for a different village, and so on there I like to buy the same ripple hope that it will grow and I will tell you about a coin even more why it will grow to grow, and so on here but top coins I will form necessarily friends subscribe to a channel put great thumbs up because I see your Activity is very cool big fellows feedback is very cool thank you great for it’s write a comment because there will be a lot longer video closer to the new year in the New Year holidays in the post New Year holidays so on that I am where I plan to do very actively engaged in it all to tell you about it to share with you their experience so do not forget to subscribe to a channel put great thumbs up, it was Channel geeks beat Thank you all very much for supporting the opposite Us all good luck and great profits on cryptocurrency the eighteenth year of show that we will be able to withdraw until the fact

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BITCONNECT 5000$ pierwsza reinwestycja!

I warmly welcome due to the fact that it is only beginning to not having a microphone briefly write about my first reinvestment in bitconect the amount of which is invested as you see $ 5230 Here you can see my daily calculation of the amount of output nazbierało my wallet in lending $ 478 reinvest the entire amount by clicking ALL> the sum of which must reinvest all or 10,20,30 etc we confirm confirm the contract is signed for 299 days My total investment of $ 5700 Here we can see how they look in the calculation of the percentage each day Here we can use the calculator to calculate the average gain and that's it 🙂 if you liked give paw up or Subscribe My Channel

Link to registration BITCONNECT Rooute in the description of this video 🙂

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California Blockchain Expo Walk through – Sponsored by Bitconnect Day 2

Bitconnect California Blockchain expo what's going on everyone Joey Rocca here at the California blockchain Expo things are just kind of getting set up you know everybody's getting their booths ready and we're just kind of hanging out right now getting ready to you know set up our booth actually show the Flyers so we got the Flyers going on this is Josh I'll be your flyer model so pretty cool mmm yeah and actually helped design those too which is cool yeah I took part in that so I feel special but yeah cool so we'll be handing these out to people you know answering questions and such and you know just just providing information for people what's going on Kate so this is this is the crew we're hanging out with right here we got people from all over the globe shout out the crypto girl it's gonna be a good time we're gonna have some fun there's there's cool ass Jonas over there and yeah so we're just we're just hanging out right now Barry says we miss you we miss you crypto girl and yeah so not a whole lot going on right now we're just kind of sitting around just chillin waiting to do a little bit of setup and that's pretty much it man how's everybody doing today is this only for bit connect no this is not what's going on room TV welcome back sir this is not only for big connect this is for blockchain technology period there's gonna be all sorts actually I'll take you guys for a walk with me there's already other coins setting up in stuff so we'll see who's here I'll take you guys for a little walk around the conference there yo what's up Ludo so let's uh let's take a look right here I know we got let me see so we got peer-to-peer payments w3 coin Excel trip so far what else how's it going guys all right all right let's see what else have you got going on here not a whole lot good we could read off the the people who are gonna be here photos trust a bit a bit cleave a lot of this stuff haven't even heard of yeah this is the cally Expo coin loan solid opinion are pay like I said a lot of this stuff I don't even know what it is simple vital health Siberia –m D market I'm not sure what D market is oh this this reminds me of a Cisco actually Cisco has a decentralized market place to so I'm gonna want to talk to these guys because I think that in the future places like eBay there's gonna be there's going to be markets where you can buy and sell things and just use crypto let's take a look at their interesting so they're gonna be getting involved in gaming I wouldn't definitely want to come hang out and talk to these guys net net Chi the connect Vinh chain yeah see hiding in her a lot of this stuff and there's so many names that I've never even heard of you stream bit mark bet vexed 360 what a box it's freaking big guys there's a whole different whole few different areas culture wolf SSL I don't even know what 90% of this stuff is what do we got here I lists on Anthony Stratis you guys know who Stratos is right I was going guys Center no dsi group and silica limited a pacer happiest minds I don't even know I don't even know I was at the big connect booth a moment ago I'll go back to it in a few there's not much set up yet I'm just kind of doing a little tour around the area so there's gonna be different speakers and stuff Bitconnect California Blockchain expo Stratis is so far got one of the biggest booths so a whole nother stage set up we need to see big Kinect faces I think you should speak for yourself on that problem what do you mean what does that even mean that sounds creepy bro sounds it sounds creepy I want to show this whole other Joey are you gonna try to hook up with crypto girl no sir not at all I will not be trying to hook up with crippled girl that was weird but funny I should have brought my handheld gimbal so it was a little less shaky let's see what we got over here yo what's going on Alexander what's happening captain let's see yeah I don't really recognize much as far as you know as far as coins you know I'm surprised that I haven't seen many many coin booths so far are Ely's coins that I recognize you know top 20 coins we got t-mobile whiz net said X I don't even know what a lot of this stuff is guys I don't I don't even know what this stuff is atomic mole copper picks yeah I don't even recognize half of this stuff which I kind of had a feeling that I wasn't going to recognize a lot of this stuff because when I went to the blockchain Expo website you know I didn't really recognize a lot of the names that were on there I am still a rookie and a crypto noob so what's up crypto carnivore welcome welcome see what else I can find to show you guys and Stratos got a big old fat sign they got one of the biggest signs here this one on Matthew Sylar aka Krypto daddy what's up mister Cardone mr

Cardona in the house I wonder what what a box is all about what a box sounds like something I would say after a really fun night out in Vegas what a bucks what a bucks I'm gonna shut up now rewards token dot IO never heard of that anybody else here rewards token to IO yo what's up lost loser bit deal never heard a bit deal what else we got do good TM Black Duck software orbits Advantech Sentra what is Sentra I don't know any of this stuff is guys oh they're over here putting in work I'm gonna go I'm gonna go help them out so this is the big connect team over here guys we got the national promoter and then we got Jonas which is like Belgium big connect and yeah so yeah I'm just gonna help rip apart some stuff not gonna be a whole lot Joey taking a peek nice lots of names Josh there so Robbie alright so I'm gonna I'm just gonna set this up and give these guys a hand why not you see here yeah I probably just end the stream you got it will do Barry appreciate you guys coming by hanging out for a little bit don't have a ton of information but yeah as you can see the bit connect booth is getting set up right there boom so Olli that's coming together little by little it's all coming together wish I was there have fun tell Michael crypto I said what up if I see him I will I will do that I'm not sure if I'll see him but I might I might see him around are you going on the boat right now I'm not doing the boat right thing it's like 60 degrees out here I don't want to be on a boat yeah I appreciate that well just in case you guys haven't seen that yeah I like to show that off or is it it just came on so I was like I might as well show it oh it's not coming I'm always trying to show off my big Kinect watch my picnic I i watch but okay I'm gonna help these guys out thank you guys for tuning in stay tuned I'll be doing more streaming and stuff and talking more about what's going on when we have a big connect speaker I'll film him I'll probably do a live stream or anybody that's awesome for that matter that's about it thank you guys for tuning in real quick stream appreciate you guys and click the bell for notifications join the team links in the description love you guys take care Bitconnect California Blockchain expo