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SCAM – Bitconnect, Bitconnectx, Ethconnect e Lending!

are welcome to crypto channel investor always bringing the best investment in currencies krypton name diego and now I talk about scam quickly can talk about and connect IDG connect the bit on the hell It happened because they broke as you may be trying to soften the losses to those who invested in actually bit connect It was not my case I even from the beginning I started since I started the channel I was already saying that I have I have been talking to not invest in connect bit and be very careful because she was about to end good guys come on then watch the entire video for you to understand everything this straight I will also give my review of the land out above to the problem beyond the cheese in my opinion then watch the movie or video to the end and you will understand the course of my analysis bora guys there and connect connect was one of the first I entered the market in this part of producing Legend software program I got it He was placed around $ 600 I was hype everyone talking commenting on the internet all that is blog site and social network where you would everyone spoke of ipconnection so I went and threw 600 US dollars night connect was very difficult start ps server was not working ok all're really bad happened I bought there a thousand names in more coins or least they were not supporting the support of them did not work when you sent emails was not responding It was risky and was way too weird including the staff began to accompany me in the beginning and the channel I got up and told staff who have has already bought tries to sell a part in the race out because diego was trapped inside the platform you can not draw so I said trying to sell through the twitter trying to sell through the facebook and this then able to sell on around 400 tones about 4 only 500 toucans it was worth in around 5 dollars and sell cheaper sells for around 2 to 3 US dollars conclusion is not that not nearly 2000 I got dollars of foreign sales there is only make internal transfer this coin get recovered ooo money that was deposited by the way I I tripled the money he had and was deposited with 600 or even 700 Cocaine was around 400 to 500 of the that within the platform and stayed that there went out the stay was paying kim Interest straight he was promising and stayed for 20 days December is launching the platform December arrival they sent messages that talking is air did not happen the exchange soon and they asked to save them is returning after that would there was equated come today turned 2018 He entered in January and then began to the and d groups telegram large group people there was none with more than two thousand members within the group including a channel off as well he took the mic channel it and got me to post a video you're talking making a detour to hey that is what he saw where there is horrible level and when people give a coin do draw these things there I got started Search straight regarding everything I saw and I even discuss with telegram personnel within the group and then I started researching when I started pimba search found the problem escolegis galley these coins no longer has any value to ipconnection she was hacked if you get into the platform ipconnection long place within the ipconnection the platform opened two accounts and one account to another you send a negative value suppose you can send if you go there within the platform Iconix was there that part transfer between members you can transfer place the name of the world another member one other accounts you have you put a negative least 10,000 less 25,000 – 50 000 and confirm it will send so at that point you will receive others if you are in the other account and you gives accept is another account that will receive 10 20 30 and 50 thousand pieces of Ibyte ie connect is why is dana white guys connect another then understood actually want was a system error does not know when it happened I do not know if from the beginning already was so because since when the mc netconnect to make a video for you and the government – my heels and everything then we connect really I was search and it was made up then I do not I know if it was the hack that caused it in platform this bug then you put negative value and sent another account you will be able to receive or already was so from the beginning the guys only It was at the end not only see the end now in January the crowd and and this hack shaft surfaced so basically connect it was already Scania increase will not come back and connect it by chance or play back please money on this project for some project similar is actually lost money this is the risk of investing in each other ie in addition to products in addition to programs that you're doing it there is a risk really now let's talk a bit about bit connect bom galera beach connect only for you to understand I went and 2011 2010 2011 I passed the World detritus coins high over I saw talking about what took the fifth coins living in London at that time but I did not get to search not get to background was studying outside then I just saw can only then not really be the future in front but at the time colin or no attention was not Search short interest me nothing was only a thing of the kind you see any common story at some portal News and at the end of 2017 last year I was around September I received no SOBEET connect and dwell connect I caught my attention and I have been searching I even attempt to tell the truth for you I was thinking of entering in their plan there that was above 5 thousand dollars and milena of 5000 and 10 dollars and you get to do the cp Lens program which paid them in around 1-2% per day and though his capital and gets stuck there in 120 days something like 119 days I find interesting as hell right there was what struck me I almost I got to deposit money there but not deposited and deposit money on the floor purchase 20 cone and then there was I started researching a lot and after research a lot about connect heard they reported that they had a boat trader should should still 13 do to get people's money investing in the platform and this money they will make operations trading in Boston he does make time he puts it executes orders hundreds of orders and in seconds milliseconds are placed several orders is so run a boat trade ok it gets on the shore very small one to two percent is as he will be earning and they spoke that had actually SBOT is a boat trader then invest in the platform and personal you can do the operations and an with own profit gains these operations they paid the loans but when I saw I was already in September and he had been released from January this platform and did not have to the time that is after nine months they had not shown anything about this boat that is the penny dropped and I said no has Ottey are simply doing using money from own members to pay the other members and as it was already in almost almost one year I talked this thing will break will soon break even earlier if you look to the video of the nabix owner discretion video the river criteria through the criteria I got to comment this beach is connect a time very dangerous because it can break anytime ah I thought I diego arrangement I did not know people crypto currency is all speculation does not like us understand or speak last week en he hit with 9201 reached achieve almost 13,000 US dollars this week train at the end of last week's in one week he managed to do it all that now he is already correcting again goes try to get 9009 this 9 – will hold fall to 8 ie is a market that has much volatility then it will is changing all the time connect back to beach so I decide I did not go I saw was already this problem of actually running a tava very strong risk and also when you occurs will analyze market cap if we get that September she was a good working knowledge growth great it is valued at 135 dollars in September there has to November capitalization here around Capitalization is the first is written market cap also 511 million and then he had a fall if you look here O if you look capitalization was 1 billion 934 million in a matter of a day what she did It fell to 570 million ie she lost 75 percent of its capitalization which this means means that the people who owned the contracts connect bit ended contracts it so great volume of contracts and when they They began making land just fine with that it did what abete connect the value of the health value entered the account of the members and they They sold exchanged by btc proprietério it did what end Capitalization of them can see are 1 billion and 1 billion the 1

