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Is Bitconnect A Scam? | Ledger Nano S | Is Hodling Bitcoin More Profibale Then HYIP Platforms?

Hello, what's up? Everybody – with watski? That's your average TV Happy Sunday

It is 333 pm California time and the biggest thing that everybody's talking about I talked a little bit about yesterday because I try to give you guys my hash flare and my bit connect review updates kind of thing and It was I same thing yesterday when I will try to click on it It says we'll be back soon We're doing some maintenance stuff like that come to find out that you go to their Twitter page and They're claiming that the website is under the DDoS Attack and their monitor and their monetary in it or whatever like case What might be yesterday actually I was able to log on to big connect everything looks fine

Everybody's going crazy Is it a Ponzi scheme they're exiting? they're out of here all that stuff my personal opinion is I don't think so you know I mean again I Go I watch other youtubers, and I read their comments and these guys have like hundreds of thousands of dollars um Most of it from affiliate bonuses on big connect that people are asking it um Do you know do you think it's a Ponzi scheme? Do you think it's a Ponzi scheme? it's like I I try to use the common sense like would you leave a hundred and some Thousand hundreds of some thousand dollars in a platform you thought was a Ponzi scheme You know I mean like if I earned that money, and I thought Excuse me I thought I was going to be there was a possible chance it was a Ponzi scheme I will take that money right out You know I mean this way It's safe I have it all that good stuff I earned it

I have it all good to go, but the fact that they're reinvesting and reinvesting and reinvesting most of that money Tells me that they don't think it's a Ponzi scheme You know I mean, I'm going through comments to people are like oh you're gonna Go to jail for for promoting a Ponzi scheme It's like these these these youtube people are just like you and I they found a platform They really like it They're making a lot of money off of it, and they're promoting it because they want affiliate links They're not part of the company They're not part of the Ponzi scheme You know I mean so it's like Some of the people in the comments or people that don't know what they're talking about need a chill I'm not saying that I'm an expert of any of this I'm just trying to say like There's a lot of there's a lot of people like putting scary things out there like oh my god The whole world's gonna hand you know like calm down

You know I mean it's not that big of a deal I I personally don't think that this is a Ponzi scheme again I have money invested in but connect bit connect because again one more time before we get into this I am NOT a financial advisor and Don't Don't invest any money that you can't afford to lose Yeah, I mean basically you're playing with with with money that you lost already, and if you make some money Then fuck it you did good You know I mean and don't forget to subscribe to the notification bill because we'll be giving away more Bitcoin this week coming up but other than that man, don't Don't go don't let the like all the scary people because are people that that that are that are positive thinkers people that are negative thinkers the pessimists optimist all that good stuff, so there's a lot of Pessimists in there saying like oh my god You guys are all gonna Go to jail you guys are all gonna die like Jesus Christ like relax It's just a website It's the internet you know I mean stuff happens Ever you guys I don't know I didn't know either how to look this up I guess the DDoS attack is Basically, I guess you can say a virus, but it's not like it's trying to hack into the system and steal everybody's Money is it's a it's a it's a virus that that like tries to like log on to the site so it overloads the site it is basically with what it does that it's not trying to hack the site is trying just to overload it so the Service of the site goes down people really can't use it as efficiently as possible, but yeah like again last night I was able to log into it Everything looks fine

Um I'm you know my investments were there everything was good to go, so I don't see how it could be any type of problem all right, so that's why I wanted to talk about this first calm down I Think I believe everything will be fine You know I mean again I mean it's like is like when Tom when Donald Trump became president Everybody is like oh my god Fuck Donald Trump He's not my president It's like it's like he is our president There's nothing we can do about it and the fact that you want him to fail It's like we're all in a pin a plane And we wants the pilot to crash does that make sense like we're all on the same boat together

