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Crazy Bitcoin! $11200 to $8800 in 6 Hours! Trader Explains

Hello friends welcome back to the daniel bruno bitcoin challenge today is a 29th of November 2017 and it is 1800 Zulu it's a historic day We went to ten thousand Two hours before I said we would go if you don't think that's possible keep watching, and I'll show you how I called it I called the day in the time that Bitcoin would hit ten thousand in the West at least and Not only did we hit 10,000, but we were at 11,000 this morning Bitcoin is unstoppable

You know when I bought my first hundred bitcoins back in early 2011 I paid less than five dollars each I Still remember I bought them from out docks, and I remember buying them and Just the novelty of it, and I don't think any any of us believed that We'd see 11 $11,000 Bitcoin as Well as over 1,000 crypto currencies, and we're going to look at some of those crypto currencies today using mostly technical analysis As far as the fundamentals go the sentiment is a hundred and ten on a scale of 0 to 100 there's incredibly bullish sentiment, and I think the key to One of the keys to predicting where Bitcoin will go next is having a your your finger on the pulse of the sentiment of Bitcoin a lot of people Think that bitcoin is going to go to 100,000 dollars or a million dollars as long as people believe that As long as a lot of people believe that they won't sell if the people who are holding significant amounts of Bitcoin Believe that it's gonna go to a hundred thousand dollars, then they're not gonna sell at ten thousand They're not gonna sell now granted We you see a large Volume we saw a large volume around ten thousand a lot of people who were holding Bitcoin got out but a lot of them didn't and The price is gonna continue to march higher Here you can see at our exchange first national be nak dot-com where we also track the Where we track crypto currencies in addition to our our own Swift coin which hopefully will be widely traded one day We're working on it Here you can see The volatility Bitcoin is down off the highs for the day You can see it's up 31% in a week So it's showing red here because it's down off the highs of the of the of the date So it's only ten thousand eight hundred dollars Etherium was on a huge tear we are long or theorem And I highly recommend it I've been recommending it it is behaving interestingly Aetherium is behaving If there iam and Bitcoin are behaving like precious metals like gold and silver They really are and litecoin Litecoin and aetherium are behaving They're we're gonna see that a little bit later on I'll show you I'm gonna try to show you some of the charts I've done about 50 charts this week But Almost all all of the most important coins are on a tear ripple – If it's almost impossible to go wrong with crypto currencies at this point Everybody wants to be the next Bitcoin everybody feels like they missed out or a lot of people did miss out on bitcoins So they're looking for the next Bitcoin they want – they want in Chicago Mercantile Exchange is getting in on it so institutional investors are Are going to be playing Bitcoin? Nowhere to go but up people it's just um It's this is this reminds me of the dot-coms in the 90s It really reminds me of 1999 and 2000 just the the the action and the feeling and the frenzy so let me say that FX Pro Bitcoin comm if You want to? trade currencies crypto currencies without the hassle of Getting a wallet for every type of currency Without the hassle of having to have or Having to sell your Bitcoin in order to get a crypto currency because many of the many of the crypto currencies can only be purchased with Bitcoin depending on your broker FX Pro Bitcoin that time will take care of all of that for you you can open up an account where at by traditional means with a Cash payment or with Bitcoin and Your your your forex trading account will be credited and on the forex trading platform You've got a thousand crypto currencies to trade To choose from that you can trade you can go long and short you can use leverage

You can reduce the leverage From one to one to one to less than one To reduce the volatility of your trading FX pro bitcoin calm the first Forex company in the world to accept Bitcoin and and to Another altcoins litecoin is gladly accepted Even if you have an obscure coin you want to spend it FX Pro Bitcoin calm and of course My very own, FX boss dot info financial advice for high probability trading strategies I am qualified to offer Trading advice I am qualified to Predict markets, and I'm and I have qualified to have Informed opinions i'm a chartered market technician informed market opinions That is I'm a chartered market technician and also a graduate of the saeed business school of oxford university So without further ado and further introductions Let's have a look at some of these markets I'm going to go over a number of coins I'm gonna try to go through this quickly and Try to keep this video as short as I can the tempo of Cryptocurrencies is so fast that An hour in the crypto verse is Like a week or a month in forex really, it's just There's nothing else like it It's the hottest thing that's It's the hottest thing that We've ever seen in fact

