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How to Start Lending on Bitconnect – Easy tutorial shows you how // Instructions explained

How to Start Lending on Bitconnect – Easy tutorial shows you how // bitcoin lend lending program proof review instructions explained withdrawal capital release reinvest scam ponzi calculator calc money david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell I wanted to give you a really quick and simple guide to how to transfer money to bit connect so you can start lending money and earning profits in the bit Connect lending program alright so first you have to log into your bit Connect account on bit connect Co alright and if you want to join bit connect by the way there's a link I'm gonna provide you with a link and it's below this video in the description of the video so you can click on the link and join bit connect and you can be on my bit connect team for the lending alright and I can be your guide or your mentor if you want and if you have questions if you joined bit connect and you want to put some money into the bit connect lending program so you can start earning profits every single day you can email me at any time my email address is David Modell at gmailcom but first you need to sign up under my affiliate link for bit connect and be part of my team so check the description and click on the link below this video alright so if you're ready to start lending money for the program start earning profits you would go and go to your bit connect account sign in log in with your password and then click on dashboard which is right here dashboard ok and that'll take you to the main page the dashboard now you need to get some bitcoin okay either on coin base or somewhere else and then transfer it from coin base or wherever wherever you have your Bitcoin wherever you bought it you want transfer it from there to your Bitcoin wallet it's right here okay on the dashboard on the bit connect website after you log in the Bitcoin wallet is right here okay you can see how much you have in there right now I have nothing but so you need to get your Bitcoin into the Bitcoin wallet here in order to do that you need know what your address is your Bitcoin wallet address on bit connect okay on the bit connect website so how do you find out what your Bitcoin wallet addresses on bit connect well you can click on the left side of the screen you can click on a little wallet thing here or you can also go to the little menu thing and you can click on wallet here either way both of them will take you to your wallet there's your wallet alright and then we're see where it says receive bitcoin BTC alright you would click on that green button here and that that way you can get the address to accept Bitcoin payments alright because you're going to need to send your Bitcoin from coinbase or wherever to to your bit connect Bitcoin wallet alright and so you need to find out your bit connect Bitcoin wallet address and so you'll click that green button and then you can copy that a Bitcoin address make sure you copy it exactly you don't want to send a Bitcoin from coinbase or wherever to a wrong address that would not be good okay so you want to copy it exactly you can right click copy whatever it is alright and then you go to a coin base or you know wherever and then let's say it's coinbase that's you know one of the more popular ones and then you click on accounts after you log in a coin base alright and then you go to your account so you go to your Bitcoin wallet which mine doesn't have any Bitcoin in it right now but if you did have some Bitcoin in there you can click on send and then you can paste in that address the which you copied from here from the green button on the bit connect website ok so you go to coinbase or wherever you know whatever you have the Bitcoin and you send it to that address that you've got from this this green button here from the wallet you know again you go to the wallet part of the wallet icon on the menu here ok so and that's gonna take a little bit of time alright so now you have to wait you have to keep checking back keep checking back to see if it's here if your Bitcoin is and the Bitcoin wallet then you're in good shape okay then the next step is to click on exchange because now you need to transfer or exchange from the Bitcoin here to your bit connect wallet here you need to get the funds from here to here alright in other words you're exchanging your Bitcoin to bit connect tokens and putting it here alright so how do you do that well once you see the Bitcoin in here you click on exchange which is right here and you give it a few seconds all right and it'll take you to the exchange alright and there you go and by the way another way to get to the exchange you can click on the menu thing here alright and you can go to be BCC exchange it's right here that'll also take you to the same page or you could just click on this little icon right here on the menu here ok so now you're gonna go down go down go down and there you see by cell BCC okay so you're gonna buy BCC you're gonna buy some bit connect tokens using your Bitcoin okay in other words to get your you know your money from the Bitcoin wallet to your bit connect wallet you have to go down here and you have to purchase it alright so how do you do that well it's the default settings are fine you just you see that blue button that's first of all you go to the buy BCC not to sell BCC you go to the buy seized by BCC that means buy bit connect tokens with your Bitcoin all right from your Bitcoin wallet here now you click on all the blue all button ok assuming that you want to invest all of the Bitcoin you don't have to do all you could just put some of it if you want