9 million dollars and dropped 595 million dollars so here it's showing that staff already have enough money bid connects dropping off and when the staff starts fall out takes the money that they will happen They will not have enough money to continue paying members to start country fell surely own the staff abit connect even started buy currency to the currency rose the price was what happened to her back lapa 2 billion and 600 again and here comes the fall to 30 US dollars that was when they announced last week that the connect bit and not going to work more work with hollande it did what the staff came into despair and began selling beach connect the squeegee so that left 400 dollars and it was patriot dollars news this matter of minutes or one hour two hours makes the price falls all this was something desperate because there were many people who had invested money and connect bit almost crying because all the money he had invested left good that the guys made the historic was system error was marking the value of the video and connect 280 Dollars not had time to update all the guys It began Mandab connects the historical that is a bad faith but your brain has nothing to do she has a cup in partnership with Captiva then so also the enterprise of a serious company offering a vote technology one krypton technology is within the marketplace that is what will occur as if it were an e mail market free amazon one there but the market circulation coin It will be the historical ok even have to see her and she yet is itself the time if you buy just look them in the canal and take a peek in the review and see what you think and make your good brief analysis the crowd began to daddy money historical and koala getting buy and bought a ridiculous amount because bike worth 30 US dollars within the history're worth 280 then gave that contest the historical observed and reversal all the actions that have been made invitation connect a wrong value or transactions they had some transactions of some people who sent them and a half considered the value of the ticket connect 30 dollars and complete the operation ok they claimed they had had the bitcomet one had finished and because the reverse currency had no market value basically what remained of staff that had beach connect or selling the action cja 30 30 dollars on average 30 dollars or even try to buy abit connect is what dwell connect former bishop net ex is a this or personnel made connect bit of action would be a coin aid they will launching they said ranging launching anticipate and Shishin and tomorrow is costing $ 50 beginning but if that is a very high value they had first announced her 5 dollars a message the day before and then the next day they put the 50 certainly were already predicting that end with that of the heavens gives eliza out in the bit connect Nuland then he I was trying to capitalize aa abit ex connect with so they sent a message saying that the bit connect bc in the former connect within the bitwise connect is that left here was going reading 150 dollars or it would not be more worth 30 US dollars they would accept the connect bit in the ex connect bit than $ 150 this is a way of trying to reduce the hole you had will it decrease not know the bit connect is that belonged beach connect will they do the same thing in time to finish this elizabeth chen sonnen but know but for those who already embeds connect it lost both capital and has and is a possibility to try to reverse it an alternative will work do not know as I said this d market plus program It is too risky not sure it is high risk in the same way that you put can try to win 1000 2000 3000 5000 percent 10 000 percent you can lose everything so that's where the how much you want to risk as what you think it worth the risk risk / return if you think it's worth risk to try to win you prefer a safer thing besides rendering problems all so the risk to Question diego but already sometimes I saw you speaking of his videos this might be the next victim nec the crowd when he speaks can be near beach connect in terms of the fame of the success that we have had the blow they gave the crowd and disappeared with the money everyone is one thing completely different we will analyze the graphic look here is bit connect will speak here within a year of out 16 and 13 cents came 435 US dollars there and not think it was a success during the year certainly was a who took this success here at the start in the middle of the year has Viacom percentage He had gain who came here at the start and and held coins by the end became a millionaire if you had told type 100 US dollars on here here I would be a millionaire but to attack will leave at the end're selling to stay a year it gave 16 is each I do I talk about what I I taboos share with you is that many people than the group there than the investor in the telegram love question that's several times a day ok guys what I do to try minimize my risks this both in a program plus show how in Aichi or normal nor owner being light that is en pp suit any history which was then I always work in the same way and that's what I applied at night connect hum that I make I entered here I put I entered suppose then 15 cents OK I went here cents to reach a nice people