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Bit:Basic ตอนที่ 1 แนะนำ Miner, Pool, Block, Chain, Algorithm

Welcome to Bit Investment Channel This is the 1st episode for Bit:Basic series I will tell the story via Minecaft Game How it work in Bitcoin or Blockchain World? So, I'd like to introduce Mr Bit Investment He is a miner He will explain you how Blockchain and Bitcoin work Behind him is Bit Investment Mine Mr

Bit Investment live in Bit Investment Pool How is Blockchain work? First of all, I'd like you to know the block Block in Blockchain world will store transaction information Then the system will generate new block append to the last block like chain That's why we call Blockchain Because the block append pattern like chain Once, new block append Information in the old block cannot modify anymore

Then, here is the tool for miner to mining I imply pickaxe such a mining machine Golden pickaxe is SHA256 mining machine Iron pickaxe for mining Litecoin Next one for mining Monero Stone pickaxe for mining Zcash Diamond pickaxe for mining Dash For each algorithm will mine only particular coin It's cannot mine across algorithm Next VDO we will understand Where miner get the money from? What is block reward? What is transaction block? See you