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Not have much time in this video, we'll have to run a little I only have five minutes to speak

I want to ask questions here of people who want to make digital purchases in currencies Kraken The Kraken is an American exchange, with operations in Canada, European Union, Japan In Brazil it is less known Many people have questions about this Kraken platform, say it is a bit complicated but it is not that, is that it works as a stock exchange, and is much better actually Because you, having a value deposited in the Kraken, you choose the currency you want to buy – in my case I chose Stellar lumens, and I bought with bitcoin, assuming I already have stored in bitcoin Kraken You generate a new order (new order) I want to buy XLM, stellar, want to buy p ex 300 stellar The site shows you which was the highest amount paid for the stellar, and the lowest value you

You can choose any amount you want to buy or sell I chose 0000008

could choose 0000007 0000006

now, any buyer has to agree with this your price; if he thinks that is too low, do not buy your order is stopped until canceled So I gave this price 0,000008btc per stellar, it will cost me then (buy 300stellar) 0

0024 BTC Make the purchase order ok

ordem would be like this You submit this order, and it is waiting for a buyer to come and accept their price In my case I could not make that purchase because I do not bitcoin in balance I'm just giving an example

Another big question what happens is the following, the person sometimes puts 0,001btc stored the Kraken, and the purchase or sale transaction never works because it has not reached the minimum value to the transaction, then I suggest you come in Help / Support entering in support, you search for "minimun order", that is, the minimum amount accepted in each purchase and sale transaction With bitcoin, p ex, you can only work with 0,002btc, less than that, you can not perform the operation

The biggest questions that arose were in relation to the minimum OK Hope this helps

The Kraken is pretty simple not as simple as many other exchanges, but it is better, because you can set the value

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