to but if you want to do all of it all of the Bitcoin that you transferred if you want to lend all of it or invest all of it in the bit connect lending program then you'll you would have to you know change all of it into bit connect tokens because that's what you'll be led basically all right so you can click all if you want to do all of it and then you see where it says last you could just leave it there leave it on last okay and then click on so you know leave that blue button last and then click on the green button by bit connect coin all right and it may take a few seconds may take a few minutes but eventually should be able to purchase the the bit connect coin with your with your Bitcoin okay and if it doesn't go through if the price keeps jumping around you may have to change this number okay you may have to lower it or raise it you'll probably have to raise it okay yeah in other words you might have to spend a little bit more okay so you may have to adjust the number hopefully you'll get it the first time hopefully you'll be able to buy it on the exchange the very in the very first attempt if not try raising you know adding a little bit to this number add a little bit more add a little bit more you don't want to add too much you don't want to you know get ripped off you don't want to overspend all right you don't wanna just give away your money like that you want to get the lowest price possible but you also want to make the purchase you don't want to be left out all right so try it raise the price if you have to a little bit keep trying again eventually you should get it you should be able to make that purchase all right and you can scroll down a little bit and see all the orders all the buy orders sell orders more importantly you can see your open orders and if it's not filled then keep waiting and then try again if you have to all right and hopefully it'll change from an or from an open order to a filled order in your my order history okay so if it goes from here open orders to my order history that means you know that it went through your order was filled and you made the purchase of the bit connect token all right and you could always come back to this page to check that the funds should be you know should be out of your Bitcoin wallet and now into your bit connect wallet you should have some funds there okay should have some bit connect okay and that's where you're going to lend alright and you need to have at least $100 worth to start in the lending program all right 100 US dollars we're talking about okay finally yeah you're almost there okay then you go back to the dashboard which you could either do through the menu here or just by clicking on this icon here alright so you'll have some funds hopefully by now and your bit Kinect wallet okay and now you would click on see that blue button here lend bit connect all right you would click on that and I don't have enough you know I don't have anything and right now in my bit Kinect wallet here but if I did then I would certainly want to lend it especially if I had at least $100 worth okay and so what you would do is you put in here you type it in how much you want to lend it could be $100 could be whatever it is a thousand five thousand you know whatever you want to be depending on you know how much you want to earn okay and how quickly you want to get your initial investment released back to you and that's called capital release alright the more you invest the more you earn as you can see and the quicker the capital release will be okay so if you want to put in let's say a lot of no a thousand and ten dollars so you can get to this level here or whatever okay now do not invest more than you can afford to you know to lose or to put at risk yeah I don't want you to I do not want you to invest any money that you will need tomorrow or next week or next month okay this is money that you're willing to put at risk but you know as far as I'm concerned I'm willing to take the risk I feel very confident about the bit Connect lending program alright so you put in how much you want to lend and put in the lending program so you can start earning daily interest payments okay and then it'll tell you how much that isn't bit connect all right and then you click a check the box you read the Terms of Use you're making a decision to participate alright with a full understanding of the rules and regulations and then you click on the blue button pay from bit connect wallet alright and then you're in then you're you're in the program and check back every 24 hours and you should start to see your interest payments and they should start to add up and when you have at least ten dollars in your lending wallet to reinvest okay what you know you'll see the interest payments start to add up here and then when it's at least ten dollars you can click on this blue button here reinvest right now I because I keep on reinvesting I don't have ten dollars right now I only have two dollars and 46 cents but if this was at least ten dollars you could reinvest that ten dollars okay which is what I'm doing you don't have to you can withdraw it but personally I like to keep reinvesting it that way I can get even bigger interest payments through the magic and through the power of compound interest alright so that is a quick and simple hopefully a tutorial on how to start investing in bit connect after you've signed up okay and you can see my affiliate link here and again it is in the description of this video and if you've signed up to be part of my team if you've signed up through my affiliate link and you're ready to start depositing funds you can re-watch this video as many times as you want and you can also email me at David Modell at gmail

