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Day #15: How My Wife Replaced Her Income With Bitconnect!

hey what's going on y'all is Pete Olsen the Montana silver stacker and the frontline ambassador for isn International Silver Network wwwfreesilverandgold

biz is the number one silver and gold home-based business in the world and I am bringing you an update for my wife who is on her journey with bit connect and how she has replaced all our income and then some that she lost how she replaced it with bit connect and very very exciting guys so let's go to bit connect right now so this is day 15 of her first month so she is halfway through her month and she has earned eight hundred and fifty seven dollars and forty-one cents now she has to replace her part-time income and again guys she had to do that because he had to take care of her mom and he was very ill and she need to replace $1,200 a month well not only is she replacing the $1,200 a month but she's going to have an extra $500 left over most likely because 857 times two right is over there's about 17 hundred and fourteen dollars or so okay so she's gonna be over five hundred dollars over her goal and then she's only going to use the twelve hundred and she's going to reinvest and loan back in reinvest right here back into big connect another five hundred dollar loan people so every month is gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger cool okay so let's take a look at on the transactions at how her day was yesterday I didn't get around to doing the the video so let's go to the lending wallet and this will show okay so yesterday is a very good day eighty five dollars and forty four sets the interest she got paid for that day was one point seven one percent one point seven one percent it was the volatility software was one point five one but she gets an extra point two percent a day because she did five thousand and ten dollar loan and above and so eighty five dollars and forty four cents on that day so let's take a look and see her time that she gets paid about 2:30 or so every day let's see let's take a look and see what the interest rate today is gonna be and see what kind of we we have to expect here alright so let me move alright so let's go down to volatility this is before we do that it's what I was talking about if you just put in zero dollars to a thousand this is great you get the daily volatility soft software or whatever that is it could be zero could be up to two percent sometimes a little more if you do ten ten to five thousand you get the volatility software plus point one and this is what my wife did five thousand ten to ten thousand so she gets the volatility software plus 02 and then if you do a ten thousand and ten dollar loan to a hundred thousand you if the volatility software plus point two five this is what I'll be doing here shortly I'll be adding to my position here okay so let's go check out that volatility software okay all right oh wow okay so this is today all right so it's not gonna be quite as much today so she's gonna get the one percent of the volatility software plus an extra point two percent right remember she's here so she's gonna get the volatility software which is one percent and then she gets an extra point two percent for loaning in this in this area here so she'll get one point two percent today okay probably another sixty seven dollars and tomorrow is gonna be even a better day look at that one twenty five for the volatility so very very exciting guys and you know this is where the projected earnings calculator this is where you can put in what you want to invest into bit connect and this gives you the average rate of return and so this is an example someone wanted to put in $10,000 okay let's say over 30 days calculate how much that is so someone's gonna someone's going to be making if you put in 10,000 30 483 a month 30 483 a month just from lending into the system guys and doing nothing okay that's amazing that's absolutely amazing okay guys so another exciting date for my wife so proud of her so glad that she's been able to replace her income and with plus an extra 500 and that amount is gonna keep growing because she's going to reinvest that extra $500 that she doesn't need and I'm just gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger all right guys until the next update have a fantastic day oh and if you want to get involved in bit connect click on her link below and we'll put her email address if you have any questions anything like that feel free to feel free to call and telling you guys this is this this company is an absolute life changers changing lives all right god bless you

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