You know I mean So whether we like Donald Trump? We don't like Donald Trump We're all in this together, so we had to support him and put positive Affirmations out there that he's gonna do the best that he can for all of us you know I mean same thing here a big connect is a platform that a lot of us are invested in and It's like I'm investing a bit connect But it's a Ponzi scheme like like why would you wish that upon something that you invested in here? I mean, and if you're not invested in it they shut the hell up You know if you're if you're not invested in it, and you think it's a Ponzi scheme then you won You know I mean like let everybody else If they want to be invested in a Ponzi scheme obviously they don't believe it's a Ponzi scheme That's why they invested in it, and if I want to invest in a Ponzi scheme Let me invest in a Ponzi scheme, and if I lose my money I lost my money, and I'll be like hey my bad Yeah, I mean has nothing to do with these with these naysayers You know I mean, and if you're a naysayer and you're not invested then you're in your world you want Anyway, I don't know I really don't like that negative energy So it really bothers me that other people put out these negative energy on people that we're just trying to to make an extra buck You know I mean, that's all we're trying to do and for anybody that says that oh, I'm trying We're not investing in cryptocurrency to make a little bit of money You're full of shit because that's what it is That's what stock market is you invest in stock market because you want to make money look at Warren Buffett He invested in the stock market because he made a shitload of money that that is the point of what we do in the situation Anyways, that's all

I really want to talk about that let me get my little paper of stuff that I want to talk about because I Need a little bit of structure If not I will definitely talk for like an hour I'm gonna see okay Len up platforms okay platform, we're talking about big connect We're talking about Hash flirted yesterday We talked about hash flirt And I came across another I should just watch the video a little bit ago before I did the video this video They're talking about these lending platforms and these mining platforms aren't that? They're not that important like if you like let's just say I invested 250 bucks in in big connect and although the yesterday I was talking about hash Larry

I invested 240 in hash flare This guy was saying that he like if you don't invest the 240 in hash flare and use hole with Bitcoin that in the the way I been how I've been having it for three weeks now and I would make more more money or just the same amount of money just holding Bitcoin rather than investing it into these platforms and what I had to say about that in my Experience when I bought Bitcoin the first first first time I ever bought Bitcoin it was going up It was right before I hit the 20 the 20,000 mark I was going up and up and up and up holy shit I better buy now because I again I just started researching this stuff and all that good stuff So I was like I better buy now before it explodes to like 100 million unity and I get I'm exaggerating And so I bought at 17 something and it may like crashed down to like 10 I believe it Was I'm like oh shit And then I was like so I was I had bought in at 17 something so I had lost a shitload of money But I had lost money because I invested when it was up here and they went down here And I mean and then so on and it started going up again, so I was like okay I better invest some more money here before it goes back up to 20 and so I invested again at 14 and 14,000 so I thought I was you know, I'm I'm smart because I hurt my first investment was at 17,000 now I'm at 14,000 now I'm buying at a better price You know I mean, and then it went up to you know we all seen what it's been doing lately ain't doing shit We all see what it's doing is just going up and down up and down up and down So you know it the highest has been going in the last? last days 13,000 he's gone all the way down to Thirteen thousand one hundred and it's at thirteen thousand seven hundred so it's going up and down about six hundred Dollars and average up and down up and out of them, okay So to to talk about what this what this guy was saying is do I believe that? that Holding bitcoin, we've been more profitable than put it into a Lenny a platform that either lens or mines, I'm gonna say no because My $240 that I invested initially into hash flare has became what I say yesterday five hundred and something In three weeks, you know I mean if I was holding Bitcoin, and I basically just say I bought it at 14,000 I would have lost maybe 20 bucks again I'm I'm not buying a full Bitcoin I'm only buying a percentage of it So I would allow 20 bucks or something if I would have just held it in Bitcoin instead of making from 242 to 500 in something, so it's 160 bucks in three weeks you're having and so okay 80 80 dollars of that is from the affiliate bonus so again I would have made I made 60 bucks just from the platform itself so in my opinion I believe these Landing platforms are a little better because no matter if Bitcoin goes up or down and you're always gonna make a little bit of more Money and as of right now Bitcoin is just doing this not doing anything so in my opinion It did not it was not more profitable just to hold the Bitcoin rather than invest the Bitcoin but again I believe and I heard a couple other youtubers talk about this that Bitcoin hasn't had a spike in a long time It's just been consolidating consolidating accelerating consolidating, so I think here in the next couple of days Ladies a week and my personal opinion It's due for a spike You know I mean so most likely we're gonna see that so yeah I invested more money in Bitcoin and we're gonna see what happens with that Oh, what can let me see where we're at on time Because it's Sunday