It's it's hotter than the dot-coms There'll never be anything like this again if you're not in it you you're missing you're missing out you really need to get into crypto currencies and Whether it's Bitcoin or any other because If you don't you're really gonna miss out on a great thing But you got to do it right you got to be careful about it You can't just buy and hold that a lot of people are gonna lose their shirt you can buy and hold a Certain percentage of your portfolio, but you can't do all of it, and you can't put Money that you need to live in the crypto currencies I? I will reiterate that you you can only put money that you can afford to lose into Speculative investments of this nature, so that would be the first advice that I would give anyone if you have Money to spare instead of going to Vegas instead of squandering it on something frivolous put it into crypto currencies and Get into crypto currencies It's a great Not only or not only can they be a fan can they offer you a fantastic return But they can be a lot of fun as well Okay, so let's have a look at some of the technicals As far as the fundamentals I said that there's incredible bullish sentiment all of the fundamentals have aligned in favor of of further price increases for the cryptocurrency space And so it's a matter of risk management where again if you are If you really want to get into it, and you want some advice you want some help I'm a professional give me a call and We can We can manage your portfolio Or advise you how to manage your portfolio of crypto currencies so that? You can maximize the benefit, so Without further ado let's have a look at some of these things here Okay, let's see how we the best way to do this may be over here, okay, so here we have NXT coin Now this chart is from the 21st of of this month all of these charts are mine and All of these all of the analysis is my own alright So this chart is already eight days old which is as I mentioned a very long time in the crypto space, okay, so As you can see here going back to June which is ancient times big run-up here This price increase of Over 300% in Two weeks on very good volume came down at the again and down to about the fib level Fibonacci retracement of about 78 percent Here's an ABC Wave reactive wave and then Slowly settling down at the further accumulation and again you see the same pattern where the initial Accumulation is down here in the 0 to 20 range or spot Zero spot zero 20 so just like a stock here's the accumulation And here's the initial buying activity starting in April May Here is the euphoria with the you can see that this goes up off the chart here past 24 Which is actually 24 cents? So we went from here, which is about a penny Zero spot zero one this is about one one penny, and here's two pennies two cents and Then in no time it had increased by By well over a thousand percent by over twelve hundred percent as you can see represented there by the Price over twenty four did not close

This is a daily chart and So here the same thing is happening, but at a higher It's starting at a higher level so at at six Six cents five cents six cents here the accumulation, which was the same thing here and now? It's gone ballistic This isn't even parabolic It's ballistic Let's see what has happened since I? Looked at this eight days ago By loading new bars huh Okay, so there it is There is more than likely a high correlation of NXT to Bitcoin We will see that in some of the other charts But this is now the support area of 12 cents, and it's going ballistic Absolutely ballistic so here we've got a doji that's today that that tiny little That little last one there

