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BitClub Network – Report from Iceland (Press English subtitles)

Welcome everybody from Iceland We are now in BitClub Network

And now we are waiting for entry to the BitClub Network facilities There is first bus which arrived before us with visitors As you can see all of this area is very strong secure Hier you have gateway And also walking bodyguard As we heard from Russ Medlin (CEO BitClub Network) that we cannot make any pictures or videos inside of BitClub and probably we have to leave our smartphones in the bus or in our pockets We will see But now you can see how it looks like outside If you want to find BitClub on the map it is next to Keflavik airport

Keflavik airport is behind me behind the buildings And well, now we are waiting As you can see there is a lot of people First bus is inside Hier is a lot of people from Malysia, Japan We are waiting for our entry so we will hear in the next shoot

I hope you can see the buldings plan behind me how it looks like It would be awesome to see this area in aerial view but we don't have a drones and I think nobody can't get permission for this flight We are coming inside to area of BitClub Network First bus is going out and now it's time for us We have confirmation from Russ that we cannot make any pictures and videos inside of building so now I'm showing everything outside

If I will be able to do some pictures somewhere I will try but it could be very hard and impossible Thats how it looks like behind gateways As you can see there is no logos of BitClub Network This place is no so much transparency but I think this is safety reason Everywhere are bodyguards and all of this area is enclosed Hier you have CEO of BitClub Network Russ Medlin

You can see him and he is with us right now We are going inside but as CEO told us one more time that we cannot making any pictures and videos because if they catch us they will destroy our smartphones But we will get official pictures with us from inside on the official website of BitClub Network After this we are going to Blue Lagoon for dinner and free time but this is the most important thing during our trip Everybody are taking Antminer S5 so I will take also one of them

That's how it looks like So this is your equipment in BitClub Network makes the money for You every day It's a little gift from Russ The next interesting thing hier is that loud noise because we can hear how many equipments is working inside right now I don't know if you hear that loud noise in my microphone Are you hearing this? I hear this very well It's very loud noise Hier you have few Antminers so if somebody want one of them he can take it We just walked out We were in smaller "room" We couldn't go anywhere but stay only in this one area

One each and on the other side there was huge racks There was also a lot of huge fans up front It was really powerfull that we couldn't talk there There is a loud noise I asked the bodyguard does he stay there for all day but he told me that not That's how it looks like inside Official pictures will be on the website of BitClub Network

so you can check this Hier you have again the CEO Russ Medlin Everything is alright We are going to the next station Someone can ask me why I came hier for few minutes inside of this buildings I met one guy from India and he told me that he heard about BitClub and cryptocurrency one month ago And he told me that first thing for him was to verify He didn't buy his mining packages because he wanted to verify BitClub

He was one week on the event of BitClub in Dubai now he is here, his name is Sunday And that's how he verify this bussines Hier you have substantial proof how it looks like The pictures from inside will be on the website of BitClub Network and that's all I'm happy that I'm here That I could see this but I was sure what I can see I hoped that I see more colours area hier but on Iceland there is a lot of the greyness Hier is no logos that we are in BitClub Network It's too much expensive enterprise to make huge transparency in this area

That's all from BitClub Everybody are with their Antminers See you in the next shoot of this trip Our trip is going to the end with "small" gift from Russ We were in Blue Lagoon and that's how it looked the trip to BitClub Network on Iceland Maybe there will be something during the evening as well In Blue Lagoon we could meet a lot of fantastic people talk with them about the cryptocurrency and how they started in BitClub Network why they became to BitClub A lot of amazing people today and very beautifull place I'm wishing everybody to come hier I'm hier right now only for one day but definitely I will come back hier and not alone That's all

Maybe at the evening there will be some atraction Best wishes for you Hier you can buy your packages: http://bitclubbz/pawelpaczka

Source: Youtube