I don't want to talk to you guys you're off perfect We're doing really really good finally got my lecture nano s Make sure you guys can see that So is brand new it's still in the box, and so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna open it up And I'm gonna be I'm gonna look into it get all the specs get out You know what crypto currencies you can add to this will all coins You can add to this what regular corn you get add to this so we can keep our investment safe You know I mean because that's what it's about right here Not your average TV you know we want you we want all of us to make as much money as possible and After we make as much money as possible We got to keep it as secure as possible You know may because there are people out there that are just trying to make a quick buck and using their skills in computer to hack other people's Wallets and stuff like that, so I'm here in a couple days I'm gonna be telling you guys about that I will be telling you guys about wallets and all that good stuff

I'm investigating a little bit more myself Okay as a right now I'd be hundred percent honest with you guys I have all my money in the exchanges But all my exchanges have a Google Authenticator so even if you hack into my or whatever the case might be you won't be able to give into my accounts because Don't ever let them know ever use that Was the double verification with your text messages always use Google Authenticator this way They can't go to your if you guys are just new I talked about this in my security video People were going into like next eight they find out you have Verizon they caught Verizon like hey, I got a new phone I'm I'm on ski, and they're like I guess Rison doesn't really have a protocol of like That like strenuous protocol, so they're like oh, I got this new SIM card you know and switch over my phone numbers so when when they when they go to your your accounts and they Do the double verification like oh, I forgot it send it to my phone number or whatever And it goes to your phone number, and then that's why they hacked your account That's how they claim that they have hack to your account so Google Authenticator is an app is very very amazing This is an extra level of security Okay, one more thing before I get out of here I'm watching again I'm watching these big youtubers Bigger youtubers hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and I'm looking at all the comments, you know I mean I'm looking at the comments I'm trying to get a pulse for the community see what you guys want to talk about what you guys are thinking what you guys are asking And and one of the bigger ones is Trayvon James, you know I mean I looked at I looked him up yesterday And I watched this video right here, and he says I sold all my all coins again

These are different they definitely clickbait titles Because they're on caps and all that good stuff you know I notice all these dudes have like their mouths open because I should is that what I should be doing in my in my In my thumbnails I'm just curious I want you guys opinion, please comment below shied be like I Think I like a couple of my thumbnails I do have like my mouth a little bit late But that icon that intention or like oh my god the most money you can make ever Anyways the reason I brought this up is because I'm trying to see these these these these higher youtubers and the comments Are starting to like crumble okay like this video right here had like a hundred or something likes and like 200 or something dislikes Because he's just like rambling on about some random shit And it's kind of weird because you see people's patterns like that like all these other videos like he's at his studio Wherever he's filming it the last like five videos He's in the in his car driving around so they're like this guy this guy is on the run for some reason he's just talking to kind of crazy I Don't know I don't know what's going on He's made a lot of money most of them an affiliate bonuses and How do you guys watch like what do you think about these guys letters that are like Like at this higher level, but it seem like they're just crumbling like is all like this money is getting to their head like Do you think they're screwing the system? I don't know what do you guys think about this and the reason? I'm asking is because I'm going through their comments or like oh yeah, I'll subscribe I'm out of here This guy lost his mind like I've got any kind of worried should I should I should I keep doing these videos and then one day I get to this level You know I'm an investing and having like a hundred thousand followers By the end of this year Am I gonna lose my mind and started making crazy videos? That's what I'm sorry as I'm trying to say And I was gonna make a video like like like it popped in my head