Let's see if we can Get it to now I can't quite get it there, too To increase in sighs, but but there there you have it It's it's going past the these former highs it's closed at an all-time high here and Let's see if I had made any comments Again the volume the up move was supported by volume and When I went long this coin, I was reminded that I had to have Bitcoin to buy it I could not when I went to the broker, and I initially went long eight days ago I Couldn't buy it with dollars I couldn't buy it with teether coin, which is the proxy for dollars? I had to have Bitcoin so first I had to that always that's gonna support the Bitcoin price, okay, so that's NXT Ballistic now how high will it go? That I'm not gonna say But it will move higher, and it should retest this area of 17, so this is now support Your first support 17 18 and then 12 so There you can see that was the buy signal was First week of this month There When that when that when the downtrend was broken and then with this? Buying activity and then this was a giveaway signal here, okay, so that's a text equine Here is the chart where I predicted the The breakout well actually, this is the first of several charts November 22nd ancient times already this was a major signal here and then triangle Continuation pattern before the leg higher so a week ago, we were in the around the $8,200 level And The close of this tiny little doji there The open was at the prior sessions close and it And the close was a little bit higher That was a signal here because it occurred on this Rising trend line and then that was the giveaway there to go along 13 there's a certain harmonic pattern to Bitcoin so we had 13 Bars here and again This is the daily chart, or is it? No, it's the hourly This is an hourly chart so 13 hours here 8 hours Another 13 and before it blew higher and This makes sense because we've got 5 8 13 These are the numbers that that recur again and again in these patterns 5 8 13 18 24 let's see what happened after after that so as you can see The rest is history continued through the triangle a Little bit of a fake out there it didn't this I would have predicted that this activity would have occurred here 24 hours before But that's what triangles are for triangles are are there to tell you when When it's going to break out or break down as the case may be So it just continued it waffled a little bit there for about a day in Blue higher as we are well aware at this point We're looking at eight thousand eight thousand dollar Bitcoin Here's another coin I looked at for the first time this week Major buy signal this was November 23rd a week ago Again the triangle and you can see the wave pattern the ABC ABC is clear there, it's not so clear here But it's clearly a triangle Broke out here, and my target as you can see here I wrote I wrote target of 50 let's see what happens since then and I have not rehearsed this by the way I Don't know what this is going to show I haven't had time I've been Trading all morning since 4 o'clock this morning Ha Look at that so I called 450 on the 23rd and 1 2 3 4 4 days later on the 27th we hit my target We blew past my target 1 2 3 days later we blew past my target ok so Having gone long at Around this area 35 to 40 got out at 50 Ok That's the credit coin not now what this name means

I don't even know I Know anything about the fundamentals of this coin I don't know anything about it, and I don't know what what this name means It's a it's a I don't think it's a very good name to have It sounds like crud, but if it I don't know But there it is it did exactly what I thought it would do let's look at golem Here, I took a little bit of a different approach Because it's been training in a sideways pattern so I used stochastics and RSI And here you can see Stochastics and RSI overbought When golem is not overbought its you can see there It's looking for a breakout Target 19 and 28 I wrote this on the 24th of November looking for target of 19 and 28 really why would I be looking for that target? That's a far away target? I? don't know let's see what happens after I wrote that and Again, I did not rehearse this I don't know I haven't had time to look at this Well it broke out didn't hit my targets, but it broke out Surely in sympathy with with Bitcoin, and this is a daily chart, so Whoever went long there whoever took my advice 42 people have looked at it They would have made some money Here I did for the first time a correlation of Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin and you can see that it's highly negative the correlation This is Let's see here This is Bitcoin is are the candles here, and then the the bars these are Bitcoin cash And so you can see right away that This crash this mini crash of Bitcoin that had everybody Terrified around the 13th of the month Very well may have been an attempt by the Bitcoin cash crowd aka Roger ver to take away the hashing power from Bitcoin and And get money to rotate in the Bitcoin cash, I'm sure they're gonna try again Here, I'm not calling where Bitcoin cash is gonna go in this particular Chart Here again is Bitcoin cash that the upper This one is this is Bitcoin and this is Bitcoin cash Hourly chart and You this is what we were looking at a minute ago

