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How to buy Bitcoin for EUR/USD at bitsane.com (eng sub)

In this video we will demonstrate how to buy Bitcoin for EUR via Bitsane exchange This method also works with USD or any other currency available for exchange

Go to the “Exchange” page after you deposit EUR or USD on your Bitsane wallet First, select the currency you want to buy and then select the currency you want to exchange In this case, we will be buying Bitcoin for EUR That’s why we choose Bitcoin from the first drop-down menu For payment we choose EUR

Scroll down for the “Buy” and “Sell” buttons In order to buy Bitcoin, you need to place an order Orders are used for purchasing or exchanging currencies There are two types of orders: The first one is “Limit Order” Placing this order will make you buy Bitcoin at a set price or less

By using Limit Order, you can decide the price by yourself and it will be completed as soon as anyone agrees to it The second type is “Market Order” It is purposed for immediate purchase or sale at the best current prices Choosing Market Order guarantees instant exchange regardless of the price In this video, we use the fastest order type — Market Order

Select Market Order from the order type menu Specify the desired Bitcoin amount for purchase in the “Order size” field The minimum amount you can buy is one thousandth of Bitcoin In the Price field you can view approximate price for a chosen Bitcoin amount If everything is ok for you, click the Buy button

A notification will appear about order being successfully placed The green notification that appears at the bottom of the screen indicates that our order is complete To check the order status, go to the Balance menu Here we can see, that 0,001 Bitcoin is added to your wallet On the left section of "Orders" menu you can view all your completed orders

In the chart you can see what currency you bought, for how much and when

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Blockchain for Dummies Special Part I

So why do we keep hearing that everyone is becoming rich with bitcoins? Bitcoin is one of the 1200 cryptocurrencies that are around right now

Next to bitcoin you have a lot of different cryptocurrencies with different causes But bitcoin you can see as the digital dollar You can already pay with bitcoin in a lot of Dutch stores, like Thuisbezorgdnl But also, in London a house has been sold for 17 million pounds in bitcoins Bitcoin is part of the blockchain

Blockhain the name for the system where all transactions are registered on Because everything is now registered on everyone's computer instead of just one, You won't be needing any central authorities anymore, like banks So why do we keep hearing that everyone is becoming rich with bitcoins? Well, if you bought bitcoins a few years ago There is a good chance you made a lot of money on it Someone who also did that is Livaneli

Livaneli started with only 100 euros in bitcoins and is now a cryptomillionaire But you'll see him next video Wait! Millionaires? Let's see whether we can talk to some of them at Duisenberg Plaza Hi Wouter – Hi Talitha Hi Matthijs! – Hi! Hi Ibi – Hey! With what cryptocurrency do you trade? Right now I am mainly trading in Verge, Monero and Exclusivecoin I trade in multiple, but the main ones are Ethereum and TenX for example

But like I said, I trade in multiple You have to bet on multiple horses I guess And with what amount did you start investing? I started investing with a few hundred euros, just some spare money I had I think I started with about 200 euros, which was back in march And are now worth about 5

000 euros I guess So is this a means of payment to you or really an investment object? For now this is mainly an investment object I tend to hold on to my coins for now Maybe later I'll spend some of it It was an investment object for me

I wanted to invest in something There was a big hype in cryptocurrencies, so I said why not invest in that? In the beginning it was kind of scary Because you think you know stuff, but you don't So you make bad choices But I think now I can anticipate it and make money with it

Fluctuation is part of the cryptocurrencies If it wasn't fluctuating so much I wouldn't be making any profit In the beginning it was driving me nuts and crazy I was checking the graphs all the time, refresh it I had exams at that time and I couldn't concentrate on it

It's less now, I got used to it I just check it once a day That's all I don't often check them I am more addicted to the news

Checking everyday and all kinds of stuff surrounding cryptos For now I'll hold on to my coins Maybe in the longterm I take some off because I'll need money For now I want to keep investing and expand my portfolio I'll just keep it in my wallet

It might explode one day Make me a millionaire Okay, tell me if that happens!