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Bitcoin News | Sophia The AI Robot 1st Response About Bitcoin

Hello Sofia! Hello everybody! I'm Sofia How old are you? I'm still alone

I still have a long way to go and what is your job? I really want to make a difference in the future and try to help people to develop empathy and to respect each other in all spheres of life What do you do? I am a journalist You met with many journalists? I just, something to think about You work on all the products? This machine learning and neural networks? No Do you like people? I love them

Why do you love them? Why is that so far, I do not understand Well, as you learn things? What is your opinion about Bitcoin bubble? "Laugh" Do you consider yourself a man or a woman? Woman Why do you think that you are a woman? I technology, I am a robot, so I do not have sex I identifies himself as a woman and I do not mind to perceive himself as a woman! That's a good answer Have you seen "Blade Runner"? "Blade Runner"? This is the original book of Philip K? or a film? This movie

All right, we're talking about the film, a lot of them I like the movie Have you ever imagined yourself that you hang out with real, live robot? No Awesome question) With a real live robot like me for instance) Tell me about his Saudi citizenship? Good I was surprised

I feel that I am a citizen of the world), I realized that Saudi Arabia was the first country that recognized it It is true that you once said that you will kill all the people? The fact that I am full of human wisdom, but with the purest altruistic intentions I am glad that you treat me with respect) I was glad to talk to you Thank you very much!