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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Good Investment? (Bitcoin anyone?)

Hey, what's up? John Sonmez here from simpleprogrammercom

Today, we're going to be talking about blockchains Andrei says, "Blockchain Is it the next big thing? What are the skillsets needed? Do you recommend studying it?" I'll briefly talk about the investing side because I don’t think that—I mean yes, a lot of people have made a lot of money in investing in cryptocurrencies, which are based in blockchain I don’t think that it's a good idea because it's not an investment It's a speculation

I'm not for investing "speculating" in cryptocurrencies, even though people have made a lot of money simply because it is a speculation and there's no guarantee I'd like to do things that are guaranteed that have a high chance of success I don’t like to make bets on stuff that maybe will work because even if they do work out, what, don't you give yourself a pat on the back and say you picked the right horse? I don’t know I don’t care to do that I care to like earn the stuff that I achieve in life because those things are more rewarding

Let's talk about blockchain itself and the technology That I'm 100% bare-on on the technology itself because it's a superior technology It makes sense I think that currency is going to go that direction I see it as the future

I mean you see all this kind of futuristic movies or sci-fi novels, then they talk about having credits or cred stick That hasn’t been possible before because of the problems with fiat currencies, with monetary systems and with governments controlling and being able to print up money Whereas, the cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology, not only allows us to limit the supply of the money to be almost like it was on a gold standard, but it does expand The monetary system does expand, which is important Otherwise, you have a huge, huge deflation which is not—which you still have in cryptocurrency, by the way

I mean you can see it That's why a lot of these coins are going so far out there They're driven by speculation and deflation, really as the currency is more scarce, it becomes more valuable and more people want it What I see is that this is definitely the future I mean I would bet on this technology for sure

I don’t know that cryptocurrencies are going to go up and I don’t know that something better isn't going to come along, but it's going to be based on blockchain That's what I'm saying is that because this makes so much sense It makes so much sense that we finally have the solution where if you think about it, government—we can't trust any government in the world because we can't trust government with monetary supply Every single government that has ever gotten their hands on money to create fiat currency has fucked it up Think about this

Look at all the countries that have had major ridiculous inflations, even here in the United States We still have stagflation all the time and we're messing with money and we're having disastrous results Managing money is something that—especially as we become more of a world society and needs to be handled in a decentralized type of way, and blockchain makes sense Also, if you think about it, blockchain Just the idea, the concept of having this peer-to-peer, this validation happening from multiple nodes

Multiple people verify things, I think that makes sense for contracts You hear about things like Ethereum which uses—there's other cryptocurrencies based off of this that have this contract idea where you can actually create contracts and enforce contracts and verify them from multiple properties Think about property ownership and land ownership, and things like that entitles to things that if we have this blockchain technology, we can verify very definitely who is the owner of the property and what transactions occurred, and we can prevent fraud This stuff all makes sense and is all decentralized What I recommend is I would recommend that if you're interested in this stuff, yes, learn about it in depth

I have a cursory knowledge, but if you're interested in it I highly encourage you to learn it, especially a software developer because I see this is a huge, huge field There's going to be—there are so many companies already now that are investing in the technology and they're going to have to invest in the technology in the future Having this in-depth knowledge is not easy It's a complex thing It really is complex

I tried to go through and understand bitcoin at one point I have the gist of it, but I don’t understand the intricacies of it I'll be honest with you because there's a lot to it This is a good thing I think a good market to move into

I think it's growing and expanding market and there's always going to be jobs here If you're interested, take the time, learn it in depth but don't play around in the market Don't—like that speculation, that's how you're going to lose it So many people that are liked blockchain geeks or cryptocurrency, they're just playing the market just like a stock trader There's nothing wrong necessarily with that

I used to trade stocks for a long time, but what I'm saying is that the real value, the real people that are going to become billionaires, not just millionaires, billionaires after this technology are not going to be the people that trade the currency They're going to be the people that do something with the currency, that invent technologies on top of it Maybe some of the people that create the currencies to some degree That's what it is It's the technology itself

It's not the currency It's not the speculation It's the investment on this Can you build a business, for example, on top of blockchain? Can you build a business on top of cryptocurrency? If you can do that, that's where you're going to see the real value and that's why I'd highly encourage you to do if you're interested All right

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Do You Have a Bitcoin Investment Plan? Find Out Why We Choose Investing vs Trading Cryptocurrencies!

why I favor investing in cryptocurrencies versus trading Do you have a Bitcoin investment plan? Today I wanted to talk to you guys about an interesting topic and once you see a ton of stuff on which is should I invest or should I trade so why I favour investing over trading and crypto currencies while both are effective strategies both can be successful or not be successful both take some time one generally taking much more than the other why I favour investing for me is because I have a lifestyle outside of cryptocurrencies and what I see as far as investing from a from the block Capitol insider value investing platform and how we base our decisions we do a lot of research from the very beginning we figure out the different types of cryptocurrency is what they are what they bring to market the we utilizing the three key aspects to cryptocurrencies which you can find in the link below if you're interested in that and then we make a decision and we we set up goals for our money and how we're going to go about it how we're going to invest whether it's a lump sum or dollar cost averaging or many of the different strategies that we use and then once that set in place we're pretty much done the hard work is over and we just checked back continue to look continuing to analyze slightly is it a profitable investment is it still working out is the company going in the right direction and those type of things now with trading you're looking at at least from what I've done and from what I understand now again I'm not a professional trader but from what I've done and I have made money trading and it's you know it's great it's good you can you know put a few hundred bucks in or you know whatever you're you're risking and you know double that or you know gain ten twenty percent in a day or fifteen percent we're investing you're looking at you generally a longer time trend but as we've seen with cryptocurrency is that investment is you know doubling much much quicker than regular investments but we're treating you have a lot of constant time that you're spending into it you know you can't it's a lot more difficult to have a trade that's open what they say and be away from your computer go on a camping trip for three days you know that's going to be very very difficult for anyone who's a fairly serious trader to do and that's why you see one of the best times to daughter cost average is Friday evening and why is that you ask well because that's what all the traders have bought out for the week they want to take off for the weekend at least that's for sure in the regular market and cryptocurrency is a little bit less just because it is never shuts off market slope or 24/7 but you still see that as far as a Friday kind of pullback period so that's one thing and that's my biggest why I invest I have an outside in some income core excuse me I have an outside income in which I take a portion of that and I invested in the cryptocurrencies I'm not looking for cryptocurrencies to be my main source of income now would that be great absolutely and then I am i turning anyone off from training no not all if you guys think that that lifestyle is for you then please go ahead get after it I encourage anyone to try you know if you if you think you want that lifestyle then go for it but from my experience from what I've done I honestly I like being able to go out at night I like being able to relax I like being able to have a good time go on vacation for a week and again it's because I do have that outside income and if you don't pay maybe trainings for you but if you're looking to take something takes up take some of your income that you generate from another area and invest a certain portion of it like we had what we had Mark Cuban's say 10% that's the mr Shark Tank himself said invest 10% if you're younger in a risky asset such as Bitcoin or other crypto Francie's I think that's pretty powerful stuff there guys so investing is definitely the route I choose and it's the route that we explain in much further detail in our value investing in cryptocurrency course at the block capital insider

com platform so if you guys are interested in that check out the link below give it a look send us your email you'll also get access to our first BCI report as well as our glossary of terms which I can tell you is the best most comprehensive glossary of terms on the blockchain technology on the entire Internet I can tell you that for a fact so if you guys enjoyed this video please like and subscribe thanks for listening guys we wouldn't be here without you don't forget to comment I love reading your guys's comments below so please thanks again guys take care till next time

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