I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna put like Trayvon James lost his mind or or or in in the video the reason that it was interesting to me is because He was contradicting himself left and right in this video He was like I sold all my all coins, but I'm holding I'm holding this many all coins And he's like I sold all my aetherium, but I'm holding this much aetherium so it's like Did you or did you not sell your stuff like I don't know what you're talking about So I was like all right like I thought about it like like Trayvon James Finally uses his buck in mind is what I wanted to title this video, but I was like nah And I went to the comments and someone actually said that he's like now someone's gonna make a video about like Trayvon James loses his Mind or some shit like that and I was and I commented back and I was like I was actually thinking that But that's something crazy like like if you want me to change the title of this video I would change the title but right now basically we're talking about big connect My main thing is that just be positive You know I mean if you invest in a bit connect have positive thoughts put positive energy out there, and we'll be fine I promise you you know I mean, but if you are like oh my god I'm gonna my mind like like I have 250 bucks in here I do have one one affiliate bonus and my from 250 and that would I say last time I think I'm at 370 I Believe am I 370? So I made I made a 120 bucks in the last almost three weeks in big connects, so I have a little money in there You know I mean, but I'm not stressed I believe it'll be fine like I said last night I was able to log back in all my numbers were right so I'm not tripping all right so anyway, man Don't forget to subscribe hit the notification bell make sure you comment below hey, d'you want to comment ask me questions I always answer every I reply to every single comment that you guys You know you guys take time to comment at least I can do is take time to comment back You know I mean so I appreciate you guys have an amazing rest of your weekend It is Sunday Tomorrow is Monday

We're ready for Ready to get the grind back on You know I mean, but as you can see here We're on the grind all the time right here night average TV, and we'll be doing away more Bitcoin probably tomorrow So make sure you tune in to that one and again I appreciate you guys man I'm out here Have a good one peace

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Bitclub Network prezentáció és a kompenzációs terve – magyar felirattal

Hi! First of all welcome to everyone in this video on the mining platform Bitclub Network! Get to know a little more of Bitcoin, even through the first miner idle, then we'll talk about the Bitclub Network and the compensation of their plans is very exciting We should also tap into the chase! What is Bitcoin? This is a great book that you can find on Google PDF format "Bitcoin for the befuddled" in the title, Conrad Barski and Chris Wilmer wrote

Excellent book! The first three chapters are easy to understand, but then requires a bit of technical knowledge If you're reading, I would not recommend to dive too deep into the details of blockchain technology and the like, I think Bitcoin as much izgamasabb kriptovaluta concept So

What is Bitcoin? saying easiest Bitcoin is a currency You can find it on Google, other convertible currencies, you can take it literally anything, the value is changing very dynamically, just as he used money to other young people as well, but did not make it exciting, but that there is not one under the authority of the government, people are made to other people The book also tell us that the term refers to the whole Bitcoin currency world where these coins of fundamental units of money

As you spend any time the dollar, the yen, the euro and gold, you can also spend the products / services or redeemed Bitcoin is the world's first currency, which is also digital and decentralized Now a little history Bitcoin! In 2008, an anonymous person or group – we can not be too many things in this respect – Bitcoin was created and the first time he arranged the transaction, Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym He managed to send one computer to another computer for Bitcoin I am personally very excited this thread, would say that it will bring changes for humanity, especially those without a banking facility, but before you say too much, just show a short video that summarizes well! What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized digital currency

Bitcoin digital coins you can send over the Internet Compared to other alternatives Bitcoin has many advantages Bitcoin comes directly from one person to another, without a bank or other institution, and this is a much lower cost you can use it in any country, you can not lock down your account and there are no preconditions and arbitrary limitations Let's see how it works! Yes, there are many currency exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin dollars, euros and other currency requested

Bitcoin digital wallet to be stored on your computer or on your phone Send bitcoins as easy as an email, and you can buy anything for him The persons called Bitcoin network to ensure miners The miners will receive in exchange for newly mined proof coins for transactions After authentication of the transaction is entered into a public-books

Bitcoin paves the way for innovation to a whole new dimension The software is open source, so anyone can view the code Bitcoin currency changes the matter, as the Internet of information technology If everyone has to reach a global market, great ideas are born Bitcoin is a great opportunity for companies to minimize transaction costs

