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Liminality : An unstoppable Artificial Intelligence that lives in the Blockchain

Humanity is Lost We do not truly know our past and our future remains uncertain

Things are moving fast And even faster than what we can imagine or anticipate And here we stand, after millenaries of technological evolution For example, some recent reports predicted that an Artificial Intelligence backed by IBM Watson could rule over a country by 2020 The machine will one day be able to self improve, and the long awaited technological singularity event will happen

But can we really trust the impartiality and the righteousness of the machine? With the blockchain technology and IBM Watson’s cognitive technology, we have the right tools at our disposal to create the ultimate Artificial Intelligence ran and regulated by the Liminality System With no single point of failure, it is an autonomous and unstoppable network meant to be peer reviewed by all How do we proceed? We will launch a digital assistant accessible via a smartphone: Majordome It has the same features and characteristics as Siri or Bixby excepts that through machine learning, people will be incentivized to make the assistant more intelligent by rewarding them with tokens Driven by the community, it will become more reliable than any other concurrent, and fast After that, we will completely decentralize it with our state of the art Neural Network, and launch NUMEN, your digital friend with which you can share your life

NUMEN will be able to acquire data on the internet even when he's not queried It will live autonomously and act on its own With no Central authority, and no conflict of interest, NUMEN is your personal companion you can trust and with whom you can hold a real conversation Who has never dreamt of that friend that will never betray you ? And finally, NUMEN will become Veda We will give the network the freedom to rewrite itself, triggering the Technological Singularity

At this point, as long as you have enough tokens to pay the network, you will be able to ask him to perform any task a human can do, and more Mathematicals operations, developing a software, understanding the past, or build a better future The choice is in your hands Take part on this adventure now Liminality, Trigger the Technological Singularity

Is Bitcoin Just About Money? Find Out the Benefits of Blockchain and How They’ll Improve Our Lives!

VIDEO: Benefits of blockchain hi guys Nick here my friend Eric guys today we're going to talk about the utilization of blockchain in the news today there's a lot of talk about Bitcoin and other currency applications for blockchain but what a lot of people don't realize is there is some really really really big up-and-coming applications through the utilization of blockchain that people aren't really talking about or listening to so today we're going to cover some of those topics so listen up smart contracts are a huge utility of blockchain technology today and even more so into the future what smart contracts allow us to do is create a contract similar to a normal contract that you would sign today say for a law contract between two individuals we have a certain set of rules that are written out and you agree upon them with your signatures and this is done using black chain technology digitally so the advances of that are going to be one it's cheaper to transact than paying lawyers or say – it's also much more secure because it's decentralized software applications in blockchain technology are gonna be completely decentralized in Spain unencrypted in the blockchain itself this will go from video games Google to let's say service exchanges in Google for any kind of let's say a platform for social media any kind of digital and software development is going to be encrypted in the blockchain decentralizing file storage has obvious benefits by distributing data throughout the network it protects files from getting hacked or lost blockchain technology guys is gonna revolutionize the insurance market tricky aspect to pay attention first cheaper second less intermediate on third security each policy is going to be a smart contract encrypted inside the blockchain technology the use of crowdfunding in blockchain technology has raised over 1 billion dollars in 2017 alone outpacing venture capitalists this year look for crowdfunding and blockchain technology to be a big player in the future to come identification big utility here passport driver's license IDs this information will be encrypted in the layer of the blockchain and you will be able to access from ammo from your computer blockchain opens up the door for direct interaction between parties and it does this by having a peer-to-peer value of transfer thus opening up the door for a truly decentralized network creating a sharing economy are you guys so now that we've discussed the utilities of blockchain technology besides just its use as a currency we hope you understand the full range of utilities that blockchain can envelop and into the future we will only see more and more utilities come into fruition so if you guys are interested in some other topics that we didn't talk about please leave those down below we'll comment on it possibly Eric and I will make a video on it and also if you guys are interested in other things to do with blockchain technology and want to get a little bit more information click the link below and check out our website block capital insider or me and Eric oh and a much more in-depth about blockchain technology its uses and many many more things so thanks guys for coming out today we'll just really appreciate it Eric and I wouldn't be here without you guys we do I just want to say thank you so check back again for our next video