level comes from work 11 dollars the amount invested will already sell here is not the amount and value invest 500 US dollars is like mouth amount I sell to recover here in this case here I have to sell 50 coins and I will recover 1600 we are what I do then I can think I try understand a little more up to 50% of I won the coin than I bought coins and the rest usually do this I recover the amount of capital before I look I'm already sure that noted losing which has already invested there recovered achieve best level of value to more than He said a little more than 50% and I leave the rest to see what will happen because I regained my value invested and have had a greater gain when the currency appreciate a little more the are to me is gain if by chance it Bomback in bonn abit connect here I am by increasing the massage should comes to it at the end put here devalued loses money I did not fail to win the other 50 percent who had bought the currency but Previous've overcome in the capital ever had logo on that's what I do now that each will do there with you as like myself I said I'm high risk investor I I taste like the adrenaline of this business you try to enter a currency to 11 chances to win have the possibility to gain an absurd amount of teaching percentage I like that way I work I understood'm here to share I do I share my investments look there here is what I have invested around here this portfolio in the open end of December is much of the I bought coins now in year last week to grow half I bought at the beginning of the end of December and half I bought there in the last two weeks right now'm with 2500 US dollars profit today and in the past 24 hours that does not harm the value of 463 right overall portfolio right now is 5000 364 this because until last night was in 8000 US dollars here then I was having over three thousand dollars profit such giving almost 100% already in the portfolio the mythical decided to roll over and okay correcting it will try to fetch the value who had spoken to you at the beginning of video is to try to get eight to nine thousand dollars then there will correct what I I have here is the Fed has a coin I have said over the network with it eletrônio the ada caetano caetano has date with what is byte stream cii lightweight and has a time inc has bitcoin I have ripple ethereal have idiot has human means hollande has the time or bank status to Cohene then gave abit cláudia out here that these are coins since it came out already today Sejaa consolidate into a few are thus consolidating take here in case this finished or at the end of the year we 25 to 24 and 25 or even launch them the official aid action is being nani marketed in Bancor in that e then the delta ether still has discretion to put here also has a history that after I put there here has the programs or that's what the track with range and puts it offers program beyond but they have offers from games you try to make money they have what I find most interesting is that the that such gc gc what I have is a boat trailer so they have the omd monetize amount invested within the platform I find it interesting that I will not go no other type of lens that does not have a blog has hum developed and proven to Masebe definitely definitely fini also okay to launch now together now they will also open ActionAid internal and everything will also launch boat them to writing they will work with marketplace it also on a platform of sales within the site itself ammonia and monetary taisa if you enter the monetary platform and now you will already see that it They made available there as will work the boat of them are namely companies are if they are released they have another shape having a second shape and form of the third or fourth monetize they will not depend only the investors' money to able to make more money ok so on the risk of each but know the risk is very high risk here will speak beach club during high-risk yes i have the high risk awareness is very high risk of all colds human are very high risk but I think it is worth the risk I want to take a chance and so far having result I started a business here is not to have a month the portfolio a month five open day 19 let's look at 19 days with all this that fell the bitcoin that left 18 thousand and 19 thousand US dollars 10,000 US dollars now I'm having with fall today with falling I have two thousand return five hundred dollars so I can not say that does not hide s the return button Sixty percent return in 30 days as to put in savings will lead 100 years to give it even more there is very is very high growth and has currency krypton so is each You have to really analyze the risk analyze aa currency you will invest read straight and know what the profile for you doing the best investment I have explained how I work I have explained how I I think and the way I invest the rest is you who have to decide ok and remember folks this market Credit coins is very high risk then only view what you can really lose anything I'm not sure right financial adviser clear that I only went to where I'm investing and my analysis that's what I do you need to make your own research before setting where you They will invest this is how it works then please research thank you guys