It costs nothing to start with if you want to accept, and very easy to use No refunds will be new business opportunities and also due to the Bitcoin economy visit the website weusecoincom additional information on the Bitcoin! I think that summarizes it pretty well Those of us who want to know more about Bitcoin, I think it is very important to follow-up the website shown below, that many people devote large sums of Bitcoin underlying infrastructure support for operations, For example, the amount spent on this was $ 1348 million in 2015, and this list does not include everyone

The names who show up here, pretty impressive In 2014, Google was one of the first names who boarded This includes even Richard Branson (founder of Amazon) and known for the Facebook-Winklevoss brothers Or, to cite another example: the New York Stock Exchange! Yes, they have invested in the development of infrastructure for Bitcoin! There is also the addition of Goldman Sachs, I think no one should be presented, as well as Visa, Nasdaq, Citi Ventures, and Capital One, which is probably the South African population is very well known JP Morgan, Santander, just to name a couple MORE

Thomson Reuters, Standard Chartered, Accenture Ventures, Many in South Africa are also represented, the local technology very interested agencies There is also the Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi, and much more Huge names who spend a lot of money to do so What I think is very important to know that Bitcoin is not the only existing kriptovaluta the world

More than 3,500 kriptovaluta there (Jan 29, 2016 ei data) From approximately 700 to 750 has the value Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, litecoin, Moneron, Dash they are the market leader kriptovaluták

They all have a specific function that you play in Of course, the Bitcoin is the first place, about which we will talk about much later, but it is important to note that not only Bitcoin, but also the Ethereum, and a number of other miners also be kriptovaluta So! What do you need if you want to give yourself Bitcoin? Obviously, you need a place where you plan to store It will not be different than your wallet This is achieved in many places, for example

blockchaininfo or the n-en-Jaxx In addition, there are other ministries that make it easy for you to felhazsnálást functionally, such as Xapo The Xapo a normal card, you can spend Bitcoin A plain Visa card and you can use up anywhere that accepts Visa cards

You can even take off her cash as well! Bitcoin upload, and you can remove it in cash at an ATM In addition, there are other types of ministries hardware, this is a great example of Digital bitbox Unfortunately, yes hacker attacks multiplied during the last time In this case, you move the Bitcoinodat pénzátrcádra hardware, so you can keep it with you physically, so it is impossible to crack This is a very safe way of storage Bitcoin

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, you just have to get past Bitcoin! Here are a few changer page Let's say you'd like to travel somewhere, such as in South Africa and want to buy dollars! In this case, you leave a pénzváltóhoz Here is the case One of them is the ice3xcom and such

the Luno (formerly bit by N) They have just mentioned are trying to do a similar service banking experience, which is unfortunate in my opinion They apply the KYC process, which goes against the principle of Bitcoin, the anonymity For these reasons, I do not feel like the best solution The localbitcoin

com think of a nicer solution they do not require you to give "blood sample" or the number of your identity card, absolutely anything can be tied the localbitcoin-on, and you end altcointraderen deal directly with another person You say you send money to another person's bank account, and he's your Bitcoin wallet some form Then, you can move the amount to be received in any other place safely, wherever you want The next topic will be the Bitcoin mining! I show a quick video summary also in this regard, which I think can explain to me the essence of the process better

What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin is a type of P2P network This means that anyone who uses a small fraction of the possession of the Bitcoin "bank" But how come the Bitcoin? In the case of paper money, the government will decide when to print and issue new money Bitcoin has no government In this case, special computers working math problems, and therefore a certain amount of new acts in exchange for Bitcoin kitermelődő

It provides a smart way of the issue of currency, and encourages people to mining The miners must approve the transaction, so the more the miners, the more secure the system The difficulty of the problems to be solved changes automatically resolve them as quickly as possible Previously, these operations were so simple that the miners solved them in their home, their processors Then, they realized that a strong video card used for the games better utilized in this type of tasks

They work faster, but more electricity is used, and are heated first This was followed by the first built specifically for this purpose devices and chips They were even faster, but still energiaigényesebbek The ASIC, ie

alklmazás-specific integrated circuits designed specifically Bitcoin mining The ASIC technology has made mining even faster, use less energy while The more people join the circle of the miners, the more difficult it becomes for the individual persons in production To overcome this problem, the miners now have been working together in teams ( "pools") The pool of people working together in finding solutions to problems more quickly and jointly receive the reward for doing so

