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18+ content on the blockchain: the OKOIN system launches ICO

VR OKO is the first decentralized platform for distributing adult content in virtual reality based on blockchain technology At the core of the project is the eponymous virtual reality headset created especially for viewing interactive erotic films

Thanks to the latest technologies, the VR OKO platform sidesteps all the limitations of distributing “adult” content and makes it available to all, anywhere in the world VR OKO allows you to make absolutely anonymous payments in the system thanks to the OKOIN cryptocurrency Right now, you can already use Bitcoins to buy the VR OKO headset and access to a video library of over 500 films in 40 different genres Every film is interactive and allows you to immerse yourself in the very center of the action More than that, you can choose your vantage point, perspective and zoom level VR OKO’s ICO is on December 14

And on January 26, in Prague, at the Basilica of Sacré Cœur, VR Technology will host a party for 100 random attendees Join in!