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Is Bitconnect A Scam? | Ledger Nano S | Is Hodling Bitcoin More Profibale Then HYIP Platforms?

Hello, what's up? Everybody – with watski? That's your average TV Happy Sunday

It is 333 pm California time and the biggest thing that everybody's talking about I talked a little bit about yesterday because I try to give you guys my hash flare and my bit connect review updates kind of thing and It was I same thing yesterday when I will try to click on it It says we'll be back soon We're doing some maintenance stuff like that come to find out that you go to their Twitter page and They're claiming that the website is under the DDoS Attack and their monitor and their monetary in it or whatever like case What might be yesterday actually I was able to log on to big connect everything looks fine

Everybody's going crazy Is it a Ponzi scheme they're exiting? they're out of here all that stuff my personal opinion is I don't think so you know I mean again I Go I watch other youtubers, and I read their comments and these guys have like hundreds of thousands of dollars um Most of it from affiliate bonuses on big connect that people are asking it um Do you know do you think it's a Ponzi scheme? Do you think it's a Ponzi scheme? it's like I I try to use the common sense like would you leave a hundred and some Thousand hundreds of some thousand dollars in a platform you thought was a Ponzi scheme You know I mean like if I earned that money, and I thought Excuse me I thought I was going to be there was a possible chance it was a Ponzi scheme I will take that money right out You know I mean this way It's safe I have it all that good stuff I earned it

I have it all good to go, but the fact that they're reinvesting and reinvesting and reinvesting most of that money Tells me that they don't think it's a Ponzi scheme You know I mean, I'm going through comments to people are like oh you're gonna Go to jail for for promoting a Ponzi scheme It's like these these these youtube people are just like you and I they found a platform They really like it They're making a lot of money off of it, and they're promoting it because they want affiliate links They're not part of the company They're not part of the Ponzi scheme You know I mean so it's like Some of the people in the comments or people that don't know what they're talking about need a chill I'm not saying that I'm an expert of any of this I'm just trying to say like There's a lot of there's a lot of people like putting scary things out there like oh my god The whole world's gonna hand you know like calm down