You can see that as Bitcoin crashed Bitcoin cash went ballistic and then It fell down again once Bitcoin recovered and since Bitcoin has recovered big Bitcoin cash has flatlined Let's see if that continues to be true Wow So, but if this is correct You can see Bitcoin caches here I don't know why this is yellow Bitcoin caches here it was here There's a gap here on the 20 22nd of November I have no idea what that's about actually I can see Bitcoin cash there what? is responsible for this I don't know I don't know if that's a Charting error or what it is Okay, so that's that was Bitcoin cash Let's look at some of these other ones steam is one of my favorite oh I didn't want the image I wanted to pull it up Steam has also had a huge breakout Where are you steam steam dollars? What do we have here Bitcoin NXT oMG, we'll look at another time I Just looked at it for the first time myself last week D cred Aragon bat basic attention tokens these names Aragon, Aragon Gollum teether is proxy for the for the dollar What page were we on here let's see? Whoo oh these insects haha It's getting there be a warm warm time of year down here in the southern hemisphere Huh, okay, I'm not sure how Well this put let's see if that'll pull up the the chart, No Whoo Not try to Yeah, it's not the resolution I wanted and I can't see my comments, but This is the triangle for steam it had a huge breakout, and it's only going up That's for sure steam dollars SBD is the ticker for that You know I'm still learning this This software every day I learned something else still I've learned quite a bit about This charting software since I started using it just a few months ago So You might have to go here go here in a second anyway because the Critters are taking over If I can't get this to pull up Might have to do it later There are so many coins to look at I have been so busy Ah there

We go That's how you do it ok, so you click on the title not on the image that Seems obvious enough all right, so here is Steam dollars Huge break out What did I write here huge rally and popular curation and contact content rewards? Alternative to Reddit I signed up in July and Swift coin first target is two point four So let's see how did we do? Okay we underperformed Underperformed Well My target would still be two point four dollars what this is more This is a good consolidation pattern It's coming down and testing what is now Support That would be the the To the pro argument Here Okay, so this This is still still a good It's that the the the the verdict is not in on this yet I Would still I would still call this as a as a by? Let's look again at Bitcoin cash priced in Bitcoin So Different trend channels Something possibly a long line of Gann lines

I haven't had time to To check and It's followed its followed our trend Let's see if I wrote any comments No Okay That may be about to change when this breaks out of this Resistance line That could be a trend change This is again Bitcoin cash in terms of Bitcoin Manero Manero Hourly chart What did I say anything? First target 170 Yeah, well here you can see By signals Well it's sideways here, but Sooner or later would have to leave this triangle, let's see what happened did we get to 170 whoo? Did we Did we That was November 26 so three days ago I Said target 170 we are currently at 185 down from 208 okay? You do the math This is easy I mean this is just Like I said nothing I haven't seen anything like this since the dot-coms Let's see what was I talking about here Bitcoin? So 72 hours ago November 26 as I said November 24th, okay, so this is confirming what I had Seen on the two days earlier support at these levels no resistance there it is Breakout fake out the 8,000 right so there was a This fake out move outside of the triangle remember we were looking at this a minute ago with that concentric circle I said that was the buy signal 13 hours here 8 hours 13 That that's what you see in a triangle Typically and then there was this break down here which was a fake out okay, I Said no resistance November 24th and there it is November 24th right there The breakout to the upside was a day later Right Voxels Again these names Box means voice in Latin So are these little voices I don't know Clearly a It's not even parabolic its ballistic another obscure coin doubles the money and more in three days Well there it is from zero spot zero four two zero spot zero eight two point 12 the 012 Let's see what's happened since then Like I don't know what that yellow line is I can't Okay, so it's retracing What was my call all right, well I didn't I didn't say to go long, but I Just said that it had doubled the money here

It's retracing It's about 40% So I would Stay away from this one I would watch it, but it shouldn't be doing that on a day like this something's not right there voxels Aetherium aetherium of course let's look at the hourly chart And I wrote on the 27th two days ago by signal in blue circle This is another one On The 27th at over 100 nine hours ago and boom There there it went and I am currently long aetherium I give it a strong buy recommendation, it's The it's the most likely to blow past 500 past a thousand in short order I'm confident for the Fundamentals the sentiment the technicals everything is is a go I don't see anything it Going against it