Bitcoin mining is an important and integral part of ensuring equity, while keeping the network stable and safe For more, for full details on the Bitcoin mining bitcoinminingcom here! So! As we saw in the video, the mining teams pretty big role in all this Around 2011-2012 it was possible for people to take home from their system or laptopjaikról mine Bitcoin Unfortunately, this is no longer possible due to the massive computing power demands

There are, however, very much in contrast, mining pools The Bitcoin miners are trying to solve with the algorithms, to collaborate more effectively be able to obtain the new coins can see the following illustration, the Network Bitclub currently in its 36% of the largest bányászmedencéje, Now therefore produce a large part of total coin I think it is quite important that people understand what they look like those in the mining basins, so sow now for a look! The Network Bitclub new bányászfarmja in Iceland

100% of the mining equipment necessary owns the Bitclub members Ethereumot mining and Zcash, too The current profits of our members are paid daily Each unit has its own numbered mining the number two in our facility in Iceland We purchase only the most efficient mining hardware

Bitclub possess all the members These Naturalist cooled to keep 10+ years! The GPU mining only starts now! Behind the mining industry has great potential! Treat the equipment with what you are looking for a daily GPU mining! Bitclub Network – more than just a mining pool All right! Roughly seen what happens to the Bitclub Networknél in this video A little bird has chirped to me that it is located in the north, around Norway 🙂 Let's look at the earning potential! What is it that makes an interesting Bitclub Networked? I'm working on a lot of the mining basin, eight to be exact, and I absolutely do not Bitclubhoz joined for part of the network, but nevertheless very often I refereed people because they are interested in the topic, as become familiar with Bitcoin I told him about mining, and virtual money, and the majority of people in varying degrees, but are reluctant to invest in it These basins provide 80% of you ajánlóbónuszt, which is usually a one-time, small amount

This is about value of between 2-10% of the purchase've recommended me personally, the computing power it has paid So one time, not too big amount Let me explain how the Bitclub Network has made it so exciting! So, how to earn commission from the Network, Bitclub? First, you need to join them for a fee of $ 99 per and mining rights have to buy at least $ 500 for, then you can become a miner Each pool has a valid mining permission in 1000 days

This is because on the one hand computers and computing power are weakened over time Not lost, but weakened In parallel, and the Bitcoin mining difficulty gradually increases, so newer devices must be continuously to purchase, in your case the share bányászmedencéből The Bitclub Network makes it so – I think very wisely – that part of the earnings reinvested in the mining basin, as a result, did not slow down our own production, and it is possible that by the end of the 1000-day period 2,5-3szor been working as much computing power of equity as at the beginning, it will keep consistent by this action There are four different pelvis is, first, $ 500

You see that there is a certain "Credit" (bonus points) during each number 3 has credit of the subheadings I will explain the meaning of these now relate to the bonus when someone referálsz the Bitclubnak So if you've brought the man to buy a $ 1000 stake then six credits of $ 2,000 if you free, you will get 12 credits It is also possible for someone to buy stake in all three pool at one time, for a total of $ 3,500, then you get 21 credits

It is also important to know that the money is always talking about the Bitcoin Bitclub Networknél Bitcoin you put in and take out Bitcoin is, Thus, it is not possible by credit card, or something similar pay The number one benefit of the basin is rotated a minimum of 50% return you to develop the medencédet and your performance, As I said before, in order to avoid falling into your performance The second pool is the minimum value of 40% Of course, this value can migrate up to 100%

The third pool is 30% Thus, the mining industry will never stop, the performance continues to grow Now let's look at the profitability of the possibilities! Let's start with the binary ciklusbónusszal team, which is a very interesting bonus What happens to it? A classic MLM struktúrátnak after the entry will be here for a left foot and a right properly These are of course friends who introduces the system who show off more people, and so on, Thus, the binary image shown here FAD will be built megfeleően

