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Blockchain Nedir (Blok Zinciri Nedir) ?

Transforming the pillars of our society so strong If there is a technological advance that would be? Our economy, our management system and affects the fundamental workings of our business, trade, about ownership and security technology is changing our conceptual understanding? This technology already exists, and it's called crypto currency People usually only think of Bitcoin virtual currency or as a processing system

But if you look more closely, the coin size You will see that only the visible face of the iceberg The reason for this, Bitcoin money just some of the possible applications Internet is a breakthrough technology because it is one have money to facilitate trade For centuries, trade has become incredibly complex Everyone tries to everyone worldwide

Commercial accounting is recorded This information is generally isolated and closed ring Therefore, to facilitate our operations and to confirm We trust we use third parties and intermediaries Governments, banks, accountants, notaries, Consider your wallet and paper money This is called "Trusted Third Parties" call

This leads us to the essence of Bitcoin Bitcoin software, by a computer network It enables customers to keep collective books over the internet This accounting nor is closed under the control of a party, rather, it is public and it is located in a completely digital accounting distributed over the network In Blockcha (Block Chain) call Blockchain date, time, participants and the amount of each transaction which contains information about all transactions are recorded

Each node on the network has a complete copy of the Blockchain Complex operations based on the latest technological mathematical principles, book protects Bitcoin Miners (Bitcoin miners) It verified by Mathematical principles also, these nodes, the book and that the interior of each transaction automatically and continuously it provides to accept the current situation If someone tries to disrupt a process nodes do not have to compromise and therefore it refused to include the operation Blockchain Therefore, each process are publicly and unanimously thousands of nodes, a process in Y-time X Date He acknowledges that happen

as if there was a notary in each transaction This way everyone can access shared a single source of truth That's why we can always rely on Blockchain The book, a Bitcoin As a certain amount of euros or dollars or property or a value in this regard It has established and cares about anything else Users can decide for themselves what is the unit of Bitcoin A Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units

And each unit can be both defined and individually programmable This means that users can assign to each unit feature Users per euro cents or a share in a company, a kilowatt-hour energy or a digital ownership certificate can be programmed to represent Therefore, Bitcoin offers only more of the money and payment: A Bitcoin can represent many types of property For example, thousands of barrels of oil, award credits or a vote during the elections

Bitcoin Moreover, in making us smarter currency, it allows us to automate our cash and cash flow Approved in hand just to make payments to health care Think of dollars or euros can be used In this case, one of the rules is no longer whether you really need to follow the bureaucratic process You program the money only to those rules The reason: Compatibility in the foreground

The unit does not use the receiver after a specified time automatically It can be programmed to return to the provider In this way, the provider can prevent stacking allowance A company, by programming the budget; salaries, machinery, materials and maintenance to be noted about the money and they can not be spent on other things It can control their spending in the same way To automate such matters, accountants, controllers The organization and overall, an amazing time The defeat of bureaucracy leads to a significant reduction in the loss Bitcoin programmable, open character, our financial sector and our administrative processes completely And it allows us to reconstruct renovation

Make them more efficient and transparent and reduce bureaucracy significantly But there's more "In the Internet works" Our economy will be actively involved in dealing with the economic machine traffic In fact, they're already here Imagine a vending machine

Or drones that deliver packages These machines are not familiar with the concept of trust, Bitcoin but it is not Bitcoin because drone packet to the correct recipient So you can be sure it will be delivered face and it is sure he gets paid for it Automatic vending machine will automatically track the consumption, Will order new supplies from the suppliers and their Programs will be able to pay automatically Of course, you will understand that this is just the beginning

Internet technology is disruptive and rural status Opens Markets always distort the position and mediation Bitcoin and crypto-currencies has caused a paradigm shift Discovering this new technology in a constructive and critical, and it's time to openly discuss their potential applications