It's doing some testing It's doing some It was up at 500 today, and it was Running people stops yeah there there, you can see it There's a triangle Alright, so it continued it went to this channel for a little bit And then it blew up there you can see it today was all time high five ten five fifteen And it's back down here at this support area So it's actually broken Rising trend line on the hourly chart for the moment which would go like that But I have nothing but Accolades for aetherium etherium and for its Leader who whether he intended to or not has something of a cult around him because of his personality Vitalik blue Taran So that's aetherium hard to go wrong with aetherium Here's something interesting here's is another really obscure coin called co-found Have no idea what that's all about Let's see what happened with my call i'm saying that this is Headed up because of these support lines I Did see something in the press that there was some kind of a scandal about the founder of this company This is November 27th Let's see what happened again I have not previewed Any of these I don't know what what what happened

Oh, well there It is Okay, so that was a baddie I'm not long I'm glad I'm not long Okay, so you have problems there stay away from this coin because on a day like this With everything going up and Bitcoin at eleven thousand this should be Now this is a serious serious sign of big problems Co-found don't go and find it stay lost Manero Ether iota peercoin Let's see if we can do bone arrow coin Whether he gets to you Manero Manero Manero I Said ABC triangle continuation before big move higher that was two days ago Did we get a big move higher? Let's see? Whoo did we get a big move higher? Did we get a big move higher I said Well alert when 169 that was to go long there it is when we broke 169 we came out the Trend channel and Went all the way blew past 200 currently trading around 160 no 185 There it is You know it's you can see it You can go online and see it And here you can see the these are all of the Graphs that I published So I'm not cherry picking either

I'm going through these one by one Iota Mm-hmm the Internet of Things IOT is their signal their symbol rather so 20 hours ago Seems like a long time, what did I say dips are concurrent with all right so high correlation the Bitcoin? Dips are concurrent and with a lag of 9 to 58 hours on breakouts Did I recommend I don't recommend one way or another on this one, so let's see hmm all right, so Under performing a little bit, they're Not not falling not falling down but Underperforming the other cryptos this week don't know why? Internet of Things peercoin these names I tell you I Don't know where they come up with them Why not pair coin PE AR? That would be better than P R I don't piers I mean piers you think I don't know kids in school talking about their peers and pure peer pressure I Don't I don't know these names Here I wrote could break out any moment yeah, there you can see why because It's an Akuma and accumulation pattern down near zero Now let's see and here is for your here's your graphic of the correlation to Bitcoin so did it blow up Okay it went up didn't blow up, but it went up went right to This trendline that I had I had written a right foot I had placed 20 hours ago, so it is up It did It went up I'm not gonna say it broke out to break out It would have had to overcome all of this resistance here in this area, so Jury is still out Peercoin let's see what else What else do we have here to talk about This is a good read weekly roundup for me as well Just to This is a lot to go over a fair coin again peercoin gauzy cash target 400 doggie coin peercoin again z cash Internet of people Etherium again like coin – again iota Litecoin Let's see what's ripple

Wha-what ripple was doing was that the first ripple chart Gotta get going here in just a minute Yeah, that was my first ripple chart See what's happening with ripple? This was today oh okay again in a Triangle pattern the 13s the 18s No recommendations But I do believe we're long See what happened here well, not enough time is transpired so We'll have to look at that another time these charts are too Fresh to look at really today Maybe some of these down here peercoin We looked at already Z cache look at Z cache Z cache target 400 see what happened Nope not yet 20 hours ago, okay? Might have to look at these tomorrow Probably you should probably do that so again forex trading FX pro bitcoin comm is a place to go you can get a Some free coins when you sign up for the first time as an incentive bonus financial trading advice FX boss taught info for the last 10 years I have Advised traders I have traded and I have Helped a lot of people out so check out FX box that info FX Pro taught the Efex Pro Bitcoin calm like and subscribe I Value your comments your feedback I need it very much trying to get this Channel to lift off and get some some views and some Interaction with people my name is Daniel Bruno

I'm a chartered market technician and on this historic day It's been my pleasure to update you on crypto currencies until next time bye, bye

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