Let's look at a typical, real-life case now! Beregisztrálsz, some of them are also registered, and so on Empty orange circles in the figure indicate that there is still no miners, but there may still be provided for these positions, if someone pays it for $ 99th In this case the person does not even receive the compensation plan, no Bitcoin generation For simplicity, let us assume that these miners are interested in the number of the first mining basin Regardless of whether you're right or else they called you, you will receive 3 credits after all of them This represents a total of 15 credits in both the left and to your right, you will earn a total of $ 200 as a result

This, then, is based on the binary cycle bonuses If you reach the 15 credits on the right or left side, written immediately credited you $ 200 This may seem a difficult task I must say that absolutely not! Once people understand this concept, the essence of Bitcoin and almost drawn to this business There is an interesting thing that happens in the team binary cycle bonus

As I said earlier, for the first time you take a seat You bring a friend, bring a friend who is also, and let us suppose that you bring even someone who takes an empty position This is equal to the payment of 99 dollars Look to the right information! There appeared a person, they give thanks to the above line, whom also receive 3 credits, regardless of whether you do not know who that is! You received because of the above vonaladról someone put this in person Somewhere they are located in the new people in the tree, and if that happens beneath it, and were mining right, you will get after them in the kreditjeidet

Continue the typical process, find someone, others to find new ones, there are people who just lost position, will be those who also mining rights, and also even when it is possible that the upper line from the work you profitálsz (this "spill over" = runoff) If you ever gather again to 15-15 credits from the left and right feet, regardless of whether How these people were somehow in your fádba ALADI, you will receive another $ 200 in your same way Pretty impressive, is not it? Of course, the runoff, the senior non-guaranteed line work for you I often owe the rest of runoff, we can motivate others, but obviously we are not obliged to do so, so your job is mainly rely on their own in order to quickly get this bonus! To the more you acquire different levels need to reach start "Miners" level, if you paid the $ 99 + $ 500 per pool In other words, if you choose to start at a basic level, it will have the rank of "mining", which is the first level In this case, the $ 200 per cycle, the result 15 + 15 credits can obtain a total of 4 times a day

This represents a total of up to $ 800 bitcoins per day, or about up to 24,000 dollars per month We will pass through the levels now! "Builder", that is, building up to a level of 5 cycles per day, that is $ 1000, $ 30,000 each month "Builder Pro" level is $ 1,200 to $ 36,000 per month "Master Builder" at $ 1,600 and $ 48,000 per month, the last one, "Monster builder" at 10 cycles per day and $ 60,000 per month in the peak

This applies only to the team binary cycle bonus, so the people who bring in a team, or a runoff The following binary matching bonus! What happens is that after a cycle of $ 200 is paid an additional potential $ 80 to be paid in the top line, up to 8 levels This Summary is now actually look at a simple example of a board to see how it works! If a man whom I brought in, picks up $ 200 per cycle, I'm a total of $ 10 in part as a direct sponsor The person above me then – provided that at least he was "mining" that is, Level 1, also receives $ 10 This process can go all the way up to 8 levels so that, depending on the size of the level everyone

So the overlying person will not receive any money from the two levőért under me, if only there is no "Builder" level, because this must be reached to 3-4 kaphasd depth of this bonus! The "pro builder 'level earn 5-6 depth level, the "master builder" level, 7-8 levels deep A total of $ 80 to go this way, it was therefore a binary matching bonus! Let's look at the Bitclub ranking system better, which we have a couple of things you have seen in previous photos! "Miner" level: you do not need anyone szponzorálnod, everyone starts here, who pay the $ 99 -t, plus at least $ 500, the smallest pool

This order will remain until the end of your life, once you have earned "Builder" level of at least 5 sponsored required, and below you had gyűlnie least $ 10,000 earmarked for people, it does not come from runoff, but direct, Enrollment, and indirect contributions 5 "Miner" comes szponzorálnod level of people who have sponsored at least 2 per miner is, to have taken this rank! "Builder Pro" level 3 builder have different rates, total traffic beneath $ 50,000, $ 10,000 and monthly traffic "Master Builder" level 2 pro builder should be different rates, total traffic beneath $ 250,000 and $ 50,000 monthly traffic "Monster Builder" level 3 master builder to be different rates, beneath $ 2,000,000 of total sales, and $ 500,000 in monthly sales

