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Blockchain, registro condiviso e notarizzazione: quale evoluzione per il Bitcoin?

we are here today with Ferdinando Ametrano Bitcoin Block chain lecturer and Technology Bicocca University of Milan and the Politecnico di Milano Ferdinand you tell us briefly what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is for the first time in digital field a scarce commodity, whose quantity is limited and that it can not It is duplicated at will and that is a digital object that can be transferred but not cloned, not duplicated

If we stop and think is the first time in digital or something like that is possible something that until a few years ago it was probably even unimaginable It is a scarce commodity transferable but not duplicable substantially in computing terminology, spendable once not be spent twice closely resembles what might be the digital equivalent of gold if we think about what has been the role of gold in the history of civilization coin Finance can imagine how disruptive role could have the equivalent Physical gold in the digital environment for a digital civilization as our and the future of the currency and finance As it binds to Bitcoin Chain Block, and what are their fears a thousand applications of this second technology? We say that the great success of Bitcoin has attracted the attention of many not everyone likes the idea of ​​the digital token or digital gold that just promises disruptive effects even at service level financial and monetary stability, and though all were fascinated by Bitcoin that works and works well is then born the interest in Bitcoin behind technology that is generally indicated by the name of Block Chain although the fast is simply a data structure a kind of public record on which are marked tracks each the Bitcoin protocol transactions here is that this often in Block Chain precisely opposed to Bitcoin as a bridging the digital token for the benefit of the pure and simple technology suddenly it became fashionable and promises to solve various countless problems all problems that it is difficult for They are really solvable with technology because the Block Chain Block Chain without a native digital assets such as Bitcoin can not exist can not exist because if we do not have a native digital assets with which to remunerate the participants of the bitcoin network that put the computational power that is hardware and computing resources you need to make sure this network and we can not remunerate with the issuance of new Bitcoin because precisely in the design of the Bitcoin protocol seigniorage annuities ie this huge amount of wealth that results can coin money is substantially socialized to remunerate the network nodes to cover so the cost of the network here is this Block Chain without bitcoin remains a bit 'lame and no one knows the work then already warned no longer speak of Block Chain but speak of Distributed Ledger Technology It remains that the idea of ​​a Distributed Ledger, a register distributed ie the Block Chain remains only precisely the appeal of this register that is available to all for consultation of all this register objectively it has possible applications in general applications that go under the name of notarization ie in this register you can give evidence of cryptographic time-stamping of documents or statements of events that have occurred or intentions expressed by someone obviously does not make these Chain Block truthful documents by the very fact of record but records in a incontrovertibly clear their existence does not repugnant their statement at some point in time But again, on which Block Chain? We often speak of Block Chain Bitcoin public as opposed to private Chain Block and then you would want them to be these private Chain Block to host the notarization actually private Chain Block's not clear how They can function as can ensure it is not manipulable because within the Bitcoin protocol Block Chain is not manipulated because the economic incentives of all actors are oriented in such a way as to achieve the result It should not tell anyone manipulate Instead Block Chain Block in private Chain as opposed to public Bitcoin Block Chain is not clear how one can achieve this good news, however, that even for those Bitcoin does not love you can use the Block Chain Bitcoin for notarized so to give this evidence cryptographic not incontrovertible a repugnant declaration of a time stamp on a document similar things

There would you explain best notarization and what is its application of a certainly distributed log whatever whatever our base data that could be a PDF document from an excel file document a database of several gigabytes or even terabytes can calculate what is called the hash value which it is like fingerprint of a document as a fingerprint is unique document of the database we are Whereas but does not allow the fingerprint to be traced back to the document a bit 'as my fingerprint is unique and features of my DNA but you can not go back to my DNA once this has been achieved this hash value hash value can be associated with a Bitcoin transaction and then in some way recorded together with the registration on the Block Chain Bitcoin Bitcoin at this point the immutability of the Bitcoin Block Chain ensures that that hash value is stored in a manner substantially constant and unchanging on Block Chain Bitcoin and then allow anyone in front of the judges or in front of a third party to demonstrate at a later point of time the basic data that document, that the series of documents was in our possession on that date the time precisely in that state and yes because if that database we change even one comma or a beat point or the hash value, the 'fingerprint of the data base is manipulated so completely different in substance we have achieved with the notarization a form of very robust and timestamp incontrovertible to any database which then did not have to disclose based data because we have only revealed the hash value with the database but we can faced with a third of a judge or a notary prove a later date that the document databases that existed at a time previous time in an exact precise time prior to the time precisely that exact state that we have used to derive these unique fingerprint It is a lot about the use of registers distributed accounting purposes, thus bringing into obsolescence the need for processes and Consequently audit firm What do you think about it? Not so would draw conclusions radicals, and so premature definitely use the notarization It may allow for greater transparency of business processes and why increased auditability easier by the generally third parts so entirely on accounts Block Chain today would seem like a futuristic side and perhaps even in practice to the concerns that I expressed early on possibility that the Block Chain solves a bit 'but then again everything from the notarization a certain point of view ensures greater transparency if it is possible I would like to conclude with a parallel from a certain point of view if Bitcoin is a digital gold the notarization is its jewelry in meaning that as the jewelry for physical gold is completely inessential for the chemical and physical gold The gold would continue to shine to glow even if we do not we use in jewelry to the same manner the notarization is completely inessential for the value of Bitcoin but it is extremely effective to show the splendor of shimmer this digital gold ie a digital level asset that can not be duplicate manipulated transformed censored certainly the notarization is a remarkably Promising not the monetary Block Chain Technology and protocol Bitcoin but I chioserei with a sentence of Confucius Confucius said when a wise man points to the moon fools look at the finger sometimes I like to paraphrase especially with my students that when a wise man shows the Bitcoin many fools watch Block Chain Thanks so much See you soon