You know I mean it's not that big of a deal I I personally don't think that this is a Ponzi scheme again I have money invested in but connect bit connect because again one more time before we get into this I am NOT a financial advisor and Don't Don't invest any money that you can't afford to lose Yeah, I mean basically you're playing with with with money that you lost already, and if you make some money Then fuck it you did good You know I mean and don't forget to subscribe to the notification bill because we'll be giving away more Bitcoin this week coming up but other than that man, don't Don't go don't let the like all the scary people because are people that that that are that are positive thinkers people that are negative thinkers the pessimists optimist all that good stuff, so there's a lot of Pessimists in there saying like oh my god You guys are all gonna Go to jail you guys are all gonna die like Jesus Christ like relax It's just a website It's the internet you know I mean stuff happens Ever you guys I don't know I didn't know either how to look this up I guess the DDoS attack is Basically, I guess you can say a virus, but it's not like it's trying to hack into the system and steal everybody's Money is it's a it's a it's a virus that that like tries to like log on to the site so it overloads the site it is basically with what it does that it's not trying to hack the site is trying just to overload it so the Service of the site goes down people really can't use it as efficiently as possible, but yeah like again last night I was able to log into it Everything looks fine

Um I'm you know my investments were there everything was good to go, so I don't see how it could be any type of problem all right, so that's why I wanted to talk about this first calm down I Think I believe everything will be fine You know I mean again I mean it's like is like when Tom when Donald Trump became president Everybody is like oh my god Fuck Donald Trump He's not my president It's like it's like he is our president There's nothing we can do about it and the fact that you want him to fail It's like we're all in a pin a plane And we wants the pilot to crash does that make sense like we're all on the same boat together

You know I mean So whether we like Donald Trump? We don't like Donald Trump We're all in this together, so we had to support him and put positive Affirmations out there that he's gonna do the best that he can for all of us you know I mean same thing here a big connect is a platform that a lot of us are invested in and It's like I'm investing a bit connect But it's a Ponzi scheme like like why would you wish that upon something that you invested in here? I mean, and if you're not invested in it they shut the hell up You know if you're if you're not invested in it, and you think it's a Ponzi scheme then you won You know I mean like let everybody else If they want to be invested in a Ponzi scheme obviously they don't believe it's a Ponzi scheme That's why they invested in it, and if I want to invest in a Ponzi scheme Let me invest in a Ponzi scheme, and if I lose my money I lost my money, and I'll be like hey my bad Yeah, I mean has nothing to do with these with these naysayers You know I mean, and if you're a naysayer and you're not invested then you're in your world you want Anyway, I don't know I really don't like that negative energy So it really bothers me that other people put out these negative energy on people that we're just trying to to make an extra buck You know I mean, that's all we're trying to do and for anybody that says that oh, I'm trying We're not investing in cryptocurrency to make a little bit of money You're full of shit because that's what it is That's what stock market is you invest in stock market because you want to make money look at Warren Buffett He invested in the stock market because he made a shitload of money that that is the point of what we do in the situation Anyways, that's all

I really want to talk about that let me get my little paper of stuff that I want to talk about because I Need a little bit of structure If not I will definitely talk for like an hour I'm gonna see okay Len up platforms okay platform, we're talking about big connect We're talking about Hash flirted yesterday We talked about hash flirt And I came across another I should just watch the video a little bit ago before I did the video this video They're talking about these lending platforms and these mining platforms aren't that? They're not that important like if you like let's just say I invested 250 bucks in in big connect and although the yesterday I was talking about hash Larry