com and I can help you through the process if you know because this this is a multi-step process it might be complicated for you that's okay if you're on my team then I can be your coach or mentor in helping you to invest money correctly into the bit connect lending program and also to reinvest it when you're ready to do that you don't have to reinvest but that's what I do I've been doing it every single time alright so thanks a lot I really appreciate it I hope this is a resource for you if you're ready to invest money into the bit connect lending program all right how I hope that you will give this video a thumbs up on YouTube I hope that you will leave a comment and subscribe to my youtube channel alright thank you so much I appreciate it and I'll talk to you again soon

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Blockchain tutorial : The Spine of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Hi all, this is Rajesh There has been astronomical growth in bitcoin's price

and recently it touched $11000 USD So hows does it work? Today we'll be seeing the platform on which bitcoin runs And its called Blockchain You can say that Blockchain is the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto The main idea of blockchain is to have distributed and not centralized database So that it cannot be controlled by a single entity And has no single point of failure Bitcoin uses P2p network for transactions For any transaction to take place, it must be verified by chain of computers called 'Nodes' transaction is added to a block and then it is completed Block in blockchain contains a digital fingerprint known as 'HASH', along with timestamp and the hash from previous block This was it makes a chain So every transaction must be verified by all the "blocks" eventually making it more robust

Now consider this: Bitcoin was invented in 2008 Since that time, the Bitcoin blockchain has operated without significant disruption Well there are various application of Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology is not limited to the financial sector But many other areas too For example, Land title registration Recently Honduras government has put all land records on a public ledger – in the Blockchain The minute there is a change in ownership, it gets recorded publicly Likewise, The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) announced this year that it would move Australia's equities clearing and settlement system on to blockchain In October 2015, Nasdaq unveiled Linq, a solution enabling private companies to digitally represent share ownership using

Blockchain-based technology Alright guys, that was about Blockchain if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, and for more vidoes like this, do subscribe to our channel Thank you!


welcome to another video this is crypto method from Instagram again following on from the first video this is a bit of a walkthrough one how to lend on Bitconnect so first and foremost head over to coinbase you can find the link in my bio ok once you're here you can actually click on to buy and purchase your bitcoins directly from your debit card or credit card okay so in my case I've made two purchases now and the first purchase on 24th of August the second purchased on 28th of September which is today so I've placed 100 UK pounds worth of Bitcoin but of course you can do dollars as well there is a fee with coin base and only 96 pounds and 16 pence has gone towards and the bitcoins out of purchase which equates at the moment to naught point naught 3 0 3 0 0 3 7 Bitcoin now you want to get investing track away with this Bitcoin you need to know exactly what to do next so we need to send these bitcoins over to our bitconnect wallet and as explained previously bitConnect is a trading but piece of software where you can generate investments by placing loans you get 1% on average daily interest sometimes it's more sometimes it's less but I found personally on average it is roughly 1% alright so I'm just going to log in now and once we're logged in we're going to show you how easy is to send this Bitcoin across to the bit connected to platform okay so we want to receive Bitcoin or BTC coin okay so we're going to look at now is deposit Bitcoin this is going to give us a unique wallet address which is going to be first of all copied okay then we'll go over to coin base and click send to ask us the same address make sure this is accurate I wouldn't I would always recommend copy and paste in this and double checking you have that the last letter if you send this money to the wrong place you will not get it back so if I just put the amount which is the total amount that having my coin base while it 101 UK pounds and 61 pence there's no need to write a note it's going to send 003221 BTC or bitcoins to my bitconnect account just show us a network fee of naught point eight seven which is 87 pence in UK for making this transaction okay so this step is to step security verification so I would always urge you to have this on it will send a code out to my mobile phone just type that code in here so now my transactions on in the way fantastic so at the moment still pen we flick over now from the coin base to bit connect we have a quick scroll down we can see that here are the incoming bitcoins to the bit Connect platform now so it's 0