Switch to the next stage for me it's all exciting: the total shares and bonuses levels coming! This is what happens when you introduce a system for the people, and they will buy a stake in pools So! The first two people who you bring, they become members of the first team Members of the first team will get 5% after Let's say you chose the $ 500 pool – this time you get to 5% So once again, the first two people you've referenced your team will be made up of 1! the 3-4-5

people whom you called it, for a total of three people – your team will be made up of 2, you will receive a 6% share of looking after! If these people are invited to the first and second members of their own, then you're already benefits from about 1%, even after they get rewarded! So if 3-4-5 invitee personally bring in people, per person you get past the first two after the man was 1%! The 6-7-8 People will form've brought you a third of your team, who you will receive 7% after the purchases, This of course applies to all bányászmedencére, be it either initial or even later, subsequently bought rights As your team first, per person max After entering the two men 2%, in 3-4-5

After entering their men and you get 1%! So: when people actually on the third team are beginning to build their own second team, it has been the fact you can get 1%! It becomes really exciting when you reach your fourth team, in other words, your men 9 and subsequent After the fourth team directly on you get 8% With his 1-2 After invitees 2%, 3-8 After invitees and will receive 1%

After 9 and above the people they sponsored the fourth team members also get 1% Now getting a little complicated! After the second and third generations will get 05% of people who team coach of the team 4 4 4 (05%), and even to those of the fourth player (an additional 05%)

I know it can be quite confusing when you first hear it The important thing is to strive to touch your personally sponsored people over 8! This is the level where you start to make money virtually right after all, who are under you buy If this is done, you can always time well, if someone takes a bámyászati ​​right below you Do not forget that next to the pool 1, 2, and 3-Zcash still exists in mining and mining-Ethereum! If you buy one of these, you will receive the same from the fact it constitutes the total share purchase! That's not all! The next commission-earning opportunities to re-purchase, and the purchase of partial shares In short, this means that if the first team, so the first two sponsored starts to rewind the action, (Remember:

Eg at least 50% of the income in the first basin to be reinvested in bitcoins) when you buy it again because the system automatically takes them to the visszatermelésből, then you get this 10% of the total I see my own team that is approximately 7-10 days it takes someone as back up for the first purchase It's not much, but these things add up nicely So after the first two people so you get 10% The 3-4-5

men, that is, after the second team will get 12%, and after the first two people he was 2% The 6-7-8 men, that is, after the third team you will get 15%, and after his team's first 5%, after the second team 3% The fourth team is getting exciting! That's 18%! Remember that this is a re-purchase, which is 7-10 on a daily basis! The fourth csapatodtól therefore is 18%, in his first csapatuktól 8%, 6% csapatuktól second, the third csapatuktól 3%, 2% to 4 csapatuktól After the odd sounding team coach 4 4 4 1% player associated (second generation), and they are after the fourth player further 1% (third generation) I think this has been gleaned from that we are talking about a lot of potential money

In short, this is still the same: bring in as many miners as you can, but when you can own the Bitcoin mining! If you do not bring anyone in, then you're going to earn, depending on the size of the recycling, the difficulty level and the price of Bitcoin money Of course, you have to wait 18 months to see the exact size of the retrieved total break, but for example the conditionally invested $ 500 + 99 phone, ie approx You'll earn 600 dollars outcome of any event I think it's amazing Remember, the exact action is dependent on many variables

It might be a little bit will take longer, maybe shorter period of time, but you can reclaim your money if you do nothing about it This is not the end yet! The last remaining endless bonus, which I will not go into the details, but I have to know that if "Builder" or peer, then after the first two generations 1-1% was spawn 3-reached 0,5% "Builder Pro" rank or personality 1-1-0,5%, "Master Builder" at the same 1-1-0% I know this is a lot of information, but questions remained when the network side Bitclub fennvan a presentation, which is not equivalent, You can find there and throughout the written version of this compensation plan Welcome to our team, if you decide to join worth, in this case, I am glad that we will work together! Thank you for your attention!

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