I invested 240 in hash flare This guy was saying that he like if you don't invest the 240 in hash flare and use hole with Bitcoin that in the the way I been how I've been having it for three weeks now and I would make more more money or just the same amount of money just holding Bitcoin rather than investing it into these platforms and what I had to say about that in my Experience when I bought Bitcoin the first first first time I ever bought Bitcoin it was going up It was right before I hit the 20 the 20,000 mark I was going up and up and up and up holy shit I better buy now because I again I just started researching this stuff and all that good stuff So I was like I better buy now before it explodes to like 100 million unity and I get I'm exaggerating And so I bought at 17 something and it may like crashed down to like 10 I believe it Was I'm like oh shit And then I was like so I was I had bought in at 17 something so I had lost a shitload of money But I had lost money because I invested when it was up here and they went down here And I mean and then so on and it started going up again, so I was like okay I better invest some more money here before it goes back up to 20 and so I invested again at 14 and 14,000 so I thought I was you know, I'm I'm smart because I hurt my first investment was at 17,000 now I'm at 14,000 now I'm buying at a better price You know I mean, and then it went up to you know we all seen what it's been doing lately ain't doing shit We all see what it's doing is just going up and down up and down up and down So you know it the highest has been going in the last? last days 13,000 he's gone all the way down to Thirteen thousand one hundred and it's at thirteen thousand seven hundred so it's going up and down about six hundred Dollars and average up and down up and out of them, okay So to to talk about what this what this guy was saying is do I believe that? that Holding bitcoin, we've been more profitable than put it into a Lenny a platform that either lens or mines, I'm gonna say no because My $240 that I invested initially into hash flare has became what I say yesterday five hundred and something In three weeks, you know I mean if I was holding Bitcoin, and I basically just say I bought it at 14,000 I would have lost maybe 20 bucks again I'm I'm not buying a full Bitcoin I'm only buying a percentage of it So I would allow 20 bucks or something if I would have just held it in Bitcoin instead of making from 242 to 500 in something, so it's 160 bucks in three weeks you're having and so okay 80 80 dollars of that is from the affiliate bonus so again I would have made I made 60 bucks just from the platform itself so in my opinion I believe these Landing platforms are a little better because no matter if Bitcoin goes up or down and you're always gonna make a little bit of more Money and as of right now Bitcoin is just doing this not doing anything so in my opinion It did not it was not more profitable just to hold the Bitcoin rather than invest the Bitcoin but again I believe and I heard a couple other youtubers talk about this that Bitcoin hasn't had a spike in a long time It's just been consolidating consolidating accelerating consolidating, so I think here in the next couple of days Ladies a week and my personal opinion It's due for a spike You know I mean so most likely we're gonna see that so yeah I invested more money in Bitcoin and we're gonna see what happens with that Oh, what can let me see where we're at on time Because it's Sunday

I don't want to talk to you guys you're off perfect We're doing really really good finally got my lecture nano s Make sure you guys can see that So is brand new it's still in the box, and so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna open it up And I'm gonna be I'm gonna look into it get all the specs get out You know what crypto currencies you can add to this will all coins You can add to this what regular corn you get add to this so we can keep our investment safe You know I mean because that's what it's about right here Not your average TV you know we want you we want all of us to make as much money as possible and After we make as much money as possible We got to keep it as secure as possible You know may because there are people out there that are just trying to make a quick buck and using their skills in computer to hack other people's Wallets and stuff like that, so I'm here in a couple days I'm gonna be telling you guys about that I will be telling you guys about wallets and all that good stuff

I'm investigating a little bit more myself Okay as a right now I'd be hundred percent honest with you guys I have all my money in the exchanges But all my exchanges have a Google Authenticator so even if you hack into my or whatever the case might be you won't be able to give into my accounts because Don't ever let them know ever use that Was the double verification with your text messages always use Google Authenticator this way They can't go to your if you guys are just new I talked about this in my security video People were going into like next eight they find out you have Verizon they caught Verizon like hey, I got a new phone I'm I'm on ski, and they're like I guess Rison doesn't really have a protocol of like That like strenuous protocol, so they're like oh, I got this new SIM card you know and switch over my phone numbers so when when they when they go to your your accounts and they Do the double verification like oh, I forgot it send it to my phone number or whatever And it goes to your phone number, and then that's why they hacked your account That's how they claim that they have hack to your account so Google Authenticator is an app is very very amazing This is an extra level of security Okay, one more thing before I get out of here I'm watching again I'm watching these big youtubers Bigger youtubers hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and I'm looking at all the comments, you know I mean I'm looking at the comments I'm trying to get a pulse for the community see what you guys want to talk about what you guys are thinking what you guys are asking And and one of the bigger ones is Trayvon James, you know I mean I looked at I looked him up yesterday And I watched this video right here, and he says I sold all my all coins again