03 two to one if we have a look at the amount that we sent over so that's the same amount less that small fee there okay this transaction does still shows pending so and will shows unconfirmed initially fantastic as you can see now the doesn't currently show any incoming Bitcoin transactions however my Bitcoin while it has been updated by that amount which transferred from coinbase so at the moment have 003 four four five one six two bitcoins okay fantastic now we're going to head over to lend bit connect so just a brief introduction about what you're looking at at the moment so here you can choose the amount to lending dollars okay okay fantastic so Northpoint three four four five one six two in the bit connect in the Bitcoin wallet sorry for now we have to take this from the Bitcoin wallet into the bit connect wallet and then we're lending out the bit Connect coins in order to make those daily profits okay so we'll start by clicking this button here which is the exchange button so we'll just scroll down the page to click on look for the section which is by BCC by bit connect coins in order to do that we click on all which will select all of our available bitcoins buy bitcoin eight will confirm the transaction so we know we're asking for one point zero nine eight six zero eight five five bit Connect coins will just push confirm perfect you will get a pop-up message to say that that order has been placed if you head over to the top you'll then see the bit connect wallet now shows one point zero nine eight six zero eight double five fantastic now we have that we can head back over to the dashboard right once you're at the dashboard we're now clicking lend bit connect if you're investing a hundred to a thousand dollars you'll get the capital release after two hundred ninety nine days your investments lockdown till then however your daily interest payments are paid out into your lending wallet that you can transfer into bit connect or bitcoins to withdraw or through coinbase so you can transfer funds bats coinbase have them back on your cart that'll be for the interest part of what you're earning okay and the new capital investment will be released after these dates to ping on how much you invest so we're gonna start him now today might have enough for one hundred and forty okay yep so we've got enough flour for 140 because for 140 it's one point zero seven zero eight five nine five four and you can see over here in the bit connect toilet we've got one point zero nine eight six zero eight double five so we've got just enough to 240 so we can say we've read the Terms of Use terms and conditions and will click volatility software interest so we'll just check out what the interest rates gonna be for the next few days in the last few days so as you can see today was pretty poor day zero point one three that's made up for by tomorrow which is one point eight five percent the day before was one point eight five the day before was one point zero one point five one day before that and on the twenty fourth it was zero percent interest so as you can see this fluctuation does vary however it does average out over the last 30 days at nought point nine seven or roughly one percent Interest per day okay so now I'm gonna pay from my bit connect wallet let's get that loan locked down fantastic so we get success to say that we've lent out one hundred and forty dollars in bit Connect tokens fantastic if we scroll down now we should be seeing out updated total investment here this should actually update to three hundred dollars now in total so we're just going to wait for that to update let's just give me equipment fresh on the page fantastic now we've got three hundred dollars invested we're seeing a one percent return on investment okay so if we just put in these three hundred dollars into a quick calculator we can calculate how much interest we're going to earn over the coming weeks and months plus I'm going to be adding to these month one month so we'll definitely getting more than this amount however let's have a look right so we're gonna page the three hundred dollars in there if we go if the average interest of the last six months okay because the minimum term that I'm going to do is six months so in days 365 days if I just go with 182 days which is roughly 6 months King click calculate so that initial $300 principle which I have at the moment you will see the total return on investment of 161 098% with the profit with a principal amount of 1785 pound 94 or a total profit of 485 pounds and 94 pence now as you can see this is a chart of the interest daily I've been using this software I know it works I'm very confident in the abilities of bit connectors and as you can see it is fairly simple and easy to complete that now all we have to do is wait until we build up another $10 at the moment have $5 32 and at that point you can reinvest that thank you for listening today in crypto method you've been speaking to Joel if you click the link below you'll be able to head over to the bit connect websites and you'll be able to sign up there if you look into buy bitcoins for the first time then I've also left a link to corn-based below as well find me on Twitter find me on Instagram as well under crypto method if there's any questions please leave me a message and I'll definitely get back to you within about 24 hours to answer any of those questions for you okay thank you take care god bless thank you for listening

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