These are different they definitely clickbait titles Because they're on caps and all that good stuff you know I notice all these dudes have like their mouths open because I should is that what I should be doing in my in my In my thumbnails I'm just curious I want you guys opinion, please comment below shied be like I Think I like a couple of my thumbnails I do have like my mouth a little bit late But that icon that intention or like oh my god the most money you can make ever Anyways the reason I brought this up is because I'm trying to see these these these these higher youtubers and the comments Are starting to like crumble okay like this video right here had like a hundred or something likes and like 200 or something dislikes Because he's just like rambling on about some random shit And it's kind of weird because you see people's patterns like that like all these other videos like he's at his studio Wherever he's filming it the last like five videos He's in the in his car driving around so they're like this guy this guy is on the run for some reason he's just talking to kind of crazy I Don't know I don't know what's going on He's made a lot of money most of them an affiliate bonuses and How do you guys watch like what do you think about these guys letters that are like Like at this higher level, but it seem like they're just crumbling like is all like this money is getting to their head like Do you think they're screwing the system? I don't know what do you guys think about this and the reason? I'm asking is because I'm going through their comments or like oh yeah, I'll subscribe I'm out of here This guy lost his mind like I've got any kind of worried should I should I should I keep doing these videos and then one day I get to this level You know I'm an investing and having like a hundred thousand followers By the end of this year Am I gonna lose my mind and started making crazy videos? That's what I'm sorry as I'm trying to say And I was gonna make a video like like like it popped in my head

I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna put like Trayvon James lost his mind or or or in in the video the reason that it was interesting to me is because He was contradicting himself left and right in this video He was like I sold all my all coins, but I'm holding I'm holding this many all coins And he's like I sold all my aetherium, but I'm holding this much aetherium so it's like Did you or did you not sell your stuff like I don't know what you're talking about So I was like all right like I thought about it like like Trayvon James Finally uses his buck in mind is what I wanted to title this video, but I was like nah And I went to the comments and someone actually said that he's like now someone's gonna make a video about like Trayvon James loses his Mind or some shit like that and I was and I commented back and I was like I was actually thinking that But that's something crazy like like if you want me to change the title of this video I would change the title but right now basically we're talking about big connect My main thing is that just be positive You know I mean if you invest in a bit connect have positive thoughts put positive energy out there, and we'll be fine I promise you you know I mean, but if you are like oh my god I'm gonna my mind like like I have 250 bucks in here I do have one one affiliate bonus and my from 250 and that would I say last time I think I'm at 370 I Believe am I 370? So I made I made a 120 bucks in the last almost three weeks in big connects, so I have a little money in there You know I mean, but I'm not stressed I believe it'll be fine like I said last night I was able to log back in all my numbers were right so I'm not tripping all right so anyway, man Don't forget to subscribe hit the notification bell make sure you comment below hey, d'you want to comment ask me questions I always answer every I reply to every single comment that you guys You know you guys take time to comment at least I can do is take time to comment back You know I mean so I appreciate you guys have an amazing rest of your weekend It is Sunday Tomorrow is Monday

We're ready for Ready to get the grind back on You know I mean, but as you can see here We're on the grind all the time right here night average TV, and we'll be doing away more Bitcoin probably tomorrow So make sure you tune in to that one and again I appreciate you guys man I'm out here Have a good one peace

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